How I'd promised myself not to write a Naruto fanfic. Let alone a cliché one like this. Yes, I know this has been done a million times before. No, I don't care. Yes, I also know my other two stories have been in limbo FOR AGES. But I needed a break from Bleach. I just got into Naruto in the past few months so… I have lots of inspiration on writing this. I hope. If I don't get another gigantic writer's block.


You know why this fanfic is so damn good and a million times better than the rest of the "next generation Naruto" fics? Because it's written by ME. Damn right I'm going to be cocky, hehe :3

So, the genre of this thing is romance, adventure, friendship and drama with a hint of comedy. The main characters are OC, but I definitely won't be neglecting any canon characters. This chapter is mainly an intro for the two main characters. It's going to be a wall of text so get ready.

Yes, there will be a villain with nameless generic henchmen. Yes, there is a rivalry between the Uzumaki brat and the Uchiha brat. Yes, there's going to be a love triangle at some point. Yes, hearts will be broken. Just read the damn story already. And also, just so you know, it's going to have A LOT of plot twists later on.

Enjoy. =D

I don't like this guy.

"I'm gonna be the Hokage one day!"

In fact, I think I hate this guy.

"I'll be even better than my dad! No joke!"

Loud, hyperactive, cocky – all the qualities I tend to dislike. Even worse, he's sitting right next to me during class. Usually, my best friend Hiroki sat next to me, but for some reason the bonehead had snatched his seat. But what's really the issue here that makes me want to bash my head repeatedly against the wall until I bleed to death, is the fact that our fathers are best friends. You're probably frowning right now and wondering what the big deal is. When I say "best friends" I mean "Super-BFFs". Despite this bonehead's father being the Hokage, which means he has a tight schedule, he visits our mansion regularly, dragging said bonehead with him. I can't just ignore him, or my dad gives me that glare where you just know you're gonna get your ass whooped if you misbehave. Problem is, even though our fathers force us to interact, neither me nor the bonehead actually like one another. Of course I'm talking about Uzumaki Katsuro. Who else could be the embodiment of my torture?

I'm beginning to think the Hokage himself hates me and visits with his son just to piss me off. You see, this dumbass (despite me being a girl) has no problem punching me right in the face when we spar. I would've greatly appreciated the gesture of equality with any other guy in my class (because I hate it when guys go easy on me just because of my gender), but Katsuro was not, is not and never will be my equal. He has no discipline, no respect towards his betters, doesn't know when to shut up and overuses the catchphrase "No joke".

"Ne, Uchiha-san," I averted my gaze and looked at the girl sitting on my right side "do you want to go out for ramen after class?" Natsumi Haruno. She and her brother, Hiroki, were adopted by Sakura Haruno, head of the hospital. Natsumi was a short, slender girl with spiky, short hair that had the color of rust and grey, wide eyes with freckles over her cheeks and nose. She looked up to me as a role model, and I guess she was okay as she didn't bother me much. Sometimes I liked to hang out with her, because she didn't talk as much as the other girls. But her mother though, she was one scary lady! No, really. I saw her punch the freaking Hokage! So, just to avoid Sakura, I usually declined any offer of Natsumi to come to her house for tea or something. Believe me, you don't want to get on Sakura's bad side. Somehow, one of my older brothers, Ryuuji, had taken a liking to the violent mother. He even trained with Sakura sometimes.

"Sorry, I'm going to train after school." I answered Natsumi's request, studying my fingernails nonchalantly. That was true, but usually I had a short break of one hour after class before I went to train. Today, however, I didn't feel like spending my one-hour free time with anyone. Tomorrow was graduation, and I'd trained two weeks extra intensively, so now I was pretty exhausted and just wanted to relax during that one-hour break before I trained again. Usually I read a book or took a warm bubble bath. Oh yes, today I was looking extra forward to my bubble bath.

"I can go with you, Natsumi-chan!" Katsuro suddenly interrupted our conversation with that stupid, gleeful smile on his face. Natsumi had wanted to respond to my rejection when the bonehead had interfered. 'Typical.'

"Oh, well-"

"-She wasn't asking you, Uzumaki." I snapped annoyed, my dark eyes staring right into his bright blue ones with a glare. He put his arms on the table, glaring right back at me before sneering:

"I wasn't talking to you, Uchiha." I narrowed my eyes.

"But you interrupted my conversation."

"Since when do you own every conversation?" Uzumaki leaned forward, getting angry. His red hair was messy and a little spiky. A few locks fell in front of his eyes which were glowering at me. "You think you're so cool, don't you? I can't wait to see the look on your face the day I kick your butt!" he exclaimed loudly (like always), while pointing at me openly.

