Ariel Moore looked up into darkening sky. Dark clouds were rolling toward the small town of Bomont, no doubt bringing their seasonal thunderstorms. Her bright red cowboy boots kicked up the dirt on the sidewalk as she walked down her street. Her thumbs hung on the edges of the front pockets of her dark jeans. Not too long ago she would wear jeans that were too tight for her, or shorts too short, back when she was rebelling against her father, the city council, and just about every authority figure in Bomont County. Her hot pink ear buds blasted her music from her iPod in her back pocket, livening up her stroll. Every few steps Ariel would spin, or add a few extra steps along the sidewalk. Seeing no one was going to arrest her for dancing, why not enjoy it?

From behind, a pair of headlights came up on her, casting a long thin shadow of herself along the sidewalk. Figuring it would pass like every other car on the road, Ariel just ignored it and kept walking. But when her shadow on the ground remained, even grew larger, she began to wonder.

Ariel turned around, walking backwards on the sidewalk. A truck had pulled up along the sidewalk behind her. She could make out the old frame of the large blue truck. The metal grate in front of the grill, the spotlights on the top of the cab, dents on the hood and a broken headlight. Ariel suddenly felt her stomach church nervously.

The driver's door opened. The owner-and Ariel's ex-Chuck, climbed out of his truck. His button up shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his white wife beater tank. His jeans were faded and massively torn. His blond hair was messed up more than she remembered. Truth be told, he looked like hell. Probably stoned, or drunk, or both. He walked-stomped actually- toward Ariel. Ariel pulled her buds from her ears and waited as Chuck approached her.

"Well look at you. Little preacher's daughter taking a troll around her neighborhood. Got her daddy wrapped around her little finger, got her little dance, even got a new boy to bang." He slurred.

"What do you want, Chuck?" Ariel asked. She folded her arms in front of her chest.

Chuck snickered slightly. "I'm just wondering how the hell I got screwed over."

"Not my problem." Ariel said. She turned and started walking back down the sidewalk.

Chuck grabbed her arm and pulled her back around. "Oh yes, it is."

"Let me go." Ariel demanded.

"Not a chance in hell." Chuck said. "You got what you wanted you little slut. Now I'm gonna take what I want."

"Let me go or I swear to god-"

"You're going to do more than sweat to god when I'm done with you." Chuck said.

Ariel brought her hand up and punched Chuck in the jaw. His head snapped to the side but he still held onto her wrist. Chuck turned his head back toward Ariel and swung his hand at her. He released Ariel's wrist as he backhanded her, throwing her to the ground. Ariel cried out in pain and stumbling to the ground. Chuck grabbed Ariel and threw her over his shoulder. He threw her into his truck and quickly drove away. A crash of thunder echoed over the small town, drowning out Ariel's screams.

for those who haven't read anything from me...yes i'm one fo those violent people.