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I had thought school was easy since the first day of preschool even. I'd always been on top of the class, always with straight A's, Highest Honors, first honors, whatever you wanted to call it, I was on it. I sometimes even had higher than 100% in a few classes, only the classes I liked.

But today, school was far from easy. First class went down the toilet as I hadn't heard a word the teacher had said. I had only shrugged at the homework, choosing to do it when I got home. The second class came and went. I must've fallen asleep or spent the whole time staring at the window. Then we had ten extra minutes for homework and I had spent that whole time reading over the chapter. I had just about no idea what to do. Then came third class, I was a bit more awake then and into the school mode, but that didn't stop my mind from wondering off to Kanda every now and again.

I was finally awake and ready to learn by the time fourth period rolled around. Which was good since we were doing some stupid partner work in class. You always needed to be awake for that or you'd fail for not doing anything. And once that torture was over, I counted my blessings as I only had two classes now before I could run away to lunch. That would be where I was most happy, I was sure about it.

However, I was wrong. Two classes later and a walk to the cafeteria I was still in a bad mood. I took a seat at my normal table and proceeded to take a sandwich out of my lunch box. I just stared at it.

"Hey, Lavi," someone said before I received a slap to the side of the head. It wouldn't have hurt except that green-haired girl had long nails. I always told her not to slap people because her nails always found their way into the skin.

"What?" I grumbled, letting my head fall down to the table.

"You've been staring at that sandwich for ten minutes. If you don't want it, I'll take it," Allen replied instead of Lenalee.

I glared at both of them, my eyes just barely peeking up above my arms. Of course I hadn't meant for my glare to look like a creeper's death stare, but they both kinda chuckled nervously just loud enough for me to hid my head again. I even stooped low enough to pull my hood up.

"Come on, Lavi," Lenalee prodded, "What's wrong with you?"

My answer was muffled by the table and my arms.

Lenalee sighed.

I sighed as well and propped my head up on my hand. "Having a bad day," I replied nonchalantly.

"Why?" Allen asked. "It's been just about forever since you had a bad day."

"It's this whole ghost business. I now know why I've never chosen to help one of these things out," I hadn't even caught the fact that I called them things. That alone was enough to tell my friends that I wasn't just having a bad day.

"Lavi, tell us what's really going on," Allen demanded.

I shook my head, a natural response. I didn't want to let them know, I couldn't bear to let them know. After all, if I told them there was always the possibility that Kanda would yell at me. He hated it when I told people about. He wanted to stay a secret so thusly that should be respected. But it was harder than it seemed. Their concerned faces cut keep into the depths of my heart, making it ache in a way as if I had betrayed them by sitting there refusing to open my mouth.

It was a natural tendency to think they already saw the news and knew what happened; as well as to think Lenalee knew since her brother had to be the head on the case. But alas, that was not my luck and from the look on their ever so blank faces they didn't know anything about the day Kanda's bones had been found. They knew nothing and I had to be the one to tell them. After all, Yu Kanda had implored my help, and I was obliged to give it to them.

"Well…" I started, my voice quiet and even squeaky if that were possible. I was against telling them in every way possible, but if it would get them off my back, and maybe even some help, then it would be ok.

"Out with it, Lavi," Lenalee urged, a sweet look on her face.

"I was at the park when they started to tear it down. And if you've seen it recently, it's still tapped off, ya'know with that yellow tape?" I hoped I wouldn't have to continue from there.

"Yeah, I saw that this morning," Allen said, "the police tape. What's it there for?"

I looked to Lenalee.

"Komui said something about it when he came home last night, but he was too tired and he was mumbling about dental records and DNA matching before he collapsed on the couch," she shrugged.

I inwardly cursed, of course my luck and fate would make it so Lenelee and Allen didn't know anything about what I had witnessed, meaning I had to explain it all to them.

"Well I was there. They knocked down that old gazebo, ya know? And then they started to dig. It didn't take ten seconds for the first pile of dirt to come up…" I gulped audibly, and I saw the concern grow on their faces, "A pile….of…um eh…err…um..ah…a p-pile…of um…well I uh well…" I wasn't quite sure how to say it.

"Come on, Lavi, it's only us," Allen prodded. "Please tell us."

"A pile of…b-bones," I spat out, flustered.

"B-Bones?" It was all Lenalee could do to keep from screaming the words.

I nodded shallowly, refusing to meet their eyes.

"That must've been shocking," Allen gasped.