Fanboys to the rescue! Apparently, as an Uchiha you automatically have fanboys and/or fangirls, depending mostly on your gender. Can you feel my joy, yet? No? Well I'm telling you, it just warms my heart seeing my fanboys rage about something so trivial. It makes me feel proud that I'm the cause of all this stupidity. Yep. Proud.

"How dare you talk to Yukari-sama that way!"

'-Sama? Are you serious?'

"We ought to kick your ass, Uzumaki!"

Bony McBonehead growled at my White Knights in shining armor who, oh so heroically I might add, jumped to my defense. Because like every woman ever in existence, I need to rely on men to come save me from a verbal fight, right? Right.

Sense the sarcasm yet?

"I'd like to see you try, buttheads!"

"Just because daddy is the Hokage, this prick thinks he can tell us anything!"

"Yeah! You're just a daddy's boy!"

'Daddy's boy. Yes! Great nickname! From now on, I dub you, Katsuro Uzumaki, as Daddy's boy.' I thought amused. For once my fanboys were good for something. If you hadn't noticed, coming up with new, derogatory nicknames for Dumbo over here was a personal hobby of mine.

"Fanboys, Katsuro, settle down!" our teacher, Takao, scolded the morons. A tall, well-built man with dark blue, shoulder-length hair, dark brown eyes and a seemingly permanent stubble around the lower part of his face. I'm not joking, not once in all those years he was our teacher have I seen him without his stubble or with a beard. He was eccentric, enigmatic and overall a good teacher. But strict, and always got into arguments with the bonehead. For a second, Uzumaki looked like he was going to protest like always, but surprisingly he leaned back in his seat, calming down.

I locked eyes with Hiroki for a moment, who was sitting a few seats away up front, both of us chuckling at the reprimand Katsuro had been given.

"Sorry, Takao-sensei." he apologized, though not very sincerely, and his example was followed by the fanboys. I was surprised for a second. He'd been gone for vacation in the winter, and obviously matured a tad during that time. Just a tad, though. Not nearly enough to make him less annoying.

"As I was saying, since you've now all received your headbands, it's time to put you in appropriate teams. Three man cells, to be precise. Today we'll do the last of sorting you, and tomorrow you'll get to hear the names of your teammates and sensei. Now leave, you little brats. Class is over."

I got up as soon as I could. Did I mention my fanboys already? No? Well, in case you're retarded and didn't notice my fanboys raging just one minute ago, I have some. A lot, actually.


"Look, it's Yukari-sama!"

"Yuyu-chan, wait for us!"

"Yukari!" That last cry was not from one of my fanboys. Thank god! Big brother to the rescue! That wasn't sarcasm, by the way. If there's one guy in this village that I'll always be happy to see, it has to be my oldest brother. I saw a flash of his black hair, before I was dragged out of the building, preventing the fanboys from getting to me. I was a bit sad I hadn't been able to speak to Hiroki, but he'd understand.

"Great timing, nii-san." I said with a smile. Kazuya let go of my hand. He was eighteen, six years older than me, one year older than Ryuuji. His dark eyes glanced at the Academy building before he looked back at me, probably making sure no one followed. My big brother was the best brother in the world. No, really. A genius jounin, very talented and handsome. He always got me out of trouble.

"You're lucky I have a day off. The fanboys seem more energetic today. You wouldn't have survived that crowd." Kazuya noted a little jokingly, putting his hands in his pockets and already walking towards the Uchiha mansion.

"Still not as bad as your fangirls." I said with a smirk and he sighed, putting a hand through his messy hair he'd tied in a low ponytail.

"Please don't remind me." He stared up to the sky and I followed his gaze. It was clouded today, almost looked like it was going to storm. It had already rained, making the ground muddy and soft beneath our feet. "So, tomorrow graduation, right? Nervous?"

"More like excited." I answered, though I didn't look very excited. He studied my indifferent expression.

"You have father's pokerface. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing for a girl." For most that would seem like a harmless observation, but I knew my brother well enough to notice the subtle, teasing undertone.

"Shut up." I muttered. I did feel very excited, I guess I just didn't really know how to express it without feeling awkward. I usually had three generic expressions: angry, happy and insulted. I'd never been very sad in my life, and rarely excited, so I didn't know how to cope with those emotions. Well, there had been one time where I'd been extremely sad. But, due to the huge amount of embarrassment in that particular flashback, I'm not going to show you yet.

"You'll be a fine ninja someday." he murmured. I snorted.

