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CHAPTER 20 aka Epilogue

Walking inside her house after the meeting with Coach, Quinn found her girlfriend sitting on the couch surfing through the channels without paying any attention to them because too wrapped in her own mind, which had wandered who knows where. The blonde captain deposited her bag by the door, not wanting to let the brunette see the amount of papers she had go through to choose for a suitable college that could grant her the highest cost coverage and the less distance with New York. That was something she had to discuss with her sister as well.

"Anything interesting on, baby?" The player jumped over the back of the couch, sitting graciously beside the brunette who visibly startled at the realization of someone else in the house. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." Leaning forward she placed a soothing kiss on the girl's pouty lips and gathered her in her strong arms, relieving in the scent of her freshly showered skin.

"What did Coach Beiste want to get you out of bed on a Saturday morning?" Rachel leaned up to nuzzle the tip of her nose along her girlfriend's jaw, feeling the long breath the blonde took at the small gesture. Fingers curled around the fabric of the polo the player was wearing, before slipping under its hem to caress the six-packs she loved to worship so much.

"She…said that the team wanted to throw a dinner party for me, but knowing I don't like surprises that much she wanted to give me head ups. The Glee club is welcome to join, of course." Quinn leaned down to take her lover's lips prisoner with her owns, pressing them together for a soft kiss that quickly escalated in a more passionate one. "My sister is due home soon and I have to take an afternoon shift at the store, want me to drop you home?"

"I am afraid I can't bug you at work, my daddies require my presence at home since I've been gone missing except for few dinners we had there." The brunette giggled softly and scooted closer to her girlfriend, who smiled lovingly at her as their mouths kept on brushing slowly in a tender intimacy. "Since that night in New York, I can't keep my hands off you."

"No complaints from me, baby." The soccer captain cupped her face in her left palm, tilting her head upwards to crash their lips together for a series of slow and passionate kisses, enjoying the last few minutes they had together before their respective engagements would pull them apart, until dinner time.


When Quinn entered her house after the shift at the GAP store, she was exhausted and just wanted to nap but she knew she had two hours before picking Rachel to go attend that celebratory dinner with the rest of her teammates. Her palms rubbed her eyes slowly as she entered the kitchen and found her older sister staring down at few envelopes on the counter, she seemed in deep thoughts so she didn't hear the other blonde coming into the room until a cabinet was opened, startling her.

"Jesus Quinn! Are you a freaking ninja?!" Abby stood straight holding her erratic chest, her frown and raised eyebrows relaxed as she let her gaze linger back on the envelopes on the marble surface. "These were waiting for you in the mailbox. I didn't know you had applied, after our discussion."

"I…I didn't." Quinn sat on one of the kitchen stools and tore into the closed letters, tearing into them she quickly scanned the papers and looked up at her big sister who wore a big and proud smile. "Coach Beiste told me scouts would grant me scholarships this morning and I really wanted to discuss my options with you, but didn't know they had already filled my applications for me."

"Quinn, I think you should definitely reconsider your choices about your future and before you interrupt me, hear me out." The older woman reached forward to cover her younger sister's hands with her own, lacing their fingers together. "After our parents' death, you gave up on being a kid or just a teen and took responsibilities that I wouldn't have never asked you to take. You found a job, kept your grades up and helped me raise two kids that don't consider you just an aunt but a second parent and, believe me, you don't know how grateful I am to have had you by my side for all the past years." Abby's eyes filled with unshed tears as she squeezes those pale slender fingers that reminded her of their mother's hands, as they combed their hair or comforted them. "But you have a life ahead of you and you can't keep giving up on your dreams for us, we can manage to live adequately since I got a raise and to have you attend college wherever you want and think it's the best for you."

"I don't know where to go, there are few colleges I had set my sight on but right now I wouldn't know where or what to major in." Quinn rubbed the back of her head and sighed, her hazel eyes lingered on the back of those ripped envelopes, focusing on the locations of those colleges. California? It'd be too far from home and very expensive to travel from and to. Massachusetts? They had good programs and it was a nice city after all. Yale? Too out of her league.

"Baby girl, I know you love to write and photography was your biggest passion few years ago, it could be a chance to pick it up again." The taller woman looked down into her worried eyes and smiled softly at her, knowing very well her internal turmoil. "Our parents would be proud of what you've become, Quinn, and don't forget you have the support from your friends and a very special future Broadway starlet. Did you tell Rachel about all of this?"