I nodded, "And…and you know…know about my ghost right?" I hadn't stuttered this much since my first oral presentation in sixth grade. That was the only project I ever got less than a B on.

"You're ghost?" Lenalee asked. She knew I could see ghosts, she just didn't know I had one following me at the moment.

I nodded, "Yeah. I have a ghost. He's asked for my help and I accepted," I paused for a breath, "I don't even know why, but I did. His name is Yu Kanda. All I really know about him is that he was murdered a while back."

Lenalee nodded, her nervous habit of biting her lip was showing.

"And…he was there with me when the bones showed up. He was screaming the rest of the night… those bones….they were his bones. His." I lowered my head back into my arms.

"Oh my go—" Lenalee's hands flew up to her mouth, muffling the rest of her exclamation. A normal person would've wondered why this was such a tragedy, but then again, a normal person would've have understood that ghosts were people too.

"I just…wish I knew what to do. Komui said he'd promise to keep me in the loop of the case, but he's pretty sure there's nothing for them to do. He even said that this case would be closed before it was open. The only thing I'm even sure I'm getting is a confirmation that these bones are Kanda's…" I trailed off, my mind trailing away with my voice. Kanda's bones.

Kanda's bones. He was dead and all his friends and family were dead as well. I was all he had now, the only one who was alive. And his bones were down at the station, most likely in the morgue. What if I—

"Lavi!" Allen snapped.

My head shot up, "No…" I mumbled, holding my head. "no, no, no, no, I have to. It's the least I could do, y'know?"

"Lavi, what are you talking about?" Lenalee inquired, her head cocking to the side as her eyelids batted.

"I'm not crazy!" I shouted just so they could hear my outburst.

"What are you talking about?" Allen asked now.

"I…Lenalee do you think it would be ok if…if I claimed…claimed his b-body?" I wouldn't say bones, it hurt too much.

Lenalee thought for a moment, "Well, normally only family can claim…bodies," she said. Just like her brother, she was planning on going into criminal justice.

"He was killed over 30 years ago!" I nearly shouted. "He has no family left!"

"How do you know?" Lenalee asked, cocking her head to the side again.

"I read his file, Lenalee. You know Gramps has access to that kinda stuff. And I read that his only family was some man named Teidoll. And they weren't even related! He was just his guardian, someone who knew Kanda and decided to care for him after his parents died."

Lenalee's eyes were visibly glassed over with wetness. I knew she was sad now.

"Yeah…" she nodded, "if you talk to my brother, I'm sure you can claim his body…" she sniffed, laying her head down on the table. Allen rubbed her back.

"Why do you want to anyway?" Allen asked, obviously touched, just not showing it.

"Well, maybe if he has contact with his bones, just maybe, he'll remember some stuff. It's a long shot but it might work. And I promised I would let him rest in peace, no better way to do that then to give him a proper burial."

"No one would be there, Lavi," Allen pointed out.

"No," I said as I rubbed my nose, "I'd be there," I stood up. I didn't even know why, but I felt betrayed by my own friends. "And that's all that matters."

I hadn't even touched my sandwich but I packed it up and left the two sitting there, utterly dumbfounded at my sudden outburst.

The rest of the school day I retained an anti-social attitude. I didn't speak out in class, I didn't crack jokes, and I didn't hang out with my friends. I even had my last period teacher ask me if I was depressed. I wanted to burst out laughing at her and tell her she was a complete idiot. Lavi Bookman didn't get depressed. No, I was just in deep thought. Deep thought about Kanda, I had to no more.

Once school was out, I plopped down outside on a bench outside and called Gramps. I literally spent an hour on the phone with him, talking about this. I started from the beginning, 37 years ago on December 20th when Kanda was killed. I took only the knowledge I had from his file and what he had told me to fill in the blanks. Then I sped forward to the month and a half ago that I met him. Once I had filled the old man in, I dropped the final bomb and told him I wanted to claim Kanda's bones.

I didn't half to wait a second before I received the answer. I didn't know whether to be overjoyed or overly burdened. But the answer set butterflies into my stomach where they flew around and irritated my insides, making me feel sick all of the sudden. This was my choice, yet hearing my Gramps's answer to it made me shiver, made me want to understand my decision.

All it took was "Yes" to make me hang up, stand up, and start running down the street. I retrieved the car from my house before speeding down streets, around turns, and through the parking lot where I finally stopped. I got out and ran inside the building. I didn't have to wait longer than five minutes before Komui was leading me through the back while telling me I needed to calm down.