"The best damn one in the village, you mean." Oh, right. I also had the cocky expression. I'd forgotten about that one. Kazuya chuckled and ruffled my hair. "Hey!" I sighed, trying to get my hair fixed. Like my brother, I had black hair, but it wasn't as smooth and straight as his. Mine was curly, always loose and longer, so it always easily got into a mess. It was a real pain combing it, as well. I finally got my hair looking decent again, and shot a glare at Kazuya, who didn't even seem to notice. My brother had, several times, refused to join the ANBU. Why was beyond me. I would be honored to be part of the ANBU. For some reason, father understood his decision and almost seem to approve. I had a suspicion that me and both of my brothers were always expected to do much better than others, probably because of our family's history.

I noticed at a very early age, say around four or five, that most adults treated me differently from the other kids (except Takao-sensei). They always seemed to get extra concerned when I got angry. Despite my popularity with the boys when I got older, some of their parents still disapproved their admiration for me, even to this day. Some, however, seemed to treat me extra nicely or have big expectations of me, probably because I was an Uchiha. If you asked me what was the cause of all these mixed reactions, I wouldn't know. I remember one specific event three years back, when I was playing in the park. Natsumi's twin brother and my best friend, Hiroki Haruno, approached me that day. He'd just recently been adopted back then, so he treated me quite normal as he was unaware of the "avoid-Yukari-at-all-costs" policy the other kids had set up. For some reason, they had steered clear of me until then. With the exception of Uzumaki, of course, but we really weren't friends so that doesn't count.

"Hi," the boy greeted a girl who was playing in the sandbox. She looked up to him, surprised. Usually most kids stayed away from her. "My name is Hiroki Haruno. You're that Uchiha girl, right?"

"Yukari." The girl answered shortly, and stood up from the sandbox. She noticed there were a group of children a few feet away, watching their exchange. She frowned slightly, then looked back at the boy with straight hair that reached his shoulders which had the color of rust and grey eyes.

"You wanna play with us?" Yukari frowned at this, staring back at the group of anxious looking children.

"Why are they looking at me like that?" she asked Hiroki, who shrugged.

"I dunno. A few told me you were dangerous or something, but whatever. You seem nice enough!" he grinned at her, and Yukari couldn't help but smile back. Hiroki noticed it. "See, guys? She's not so bad!" he called to the group. They approached her, and started talking to her. Yukari was a little baffled. She'd been used to other kids backing away from her, but thanks to this boy they suddenly wanted to be friends with her.

I became great friends with him ever since that day. Why had they been afraid of me, in the first place? The image of those group of kids, packed together and staring at me as if I were some monster about to eat them alive had not done much for my self-esteem. Don't worry, the hundreds of compliments of my fanboys later on had helped me with that. Now I really thought back, it seemed kind of weird. I knew that our family had been full of very powerful shinobi like Itachi Uchiha, the uncle I never got to meet, or dad, Sasuke Uchiha. I looked sideways to Kazuya. Would he know? It was worth asking.

"Ne, Kazu-nii¹," I said, getting his attention "do you know why kids used to avoid me when I was younger?" Kazuya look puzzled, but I could swear I saw an anxious expression flashing on his face before that.

"No idea."

"I remember they thought I was dangerous."

"Maybe their parents told them that." Kazuya said with a shrug. I frowned.

"Why would their parents tell them that?" I pressed on, determined to get behind it. Now I was so close to graduation, I was getting anxious, and some things in my past (yes, I realize I'm only twelve, just shut up and listen) hadn't been entirely resolved yet. Kazuya blinked. I narrowed my eyes. Kazuya always blinked a little too often when there was something he wanted to hide from me.

"You know father used to be a missing-nin once. Maybe that's why." he explained to me nonchalantly, a little too nonchalant. It seemed like he wanted to wave the topic away. I had to know what it was that he was hiding.

"But Kazu-nii," I tried in my most sweetest voice, "I really think there has to be more to it than that. The people in this village wouldn't just-"

"-Enough, Yukari." Kazuya snapped impatiently, successfully ending the conversation.

'He snapped at me!' I thought shocked. ´Kazuya actually… he actually got angry with me?' This was a rarity. With rarity, I mean that it had never happened before. I recovered from the shock, and folded my arms as I kept on walking.

He may have won this round, but now I was only more determined to find out what was going on.

"I'm home!" I called through the entire building as I burst through the door in front of me. The people already present in the room gave me weird stares but I ignored them and walked in.

"Katsuro, for the last time, this is my office. Not our home. Stop screaming you're home every time you come here." my dad told me off, though he smirked right afterwards. He got up from his seat and walked over to me, patting me on the head. "You're kind of late, though. So, how was your day?" he asked. I grinned.