"Not really, college has been an issue we haven't discussed anymore." The soccer captain reached for the last envelope and held it tighter in her hand, already knowing that her mind and heart had come to an agreement concerning where she'd like to spend the few following years. With one last glance at her sister, Quinn finally let a small smile replace her puzzled expression as she silently communicated her the choice she had made, but always known in her heart.


Prom night had finally come and the senior students couldn't be more excited about their last school event, before moving to the next stage of their life; all the dress research and limo rental stuff had kept Rachel quite busy, giving her girlfriend time to think about her future options without rushing anything. Her older sister had been a great support, helping her figure out the less expensive arrangements so that she wouldn't put so much economic pressure on the single mother, who had to take care of her young daughters as well.

"Rachel! Quinn is here!" Hiram stood at the bottom of the staircase and yelled enough for his daughter to hear; his camera hung around his neck, ready to be used to take as many pictures as possible. His gentle smile returned to the blonde girl standing in his living room, her athletic frame was accentuated by the light blue dress that hugged her in the right places. "Your sister told me the big news, Quinn and I couldn't be prouder of you." He pulled her in a soft embrace, mindful of her styled hair and make-up. "Your parents would be too, if they were still with us. Bless them"

"Thank you Hiram, you don't know how much that means to me." Quinn wiped the corner of her eyes, not wanting to mess up with her make-up, since she wouldn't even know where to start to fix it. "I plan to tell Rachel tonight. Just a small surprise."

"She'll be more than happy and I trust you to keep our princess safe." The taller man squeezed her shoulder in reassurance, before they both turned toward the suitcase hearing the light footsteps approach from above them. Hazelnut eyes sparkled with love and awe, as they landed on the gorgeous woman standing at the top of the staircase; the brunette had chosen a light pink dress, with matching heels and her hair pulled up in a loose chiffon, making her gracious face shine even brighter.

"You are gorgeous, Rach." The soccer player moved toward her girlfriend, helping her for the last steps before placing a soft kiss on her shiny lips as she slipped the corsage around her wrist. Foreheads came to rest together and hands joined between them, completely lost in each other's eyes and having forgotten where they were supposed to be.

"You are a vision." The singer leaned up on her tiptoes to drop one more lingering kiss on her girlfriend's mouth, her beaming smile matched her father's one who had already started taking pictures of the young couple. His squeals of joy and the soft click of the camera brought the girls back from their trace. Quinn turned toward the Berry man and started posing with her girlfriend following his directions. Twenty minutes and probably 300 pictures later, the two girls slipped in the back of the limo the blonde had rented heading toward the school to join their friends.


The Prom was nothing remotely close to the drama filled Spring Dance, that had led to Quinn and Rachel's breakup and the brunette's reconnection with her ex; tonight had been just funny and romantic, the way the singer had always dreamt of. She had good friends and, mostly, she had a lovely partner who was swaying with her and looking at her with so much love, that made her heart flutter in her chest. The blonde's arms were wrapped tightly around her waist, leading their slow dance along with the other couples on the dance floor.

"I need to tell you something." Quinn's soft voice broke the brunette's train of thoughts, raising her head from the comfortable spot on her girlfriend's shoulder she let their eyes meet. She could read how worried and nervous the blonde was, so maybe she had just jinxed everything and talked too soon.

"Are you breaking up with me? Because you couldn't have chosen a more-" Rachel's eyes filled with tears and their feet stopped moving, effectively forgetting about the music in the background. Her lower lip trembled, the expiration date had finally come and now they were going their separate ways, living their lives with their heads full of memories.

"God baby, no. I love you so much Rachel and I will never leave you." The soccer player cupped her girlfriend's cheek with her left palm, her pink lips pressed against her forehead softly before looking down in her puzzled chocolate orbs. "You remember when Coach asked me to meet up with her, the day after I won the National Championship." When she received a quick nod from the silent singer, she went on with her explanation. "Well, the meeting wasn't about that celebratory dinner we attended that same night. Rach, there were scouts at the game and they offered me scholarships all over the country for the best colleges."

