Title: Pleasure and Piercings
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+. Plus. Plusplusplus.
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Darren
Word count: 3,424
Summary: Do you have any idea how good tongue piercings feel? RPF
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe. Nor do I know Chris or Darren and so I hope to God they never see this..

"I still think you're nuts," Chris muttered as Darren inserts the metal bar back into his tongue and tightened the ball on top of it.

"Why? I think it's cool," Darren grinned, rolling his tongue in his mouth and feeling the comforting brush of the smooth ball across his hard palate.

"You would," Chris sighed, resting his head on his crossed arms as he watched Darren finish buttoning his shirt after a long day of filming.

"It took a while to get used to," Darren conceded as he slid into a seat beside Chris in the younger man's trailer. "The swelling sucked."

"I can't imagine."

"And then I have to keep taking it out all the time for scenes."

"Poor thing."

"But I like it."

Chris scratched behind his ear. "Why? What is so attractive about a piece of metal shoved through something as delicate and sensitive as your tongue? What is so cool about being all badass and rebellious when you can't even wear it when you're out at events because it goes against your perfect little image?"

Darren paused, clicking the ball against the back of his teeth lightly. He knew the damage it could cause because his dentist had such a freak out when he brought up the idea of it so he's careful.

"It's just comforting," he said finally. "It's nice somehow. I don't know."

"What does it feellike? Having something in your mouth all the time? Don't you swallow the beads?" Chris frowned.

"Sometimes," Darren nodded. "In the early days before I learned how to tighten them properly I used to swallow them, so I kept spares in a little baggie in my wallet. As to what it feels like..." He rolled the barbell around and tapped it against his teeth again. "I dunno. I barely notice it anymore."

"Can I..." Chris looked at his hands and shook his head. "No, nothing."


"Never mind."

"Tell me."

"Forget it."

"Chriiiiiiiiiis," Darren whined, shifting his chair over until the fronts of their knees were touching. "Tell meeeee."

"I...I wanted..." Chris sucked his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Yes?" Darren stroked his fingers over Chris' cheek to encourage their eyes to meet.

"IwantedtoaskifIcouldtouchit," Chris said in a rush, dropping his gaze to his lap where his fingers were twisting together.

Darren blinked and then shrugged. "Sure." He stuck out his tongue and went slightly cross-eyed trying to look at it.

Chris blushed.

"Go on," Darren bumped their knees, linking his hand with Chris' to raise it to his tongue.

Shyly, Chris touched the silver ball on the top of Darren's tongue. It was a little warm and a little cool and so smooth it felt soft. Shivering, Darren turned his tongue over and Chris examined the ball on the underside, the harsh metal a cross between grotesque and fascinating, nestled between the tiny veins of Darren's tongue.

"It's so weird," he murmured, pulling his hand back. "I can't imagine Blaine with a tongue ring."

"You just can't imagine kissing me with it in," Darren said.

"Well, that too," Chris conceded, face flushed.

"Do you want to?"

"Want to what?" Chris said, looking confused.

"Kiss me, with it in."

Chris' eyes widened. "W-what?" he stuttered.

"You do, don't you? You're fascinated by it," Darren smirked. "You wonder what it feels like to run your tongue over it, to feel it press against your teeth."

"N-no, I don't," Chris protested, the tips of his ears burning.

"Do you wonder what it feels like running down your body?" Darren pondered, propping his head up on his hand. "I do. I wanted to leave it in when we did the car scene so I could lick at your neck with it in and see what you did."

"Stop," Chris mumbled, hands covering his face and trying to cool it down.

"Why? I only speak the truth. I know you think about it."

And of course it would be a lie to say that he didn't think about it, that sometimes he lay awake at night thinking about that blasted ring and what the little balls would feel like and he would put his hand in his mouth to stifle the groan as his other hand wound around his erection and he'd start thinking about that fucking tongue piercing and Darren's mouth around his cock an-




"Where'd you go?" Darren said, an eyebrow raised like a beacon to his hair with its stupid pointy arrow.

"No where."

"Uh huh," Darren said, reaching for Chris' hand and taking the smooth, pale fingers in his own darker, slightly rough palm.

"W-what are you doing?" Chris said, wondering if the thumping of his heart was audible to everyone in like, fucking LA.

"I'm touching your hand," Darren said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it sort of was.


"Because I'm hoping to relax you enough so I can kiss you with the piercing in and show you what it feels like."

Maybe Lea in New York could feel how loud his heart was beating.