"Great! Natsumi-chan took me out for some ramen, and afterwards helped me with my transformation technique, so that's why I was late today, which reminds me-" I now frowned, folding my arms "-when are you going to teach me how to Rasengan the shit out of-" He slapped me upside the head. "Ow!" I heard some of the people behind me chuckle.

"No cussing when I'm around. And I'll teach it to you when you're ready, brat." Yup, this was my dad, the current Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto. I watched as he sat back down in his chair, his hands on the back of his head. He was obviously in relax-mode now.

"But dad!" I whined, "How am I supposed to beat that stupid Uchiha without it? I'm betting she's learning loads of techniques from her dad. It's so unfair! No joke!" My dad raised his eyebrows, then chuckled.

'Amusing you, am I? Puh, my dad's an asshole!' I glowered at him, getting more impatient with the second. This guy wasn't taking me seriously, was he?

"With 'that stupid Uchiha', I assume you mean Yukari-chan. You've seem to taken a liking to her." he muttered, though it was more an observation for himself than an actual comment towards me. I was seriously getting pissed by now.

"Of course I don't!" I yelled, balling my fists. "She's a conceited, cocky, arrogant, overconfident, smug-"

"-Katsuro, those are all synonyms." my dad interrupted me.

"I don't care! I'll beat the crap out of her, one day! No joke! The only reason I haven't beaten her yet is because… well, because she's still a little girl, and I don't wanna be serious with little girls!" I huffed. Dad rolled his eyes.

"Sure. That's why last week, even when you screamed 'I'm totally and seriously gonna kick your ass', you let her defeat you anyway, right?"

'Damn. I totally forgot he witnessed that.'

"Whatever! You're the worst dad ever!" Now I was having a temper tantrum. "If you won't teach me, I'll just figure it out by myself!" I declared. Dad leaned towards his desk, a mischievous glistening in his eyes.

"Do I hear a bet, brat?"

"You bet your ass it's a bet!" I yelled heatedly, initially not noticing several people behind me laughing at the display. Dad smirked widely.

"Alright, as the Hokage, I accept your bet. But if you lose," I was starting to get a bad feeling about this "you'll have to do the dishes for the rest of the year. Which would be… five months. I'm giving you two weeks to figure it out."

"TWO WEEKS? ARE YOU CRAZY?" I was panicking now. The people behind me started to laugh harder and I shot a quick glare at them.

"What's wrong, too short? Where did all that confidence go, brat?" Dad laughed, before he spoke again. "Fine. Exactly three weeks." I wanted to protest again, when I realized there was one other person I could ask for help. I smiled, dad noticed this and caught on. "You can't ask Kakashi for help, either."

"Dammit!" I cursed. There went my great plan. "Will you at least give me a hint?" I pleaded, with the most innocent face I could put on.

"No. You said you didn't need me, so go figure it out by yourself. You have four weeks." Dad repeated. Now the pleading didn't work, I got pissed again.

"FINE! I don't need you at all! You just wait! You all wait!" I turned to the people who were standing behind me. "I'll blow you away! No joke!" If you hadn't noticed by now, "No joke" is kinda my catchphrase, like how my dad says "Believe it" all the time.

Anyway, with that, I marched out, determined to prove them all wrong. Ha, who needed that guy anyway? Sure, he was the Hokage and stuff, but I didn't need his stupid guidance! Though, the more I walked towards my actual house, the more I started to get filled with doubts. This was supposed to be grandfather's technique, the Fourth Hokage, it was A-rank, for god's sake! How the hell was I supposed to figure it out in three weeks with no knowledge of it whatsoever? Well, whatever. I had three weeks to figure it out. That was more than enough time for a genius like me, right?

'Oh, who am I kidding? I'm screwed! I'm royally screwed!'

"Ow!" In all my contemplating, I bumped right into a wall and fell on the ground. Except the wall talked. So it wasn't a wall. Oops.

"Watch it, ey." I looked up, and saw a guy towering above me, staring down with an annoyed look on his face. Well, not just a guy. Konohamaru Sarutobi. A guy whose hair seemed to have its own will. No, seriously, the way it was sticking out in every direction possible was pissing me off. He would be assigned to a group of us students tomorrow as a sensei, and I knew him pretty well. He'd been my dad's student, and a really skilled-

'Hold it. HOLD IT!'

The spiky-haired brunette was now raising his eyebrows because of my gaping at him, but I didn't care. This guy….

"Konohamaru-sensei, you were taught by my dad, right?" I asked, getting up from the ground. 'Why didn't I think of this guy before? Better yet, my dad seemed to have forgotten about him, or he did it on purpose. Whatever, I found my saving grace!' He smirked widely at me, folding his arms.