"Oh my god Quinn! That is amazing baby!" Rachel's mouth turned from a frown to a thousand watt smile, her arms gripped her girlfriend's neck pulling her in a passionate kiss that turned few heads, indeed. "Where did you choose to go? I heard Yale and UCLA have so many good programs, I always wanted to visit California and maybe we could arrange monthly or holiday breaks so-"

"Columbia University. I am enrolling there to major in English with a minor in Photography and I should be granted a dorm." It was Quinn's turn to smile at the surprise written all over her girlfriend's face, tears were slowly trickling down her cheeks but she was pretty sure they were the happy kind. "I told you I'd make sure you pursued your New York dream, never thought I'd be so close to you though."

"I can't wait to start my life with you Quinn Fabray. You have no idea how much I want that." Lips crashed together in the middle of the still crowded dance floor, students were lost in their frantic movements following the upbeat music but they just stood there. Rachel clung to Quinn for dear life, probably wrinkling her beautiful dress but nothing mattered anymore. Not the Prom King and Queen election – won by Santana and Brittany exceptionally – or how many people were whispering behind their backs. It was just the two of them and it was more than enough.


Moving out of Lima turned out to be sadder than they had ever thought; despite the odd glances or bitter remarks they got for their PDAs or all the Finn drama, the two girls left a big part of them in the small Ohio town. Families, friends and all the memories that had led them to get together. Although, they couldn't let that get them too much, a new chapter was ahead of them and they considered themselves lucky for facing the 'College' stage together and with such good friends by their side.

The few months were hectic with adjustments concerning both their college schedules but their living arrangements too; yes, the distance between Columbia and NYADA was quick to overcome, however they had to work around lessons, study sessions and projects, soccer training, work shifts and living in a big and busy city like New York was. Quinn had found herself sharing a room with Santana who was surprisingly enrolled in an undergraduate law program and proposed the living arrangement to the blonde, not wanting to deal with crazy or bitchy roommates. It was unexpected but not as bad as the soccer player had predicted, sometimes it was hard to reason with the fierce Latina however she had a trick up her sleeve and that was Brittany. One phone call and the future lawyer reverted back to her normal self, mumbling about how unfair it was to bring girlfriends up during their petty arguments. The blonde dancer's skills had gotten her into NYADA, sharing an apartment with Rachel and Kurt, not too far from their artistic school. They could have gotten one on the campus dorm, but joining forces and money turned out to be the best option for the three of them. It gave them more independence and allowed to have guest over, mostly in the shape of the blonde soccer player and the Latina.

"God I am exhausted, Coach kept the team on the field for three hours straight." Quinn collapsed on the worn out couch of her apartment, beside a very tired Santana who could only nod and flip absently-minded through the channels. They were only few months from graduating top of their respective classes and had decided to move out of their small dorm room during their 3rd year, having saved up enough to live in a quiet neighborhood not too far from their girlfriends' apartment.

"Hobbit called, she is gonna drop by in a few minutes and I guess that means I should be gone." The Latina threw the remote to her friend, standing up she stretched her arms above her head to try and get rid of the kink in her neck formed after being sprawled on the couch for so long. "I am gonna crash at Britt's tonight, so don't wait up and don't do anything I wouldn't, blondie."

"Please, I heard the noises you made. You must be enjoying a lot the perks of dating a flexible dancer like Britt, huh?" The soccer player looked around the apartment and decided to tidy it up a bit, not wanting to go through another Rachel Berry rant about how important is to keep the domestic environment clean and neat.

"You bet I do." The ex-cheerleader grabbed her purse and phone before walking to the door, she sent one last smile toward her roommate before slipping out of their apartment nearly colliding with the aforementioned diva standing in the hallway. "Hey Berry, you girlfriend just came home. Have fun with getting your mack on!"

"Don't be so vulgar, Santana." Rachel let herself inside, scoffing at the comment from the Latina who had disappeared wearing a smirk on her face. "Hey baby, late spring chores?" She draped her jacket over the back of the couch, before walking up to her girlfriend who let the broom fall onto the floor with a soft thud. "Tiring day?"

"You have no idea, soccer practice was so long." The blonde groaned into the crook of her girlfriend's neck, fingers bunched the fabric of her shirt at the back and pulled the petite girl closer, molding herself into her front. "I missed you these past days, how did your audition go?" Soft lips brushed along the side of the singer's throat, making her quiver lightly.

"It was good, but I haven't seen you in four days and right now all I can think about is me, you and an empty apartment." Rachel's hands fisted the front of her girlfriend's polo shirt, feet moved backwards toward the girl's bedroom without even bumping in any object thanks to the familiarity with the place. As soon as they moved past the threshold, she turned them around and pushed the blonde flat on the bed, straddling her slender hips. Guess Quinn had to postpone her plans to get some rest. Oh well.