"You can't," Chris said, his voice weak even to him.

"Why not?"

"I…" He bit at his lip. "I don't know."

Darren grinned. "Can I kiss you then?"

Chris' face was on fire. Perhaps Mars could hear his heart. Or Jupiter.

"I'm going to take your continued silence as permission," Darren whispered, fingers trailing over Chris' cheek, tilting his head, thumb brushing over his cheekbone.

He knew he should protest, he knew he should argue, he knew he should push Darren away. But his body betrayed him because his mind had blown a fuse and he was suddenly aware that his eyes had closed and he wasn't even sure when that had happened. The calloused pad of Darren's thumb grazed his nose and he heard the tiny creak of the chair and he breathed in, his stomach doing somersaults. And just when he thought it wasn't going to happen, there was the lightest of pressure on his lips and he knew the lips on his better than he'd ever known anyone's mouth after hours and hours of takes.

It was incredibly slow and soft and Chris thought that maybe Darren was giving him the opportunity to back out but he was uncomfortably needy to know what the piercing felt like. The hand that wasn't being clutched by Darren's reached into the loose curls at the back of Darren's neck, nails scratching bluntly as his fingers coiled.

Chris felt the sharp inhale against his mouth and the scrape of Darren's teeth on his lower lip and he shuddered, his fingers tightening as the damp tip of Darren's tongue touched the curve of his upper lip. He knew what to do, he knew from hours of takes, he knew how insistent that tongue was. His mouth opened wider as Darren's tongue entered and the soft moan was sort of embarrassing but the soft tongue contrasted so sharply with the hard metal ball and he swiped his tongue over it tentatively. Darren grunted, shifting closer until he was pressing into Chris' lap.

Chris pulled him closer, feeling Darren's weight as he straddled his legs and sank down. He was so distracted by the harsh piercing that the tiny thrust of Darren's hips shocked him into tearing away.

"Oh God, I'm sorry," Darren gabbled, stumbling away and standing by the cupboards that Chris had decorated with photos of the cast.

His erratic heartbeat could be heard by people in another universe. It hadto be. His hands were shaking with nerves and adrenalin and endorphins and his veins were flooded with feeling.

"Why are you apologising?" He crossed his legs, trying to press down the semi-erection he was sporting. Feeling the little ball things of the piercing…God.

"Because I…I enjoyed that way more than I should have," Darren muttered, fists clenching by his sides as he thought of cold showers and fish being gutted.

Chris' fingers curled into his palm as he gnawed at his lip. "Apparently so did I."

Darren spun around, eyes finding Chris', wide with fear. "You?"

Chris shifted awkwardly and the corner of Darren's eyes tightened, his lips twitching.

"I knewyou thought about it," he teased.

Chris' face flooded again and he looked away.

Darren stepped back over and sat in the chair opposite Chris. "Do you think about more?"

"More?" Chris squeaked, biting down hard on his lip.

"You do," Darren breathed, eyes huge at the realisation. Chris was a great actor but a terrible liar. "Tell me."


"Tell me."


"Please?" Darren begged, hands sliding over the denim covering Chris' thighs.

"S-stop it," Chris trembled.

"Only if you tell me," Darren said, index finger dragging over the zipper where Chris' dick was straining at the fabric.

Chris bit down on his lip so hard he thought it might bleed. "Darren."


"I…you can't…"

"What? I can't know? I can't touch you?" Darren said, palming the hardening bulge in Chris' pants. "Just because I said I was straight to OUT doesn't mean I'm not willing to explore a little."

"I won't-Dare," Chris shuddered as Darren pressed the heel of his hand against the button on his jeans.

"Can you stop stressing and just let me do this?" Darren asked, nimble fingers bending the button through the buttonhole and tugging the zipper down painfully slowly.

"W-what are you going to do?" Chris said, head swirling as he panted softly. Was this really happening?

"Well…" Darren mused. "I guess that would depend on what you think about me doing."

"I…I don't…"

"Rubbish," Darren rolled his eyes, wrapping his fingers around Chris' cock through his briefs and oh God it was so hard and hot and all Darren wanted was more. He bent his head close to Chris, breath ghosting over Chris' neck as he skimmed the soft skin with his teeth.

"O-oh," Chris gasped, his back arching as Darren barely rubbed his erection.

"Tell me," Darren repeated, his voice little more than a puff of air and his neck erupting in goosebumps. "Do you think of the piercing scratching at your throat?"