"Yeah, and? What's it to you?"

"He also taught you the Rasengan, didn't he?" Konohamaru frowned, a little irritated.

"I'm not getting in between you and your dad's bet, ey." he responded determinedly. My jaw dropped. 'There goes my fantastic and waterproof genius plan.'

"You know about that?"

"I was just taking a walk when I heard you screaming at him about it. How could I have not noticed it, ey?" I pouted, putting on the cutest face and voice I could manage before I started begging him to teach me. Yes, that's my last resort. Being cute. If you laugh I'll cut your throat, no joke.

"Please! PLEASE! At least give me a few hints! Come on, my life depends on this! I can't do the dishes for five months! Do you know how horrible doing dishes is? Having to clean up everyone's mess? Some people even leave their napkin on the plate! Or they-"

"-Alright, alright! Just shut up already!" Konohamaru interrupted me, obviously tired of my whining. He contemplated something for a while before he finally made a decision. "Tomorrow it's Friday, right? It's graduation time. I'll have my own group of students too, so you'll have to wait until Sunday before I can help you."

"Sunday? Why Sunday?" I asked confused. The smirk Konohamaru displayed on his face wasn't predicting anything good.

"You'll see. Later." He disappeared, and I cursed inwardly. Stupid Konohamaru. Stupid dad! I walked home while sulking about it, wondering if it was really possible for me to learn a technique like that in the first place. 'Well, dad obviously doesn't think so. Konohamaru-sensei might, or he would've never agreed to help me in the first place. Still, I really wish dad-'


Oh, look. An incoming flying rock at twelve o'clock. Wait-


Kazu-nii¹: Essentially this means 'older brother Kazu'.

SHANNARO²: A battle-cry much used by Sakura in the original manga when she has those rare moments of kicking ass. No, it's not Sakura who's yelling it this time. It doesn't have any literal meaning, but is usually translated as "Hell yeah".

Here's where I end it. Just for you guys, I'm gonna give you a short bio on the new characters we've seen so far so it doesn't become too confusing later on.

Katsuro Uzumaki
The oldest son of Naruto Uzumaki. Currently an Academy student, twelve years old. Red hair, blue eyes. Has two siblings, one older sister, Mari, and one younger brother, Akio. Expected to graduate without any problems. Has the second highest scores in class, a step below Yukari. Because of the pressure put on him and the expectations, he tends to shout a lot and get angry easily to get rid of that stress, even if it's temporarily. Has a rivalry going on with Yukari. Has a prank-war going on with Hiroki. His name is written as (勝郎) in kanji, meaning 'victorious son'.

Yukari Uchiha
The only daughter of Sasuke Uchiha. Currently an Academy student, twelve years old. Black hair, black eyes. Has two older brothers, one is Ryuuji, the oldest is Kazuya. Expected to graduate without any problems. Has the highest scores in class, has a lot of fanboys and is often described as either 'unapproachable', 'intimidating' or 'beautiful'. It depends on who you talk to, really. Has a rivalry going on with Katsuro. Her name is written as (
佳梨) in kanji, meaning 'beautiful pear tree'.

Kazuya Uchiha
The oldest son of Sasuke Uchiha. Currently jounin rank, eighteen years old. Black hair, black eyes. Has one younger brother, Ryuuji, and one younger sister, Yukari. Was made a jounin when he was thirteen. Has respectfully turned down any requests of the ANBU to join. Has lots of fangirls, but usually ignores them. Very well-known throughout the village for his skill and intellect. Is usually the most approachable and kindest of the Uchiha, which is why he has the most fans. His name is written as (和也) in kanji, meaning 'peaceful one'.

Hiroki Haruno
The only son of Sakura Haruno. Currently an Academy student, twelve years old. Brown hair, grey eyes. Has a twin sister, Natsumi. Expected to graduate. Has overall very good scores in class. He's a little mischievous, calm and a little oblivious to what the social standard is in the village. This caused him to become best friends with the otherwise 'unapproachable' Yukari. Likes pulling pranks on Katsuro, and has a sort prank-war going on with him. Spars often with him as well. His name is written as (弘樹) in kanji, meaning 'vast timber trees'.

Natsumi Haruno
The only daughter of Sakura Haruno. Currently an Academy student, twelve years old. Brown hair, grey eyes. Has a twin brother, Hiroki. Expected to graduate. Has overall good scores in class. She's calm and attentive, looks up to Yukari as a role model despite their age being exactly the same. Is also close friends with Katsuro, putting her in a tight spot when the two of them argue. Her name is written as (夏美) in kanji, meaning 'beautiful summer'.

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