Rachel's hips bucked forward with reckless abandon, needing to meet the silicone harness that was filling her core with so much pleasure that she could barely keep herself from exploding after few thrusts; slender fingers framed her bouncing breasts, squeezing and sizing them in strong palms as the steady rhythm of their lower bodies proceeded with an even tempo. The brunette's hands had turned into fists against the bedspread, clinging to it as her thighs squeezed the waist between them; leaning down, she brushed her parted lips against Quinn's ones, letting their tongue meet sloppily as the girl at the bottom raised her hips upwards, thrusting the fake dick deeper inside her heat.

"Oh Godd…" The singer fell forward on her elbows, her own lower body bucked forward to meet the toy stretching her so perfectly and pressing on spots whose existence she had totally ignored. Breasts slid together and nipples bumped, the blonde's hands had slid down her back to land on her bare asscheeks and urge her hips forward, rutting them so they were completely pressed together.

"You feel so good baby." Rolling them over, the soccer player settled on top of her moaning girlfriend enjoying the sight of her tousled hair and bruised lips as she writhed in pleasure. Their mouths parted to take deep breaths, but soon found other places to kiss or scrape as the taller girl took her control back, leading their horizontal dance. Pale hands spread the brunette's legs, keeping them apart as she started powering the cock inside the brunette's entrance with short and hard thrusts, that made the toy's insert press deliciously against her own clit. Her moans soon joined her girlfriend's ones, nails scratched along her sweaty back and the tip of Rachel's nose slid behind her ear, finding that sensitive spot that always made her lose her fucking mind.

"I am so close Quinn!" The singer's hands cupped her firm asscheeks, hips pressed snugly together as she just pumped the fake dick in and out of the tightening core, feeling the resistance of her walls with each thrust she made. The blonde's forehead dropped on the bed, wiping the sweat against the soaked sheets whilst her pumps became less steady; her own body was overcome by the pleasure and she could clearly feel her own wetness drip along her thighs, sign of how close she was to lose it.

"FUCK RACHHHH!" Short thrusts turned into a hard and deep pounding inside her girlfriend's pussy, as her own core spasmed releasing a big gush against the base of the strap-on, where the insert stimulated her throbbing clit. Looking down between their bodies, she watched small hips move frantically up and down, before a familiar wetness creamed the purple cock that glistened with the brunette's abundant juices.

"QUINNNNNN!" Rachel's petite body collapsed back in the middle of the blonde's bed, pulling her down against her front as their chests heaved, trying to get their breath back under control. The soccer player slipped the harness out of the brunette's heat, feeling the last drops of her essence trickle down against her knuckles as she brushed them along her spread folds. The strap-on landed beside them with a small sound, but they didn't really pay any attention to it as they basked in each other's arms.

"Move in with me." Quinn's voice was raspy and barely above the whispering level, but Rachel heard it perfectly. Her ears were trained for any minimal sound, so she distinctly heard the words escaped from the soccer player's mouth. "I don't want to put any pressure on you, but I'd love to come home to you or just be there when you are done with rehearsals or an audition." Turning her face slightly, their eyes met as the taller girl kept on talking. "We already spend as much time as possible together, we can find a bigger place than this one and split the costs or I can move in; I just want to be able to call a place ours."

"Oh baby, I'd love to share a place with you only. I love Brittany and Kurt and god if I enjoy all those times you stayed over, but I think we proved ourselves we can make it on our own and finding a place together is the necessary next step to take." Rachel's hand moved up to cup her girlfriend's cheek, leaning forward she pressed a loving kiss on her swollen lips and nuzzled their noses together.

"So that's official, we'll have to figure out our options but I am glad we are on the same wave length." Quinn's smile was contagious, their arms wrapped around each other's naked frames whilst their lips seemed glued together, unable to pull themselves apart except for when oxygen became an issue. "I can't wait to build a home with you, Rachel Berry."

"I can't wait for that too, Quinn." With that said, the brunette rolled them back over and claimed her spot on top of her girlfriend, who didn't protest or try to move. She just tightened her grip around the girl above her, keeping their bodies together as they poured their hearts and souls in the kisses they were sharing, happy and eager to start their new life together.