"Y-yes," Chris mumbled, trembling when he felt the hard metallic ball rub over one of the pulse points of his arteries. His head felt dizzy from the lack of oxygen and blood, because all the blood was definitely only going to one place. Darren's free hand slithered under his tee, rough and warm over his stomach.

"What about over here?" Darren questioned, fingers scraping over one of Chris' nipples.

"Oh God, Dare," Chris groaned. Darren's mouth moved lower as his arm pushed up Chris' shirt, tonguing at Chris' nipple and letting the barbell press back and forth.

"Do you still want me to stop?" Darren whispered, licking over Chris' chest and trailing the ball after.

"Please no," Chris whimpered, jerking his hips into Darren's hand.

"Can I touch you?" Darren said, pausing to mark a small hickey over Chris' chest. He kissed the purpling bruise and flicked his eyes up to Chris' face, anxious with nerves. "I mean like, properly? Can I-"

Chris nibbled his lip before hooking his fingers in his underwear and wriggling his jeans and briefs down. Darren sucked in a harsh breath and Chris thought he was going to realise what he was doing and freak out, move away, hands over his eyes and apologising.

"So beautiful," Darren shook his head, kissing Chris hard as he wound his hand around the swollen cock in front of him. His thumb swiped over the head, spreading the leaking pre-come and Chris bucked into his hand as he rubbed the ball of his piercing against Chris' lips.

Chris' fingers tangled into Darren's hair, pupils blown wide as his mouth hung open, gasping for air, revelling in the thrill that danced along his skin.

"You're so dirty, thinking of me doing this," Darren murmured against his swollen lips. "Because you do, don't you? You think of my hand on your cock and you probably get yourself off on it."

Chris couldn't even argue because he was right, he was soright he heaved for breath because he was so hot and desperate and this was all moving so tantalisingly slow.

Darren wiggled the ball against the corner of Chris' lips teasingly. "Do you think about thaton your dick?"

When he met Darren's eyes, dark golden honey, Darren knew. His hand tightened and Chris squirmed.

"Say it," Darren growled, licking over Chris' jaw.

"S-say what?" Darren squeezed just the barest bit and his eyes rolled in his head in pleasure. "Okay. Okay.I…I've thought about…about your mouth…and…and the piercing…"

"Good," Darren hummed encouragingly, twisting his wrist a fraction. "Doing what?"

"Nnguh…on…on my dick…and sucking and touching…" Chris felt his face colouring with a blush again and thought his face was already flushed enough.

"Fuck," Darren grunted as he bit at Chris' earlobe before sliding off his chair to kiss lower. "You've been so bad. Thinking of me like that. God. I'm your co-worker, Chris. I said I was straight."

"Y-yet your hand is there a-and not moving," Chris shivered as Darren swirled his piercing around Chris' navel. "You got your tongue fucking p-pierced and I'm well-acquainted with that tongue a-and whatareyoudoing?"

Darren licked at the head of Chris' cock, spreading Chris' legs to manoeuvre between them better. "Really? I thought you were gay."

"Oh my God, Darren," Chris said, trying to sound frustrated but mostly just sounding breathless with a giddy sort of desperation.

"Shh…" Darren soothed as his tongue darted out and the ball of his piercing bounced against the vein on the underside of Chris' cock. Chris' hands were clenching almost painfully in Darren's hair as he lowered his mouth down, down, down. Chris whined above him as he twisted his tongue back and forth and held Chris steady with a hand on his hip and the other still wrapped around the base. It had been a while since he'd done this as he closed his eyes, working slowly as he stretched his lips to adjust. Chris' soft noises spurred him on as he focused on what heliked while making sure he rolled the piercing in his tongue across the sensitive skin.

"Darren…God…Dare…" Chris groaned, sweat beading on his forehead.

Darren pulled back, splaying his hand over Chris' thigh and kneading it beneath his fingers. Chris looked down as Darren's hand closed around his dick and his eyes met Darren's and he swallowed.

"You're gorgeous," Darren murmured, delighting in the flushed cheeks and swollen, dark lips of Chris. His eyes were a dark blue-green and his chest was rising and falling and the muscles in his stomach kept rippling and flexing. And some of the soft hair that had been carefully arranged for their scenes today was starting to hang limply from the sweat trickling down his face. "Can you do something for me?"

Chris' hand tightened, biting down on his red lips. Darren's eyes were so hot and glassy and his lips were all spit-shiny and fuckhis hand was still moving.


