Title: Pleasure and Piercings
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M+. Plus. Plusplusplus.
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Darren
Word count: 1,165
Summary: Do you have any idea how good tongue piercings feel? RPF
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the Glee universe. Nor do I know Chris or Darren and so I hope to God they never see this..

"I can't believe you talked me into this," he complained, tugging at the leather pants which were riding up against his crotch.

"Oh shut up," Chris complained, adjusting his jacket as he climbed from the car.

"No, but seriously, these are like, the most uncomfortable things ever," Darren said, twisting one way and then the other to re-position his dick in the tight confines of the leather pants.

"Darren," Chris said firmly, striding around the car to stare the older man in his stupidly beautiful eyes. "I wear clothes tighter than this for Kurt. Remember those pants for the Fashion Night Out video? I'm sure they were so tight I lost circulation. Just hush." He stroked his hand over the slick, silky leather and Darren shuddered. "Besides, you look fucking incredible."

Darren tried to tamp down on the sudden rush of blood to his dick, because he simply could not afford to get an erection in leather pants while he was out. No. No. No way, no how.

"You're a jerk, you know that right?" he asked as they were waved into the club. He blinked rapidly, pupils dilating to compensate for the lower level of light. Coloured strobes flickered around the room and the music was loud, pulsing through the place and reverberating up through his shoes. He could feel it thudding in his chest.

"And you're a hot piece of ass in a gay bar," Chris grinned, tangling their fingers together and pulling him onto the dance floor. He wound his hands around Darren's neck as Darren awkwardly positioned his hands on Chris' waist.

"Chris," Darren said urgently, voice low and nervous against Chris' ear. "Chris, people are staring." Chris rolled his eyes, shifting until his groin was grinding into Darren's. "Fuck. What are you doing?"

"It's called dirty dancing," Chris smiled, biting at Darren's earlobe. "Maybe it could be called frotting."

Darren gaped, and a light bounced off the silver ball of his tongue piercing.

"You know," Chris said, moving to the beat among the sea of people. "I'm not sure I ever said how much I liked your piercing."

Darren clicked it against his teeth rapidly, thankful for the low light because he was pretty sure he was blushing. "I think that was pretty clear from you letting me suck you off."

Chris shrugged, a leg finding its way between Darren's as he ground his erection into Darren's thigh.

"Oh," Darren shivered, eyes wide as he looked at Chris. "You're…you're actually serious?"

"It's a gay bar, Dare," Chris said, breath warm against Darren's ear. "Relax. Feel the music. Lose yourself."

At first, he was doubtful he could relax but when Chris sealed their mouths together, tongue tracing over his piercing, jutting his hips into Darren's thigh, he realised his head was starting to spin with lust and he was apparently very hard because the leather pants that he had thought were uncomfortable before were downright tortureto wear now.

Chris' arms dropped from around Darren's neck to the curve of his ass, and when he clenched his hands into the flesh, Darren was glad for the loud music so that the entire world didn't hear his embarrassingly needy whine.

"Like that, huh?" Chris murmured, kneading his fingers over the swell that was covered in the slick leather. He'd nearly died when Darren had picked him up in them earlier, and now he was going to exact revenge. Except that Darren was wearing leather pants and had his tongue ring in and really, what did Chris have that made him badass and sexy?

"Fuck, Chris," Darren growled into ear. "Do you wantme to come in my pants in the middle of a gay bar's dance floor?"

Chris thought about it for all of nought-point-two-five seconds, and then thrust against Darren, his erection pressing into his stomach.

"Shit," Darren grunted. He vaguely glanced at the other people around him but their close proximity didn't arouse any untoward looks. Arouse. Ha, good one, Darren.

Chris licked his way into Darren's mouth, seeking out the piercing and continuing to rock into Darren. His tongue curled over the smooth metal and Darren rutted into him and his moan was a gurgly, unintelligent sound because it had sent a rocket off in his head.

He bit down lightly on Darren's bottom lip and then tongued across it to soothe the injury. "Do you want to come, right here, in public?" Chris said into Darren's ear. "All these people around? I'm sure you're an exhibitionist." He jerked his hips again and again, squeezing Darren's ass. "I think you love people and the attention they give you. You'd love to know you got off around them and they never even knew." Darren trembled, sucking on his bottom lip as the ball of his piercing pressed into his hard palate. "Do you want to come, Darren? Do you?"

He wanted to say no. He wanted to say it was terribly inappropriate and that he wasn't going to get his rocks off in a public place. In a gay bar. But he could feel the heat in his stomach and he knew Chris wasn't going to relent until he snapped. God, these leather pants were going to get uncomfortable.

"Answer me," Chris said harshly, his hands tight on Darren's ass.

"Y-yes," he moaned. "God yes. Yes, Chris."

"Good boy," Chris cooed, starting to rut faster. "I'm not going to last much longer. I'm going to make such a mess and it's gonna be all your fault because you're wearing those fucking pants and have a piece of metal in your tongue."

Darren poked his tongue out to show Chris and he felt the powerful slam of Chris' hips, his eyes lolling in his head as the wave began to crest.

"Fuck," he whimpered, hands digging into the flesh of Chris' hips so hard he would probably leave bruises. "Fuck Chris, I can't…I…"

"Come Dare, come," Chris encouraged, moving faster. "Come on…come…come with me…"

Darren covered the sounds that fell from his lips by kissing Chris hard and pressing the piercing deep into Chris' mouth. He felt the erratic stuttering of Chris' hip and Chris' quaking and his brain short-circuited with the realisation and then the wave curled and crashed and he came into his stupidly tight leather pants that just became a whole lot more squelchy and disgusting to wear.

He slid his piercing around Chris' mouth once again, delighting in the shudder that rolled down Chris' spine.

"I can't believe you talked me into that," he muttered, feeling horribly awkward and in desperate need of a new pair of pants and underwear. That weren't leather.

"Oh shut up," Chris repeated, his tone similar to when they had arrived. "You know you fucking enjoyed it."

He could hardly argue. "Can we go? I know we haven't been here long but I feel foul."

Chris laughed, eyes alight with a happiness Darren hadn't seen in a while. "I agree entirely. Let's go."

A/N: This came out of a reply to my dear friend Lydia and...yeah, I don't even know. Sharing ALL the CrissColfer porn!