Chapter 17

House made slow but steady progress, he was still using crutches and only had the brace around the top of his leg and only when we was at work. At home he was using the cane more and more but didn't feel comfortable to use it all day at work.

Frankie and Summer had gone back to college and school, House gave up his apartment, they had moved House's stuff in, some he sold, some they put in storage and some came to Lexi's, his books, his piano and his bed – he had had his bed made specifically for him years ago – slightly higher than normal and an orthopaedic mattress to boot. Lexi moved into his room downstairs and they made the upstairs room a guest bedroom.

Rachel had come by a couple of times to play, her and Summer got on so well. Then one weekend Cuddy asked House if Rachel could stay for the weekend – Friday to Sunday, he said he would have to ask the family before committing himself.

He asked 'the family' and they all said yes. They put all the toys that they had accumulated for Rachel in the guest room and had put a girlie cover on it for her.

On Friday evening there was a tap at the door, House answered the door "Hows, Hows I'm staying you" said Rachel as she chucked herself up into his arms "Yeah I know munchkin and you got your own room too" he said full of smiles " Thanks House, you know how to get me if theres an emergency right" Said Cuddy

"Yeah I got it" Said House

"Rachel mommas gotta go, so be a good girl for House ok"

"OK momma, see you Sunday" Said Rachel and ran off to find Summer

Cuddy watched Rachel run off, the little girl was so happy in this home. "House, before I go there's something that I wanted to ask you, well you and Lexi actually is she here?"

"No, she had to overtime tonight Sue is off this week"

"Oh OK maybe I should wait until I see you both together, cos it concerns both of you, well actually it concerns all of you"

"Just spit it out, I can pass on whatever it is your asking!"

"I was wondering if you guys would be guardians for Rachel, in the event that something happens to me"

House looked at Cuddy with deep concern, and moved towards her, putting a hand on her arm "Is something wrong Cuddy"

"No No course not, its just that I did the legal guardianship thing before, when I had that scare, and I put Julia's name down, but Rachel seems so happy every time she comes here, and she's always talking about Summer that I thought I would change it, I wanted to ask you first before I changed anything"

"Oh, Ok , well I don't see a problem with it, cos we love having her here, but when I get chance I will ask the others to see what they say, I will let you know once I have asked them, you better get going otherwise your gonna hit loads of traffic"

As Cuddy left House and Rachel, she had some strange feelings come over her, she was happy for House, he finally found a family that he deserved, they accepted him for exactly who he was – pills, selfishness and an ass, but they loved him anyway – something that she couldn't do, even after all the years that they had known each other, through all the flirting and the teasing, she knew him better than anyone and yet when they got together she kept demanding that he change! She felt a pang of sadness she still missed him so much, but she also knew that they were not meant to be together, her standards were just too high, maybe one day she would be as lucky as House and find a soulmate too. She hoped so….

House had dinner on the go, spaguetti and meatballs, the table was set and a glass of wine was waiting for Lexi when she came home.

They sat down together and ate dinner, House told the others what Cuddy had asked, they were all a little shocked but all in acceptance of the offer.

After they had eaten dinner, Lexi was sitting at the table sipping her wine and opening the mail. There was a letter from Scott's solicitors.

"It has come to our attention that you are now cohabitating, with this in mind and the fact that my client is about to become a father again, we request that the house is now sold. You have 2 weeks to decide how this happens, then it will go to court"

Lexi had been expecting something like this, but it didn't make it any easier. They would have to move, she couldn't afford the house on her own – and she definitely couldn't afford to buy him out.

Luckily Frankie had come home this weekend atleast they could discuss it altogether.

"hey folks we have a problem" she said as they all sat around the dinning table.

They all looked at her with concern.

"Your dad is requesting that we sell the house"

"Why" both girls said together

"Because he is about to become a dad again, because he is a selfish asshole and because Greg has moved in, he assumes that we no longer need his help, he assumes that Greg will now be paying towards things and that we can afford to find somewhere else to live, he also says he doesn't know if he will be able to continue to pay either of your college fees" She said with complete hatred for their dad.