"I want you to be careful but," Darren ran the ball of his piercing across the slit of Chris' cock suddenly and revelled in the broken sob that erupted from Chris' mouth. "I want you to fuck my mouth, okay?"


His protests were cut off in a throaty gurgle as Darren sank back down onto Chris, a hand on his lower back, coaxing and encouraging his hips to move. He was terrified and he didn't know how or why Darren was so comfortable doing this and then he felt the exquisite mixture of soft, rough tongue and hard, smooth piercing ball pressing roughly at the tender vein and he forgot his mind as his hips rocked. Darren's hand on his thigh twitched and Chris glanced down, transfixed as Darren's mouth worked around him like a pro.

With Darren's urging at his hip, he started thrusting into the heat of Darren's mouth, and when he stopped thinking about the consequences so much, he began to feel slightly feverish as he impatiently moved, in and out, in and out, until Darren moved the hand on his thigh. Chris watched it disappear between Darren's own legs and his rhythm stuttered on the next push in. Darren swallowed around him and the constricting pressure felt fucking amazing.

"C-can you deepthroat?" he said, sweating but now shameless. Darren's tiny nod jerked his cock and he groaned, pressing harder and deeper into Darren's throat until he felt the bump of Darren's nose against his skin. Darren hummed softly.

"Fuck," Chris grunted as Darren pulled back and between the two of them, it became a messy combination of undulating hips and mouths. Darren's hand worked under the band of his jeans and into his boxers to curl around his cock and he fisted it sloppily as Chris continued to surge into his mouth.

"Oh my God," Chris shuddered, his stomach tightening as the aching burn built in his lower belly and his balls. "I'm close, fuck, Dare…I can't…"

If Chris had thought Darren was going to pull away and finish him off with a few twists of his hand, Chris was very, very wrong. Darren continued to hum and pant around the cock that was heavy on his tongue. He was so close himself but he wanted Chris to come first and he roughly moved the piercing ball and with a keening wail, he tasted the salty tang of Chris and swallowed quickly as Chris unravelled. He kept working his hand, painfully dry and rough and yet so hard and he licked off Chris when he was done, resting his sweaty brow on Chris' thigh as he pumped again and again, and then Chris' hands scraped at the back of his neck and he gave a tremulous shout and felt the stickiness of his own come coat his hand and fill his boxers and Godhe felt like such a teenager and it was disgusting but his shoulders were quaking with the relief of finally getting off.

His face was still pressed into Chris' thigh as he caught his breath and swallowed, his throat feeling sore from the abuse. And yet his body was sweltering under the waves of ecstasy and he didn't regret a thing.

Chris' hand gave a tug and he clambered awkwardly to his knees, falling into the chair and feeling totally exhausted. His eyes flickered to Chris and he smiled at the rosy hue of his cheeks, the bitten lips, the dark, glassy look to his eyes where there was only a tiny strip of pale blue around his dilated pupils. He seemed completely uninhibited and uncaring that his pants were still down and his cock was lying limply between his legs, still a bit shiny with saliva and pink from having come not so long ago.

"That was…" Darren didn't even have words. He always had words. Except when he was trying to sing.

"Incredible. Amazing. Mind-blowing."

"Mm…that…" he agreed, running a hand through his damp curls and reaching for Chris' hand. "Was it what you expected in your fantasies?"

He grinned at the colour that crept up Chris' neck. He was sitting with his pants down and yet blushing at Darren's words. He would never cease to be a man filled with oppositions and binaries.

"Better," he admitted shyly, thumb gliding over Darren's fingers like they had done so often in Kurt and Blaine scenes.

Darren flicked the piercing between his lips, teasing Chris with the image of the ball nestled firmly against his tongue. "Good to hear. I think I need a change of pants though."

Chris looked abashed as he realised his own were down around his ankles. He bent over and quickly tugged them back up. "Yes…well…thank you."

Darren shrugged, then the grin was back on his face. "Let me know if you have any other fantasies I can…um, help you out with."

"Oh my God," Chris snorted, covering his inflamed cheeks with his hands again. "Get out! Stop being so cruel!"

Darren broke into laughter as he got to his feet and shifted at the uncomfortable feeling in his pants. "See you tomorrow!" he sang as he left the trailer, shutting the door behind him and heading across the lot.

"Oh my God," Chris repeated, his voice low and stunned. He gave his arm a brief pinch. Yup, it was real. That had happened. "Oh my God."

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