"What are you here for anyway?" He asked me once we were settled in his office, a warm cup of coffee in my hands.

"I...Lenalee said if I talked to you, there was a chance that I could claim Kanda's bones. I even ran it through Gramps and he said that I could as well, like it was legal and stuff," I gingerly sipped at the hot liquid.

Komui sighed, "Why do you want to? Do you even—"

"YES!" I shouted. "He's my ghost! Kanda is. And I don't care about that stupid identity confirmation anymore, I know their his, he knows their his, and I just want to take them so he can have a burial once he finally…" I gulped, "leaves."

Komui nodded. Before he was able to say anything though, there was a knock at the door. Komui allowed the person in and was given a piece of paper as well as a short report of which I chose not to listen. When the lab rat left, Komui smiled at me.

"Good news, Bookman," he said. "Dental records confirm, your ghost's bones are sitting in our morgue."

"When can I have them," I crossed my arms.

"When we're done with them, Lavi," he replied, a stern look on his normally happy face.

I sighed, "Alright, I'll wait."

After a few more spared words, I was showed out and left to go home, which I did. Home was a great destination after an annoying day. But all I had to look forward too was a microwave dinner and homework. I sighed and started the car.

Once home, I plopped onto my bed with my dinner and my homework. Not ten minutes into my work, there was a clearing of the throat that caused me to look up from half finished Calculus homework.

"Kanda," I greeted before turning back to my homework.

"Why are you late?" he asked attentively.

"Stopped by the station," I filled in another answer, "to check up on the status of your case."

"A-and?" his eyes were darting around.

"And Komui confirmed for me that those bones were in fact yours, so now I have proof."

"But I already knew they were mine!" he shouted at me.

"Doesn't make a difference. But this proof and the fact that you're my ghost means that…my request to take custody of your body was granted," I smiled at him as his jaw literally dropped.

"Y-You…w-want to c-claim my bones?"

"Body," I corrected.

"B-Body," he repated.

"Yes, I do. I was hoping it might help you out. And I'll find out where you used to live, and we'll go there. We'll go to where your friend, Daisya, was kil—"

"Shut up," he said, squeaked if his voice would've allowed him.

"Huh?" I looked at him. His head was down, the few strands loose from his pony-tail hiding his face from me.

"I said shut up. Don't talk about that. I'll go, but I don't want you to talk about it…"

I nodded, "Yeah alright. Sorry, I didn't know it affected you that much."

He nodded.

I turned back to my homework. I worked in silence until Kanda broke it ten minutes later.

"I…" he said and stopped as if he didn't know what to say, or how to say it.

"Yeah?" I looked up as I simultaneously closed and put away my Calculus things.

"I dunno… Why do you want my…b-body?"

"Well like I said—"

"I know that."

I nodded, "Well….when I finally see you go…you know, to rest in peace…I want to bury you give you a proper burial."

"That's stupid," he scoffed.

I nodded, "I know. None of your friends or family are alive to be there. But I'll be there to send you off, and that's what I think matters," I smiled, sending him the cheesiest smile I could muster.

I swore I saw a hint of a smile on there and even the hint of a "thank you", but I couldn't be sure so I only smiled more as I turned back to my next homework assignment.

"I just promised to help you out, and that's how I can think to end everything."

Kanda nodded.

Silence enveloped us, save the sound of my pencil scratching against my notebook paper. It didn't take long to finish my homework, and when I did I leaned against the headboard and listened to the silence. A calming, unnerving silence, a silence I wish didn't exist.

And as if fate could read my mind, my cell phone rang. I picked it up and answered it.

"Hello?" I answered. A smile slowly found itself onto my face. I didn't even know why, but it was there. Kanda watched me intently as I continued to speak into the small contraption. When I finished speaking, I hung up and looked at Kanda, that smile on my face.

"What do you want?"

"This is good and bad news. I can pick up your bones soon…" My voice trailed off. We both knew what that meant. There was nothing left to use them for. They were done with them, everything they could've gotten from them was gotten.

"Well…" I stopped. "Kanda, I'm sure they're trying."

"No, I doubt that. Don't try to cheer me up though. Please. I don't need it. If they didn't try those 30 something years ago, they won't try now…" he laid down against the pillows and sheets, though his presence didn't create wrinkles in the fabrics.

I sighed, "If they won't try, Kanda, I will," I smiled.

When Kanda looked at me, I swore I saw him smile too.

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