"What an asshole" Said Frankie

"Does that mean we have to move and that I'm not going to be able to go to teacher college?" said Summer

"Well yes to moving, but don't give up on college just yet, I'll find a way to get you there and Frankie same goes for you too, we'll have to sort the house thing out first cos we only have 2 weeks to come to a joint decision or we will go to court, I've got a good mind to take him to court, but I cant be bothered, the sooner he is out of the picture the better!"

Greg sat very quietly, listening, he was angry too, how can the guy be such as ass to his family.

"I'll talk to our lawyer tomorrow morning and see what we can do, don't worry too much ok" she said, putting both of her hands over theirs and holding onto them.

The following morning, Greg asked Summer to look after Rachel for a little while, cos he needed to go to the hospital for a couple of hours. Lexi was busy on the phone to lawyers, she waved him goodbye as he left, she noticed that it was the first time he had gone out with just his cane – she smiled to herself.

House went straight to his office, he had no case but needed somewhere to work from. He called his lawyer and told him what he had in mind, then called the bank and told them what he wanted, he also called his healthcare insurance and had all of them added to his policy. His lawyer phoned him back and said that Scotts lawyer had agreed in principal but had to speak to Scott which may take a while. But to his surprise 10 minutes later, everything was agreed, House wanted everything sorted today even if it was Saturday, it was all straight forward – just an exchange of money and papers to be signed. The lawyers worked hard and fast at a premium, papers were filled out and signed and money was transferred – the house now jointly belonged to Lexi and Greg. He was over the moon.

He was back at home by 3.00pm, and luckily everyone was still home. Lexi hadn't got very far with her lawyer – the house was in Scotts name so there was nothing she could do.

House called everyone to come down.

"come on you lot hurry up – sit, sit sit sit – I have some news for you"

With that he handed lexi 2 envelopes, she looked at him puzzled "come one open it or I will just have to tell you"

She opened the first envelope and pulled out the new deeds for the house, she didn't understand them, she looked at Greg still puzzled.

"Oh My God! Did you buy our house" said Summer

"I sure did! It now belongs to your mom and me jointly, we don't have to move now, we can all stay here together - forever" he said looking hopefully at Lexi "That is if your moms not too mad at me for doing this"

"I'm not mad, I'm just stunned, I don't know what to say" she said and kissed him

Then she opened the other envelope and saw that she and the girls had been added to his healthcare insurance – now she was in tears.

They decided to have a celebration, Frankie invited her friends, Summer invited her friends, House invited Wilson & Sam and Lexi invited a couple of nurses from the hospital whom she had got friendly with.

Once everybody was there and having a good time, Greg still had 2 more surprises for Lexi that evening. He got Wilson to start making a daft speech about him to get everyone's attention then he passed the floor to House

"Lexi, could you come over here a minute " said House

Lexi moved over to him and eyed him suspiciously.

"There is one other thing I wanted to ask you, but for obvious reasons I have to do this slightly differently" he pulled out a box from his pocket " will you marry me? Sorry but I cant get down on one knee cos I wouldn't get back up"

Lexi burst into tears for the second time that evening.

Frankie and Summer were shouting "Say yes, say yes"

Lexi looked at House "of course I will – but I gotta get divorced first" they both laughed " I think I can wait that long " said House

Everyone congratulated them, the girls hugged and kissed them including Rachel – not that she really knew what was going on but she knew everybody was happy. They all partied for the rest of the evening and had a wonderful time.

When everyone had gone home, they were laying in bed together, Greg reached over to his bedside table and pulled out two more envelopes and gave them to Lexi.

"Now What! Divorce Papers? – have you rushed them through?" she said

"No – I'm not that good, although I did try" he said with the biggest smile ever.

She opened the envelopes and couldn't believe her eyes "Why have you done this, they are not your responsibility, this should be Scott's problem not yours"

"I know, but the dudes a moron, he's throwing away a lovely family – he's thrown you guys to me. You have all given me something that I didn't know was possible, Love , Kindness, caring and acceptance for exactly who I am, I've never known what it was like to have a real family, real unconditional love, not even from my own parents, but I know now what it is like to have a family and be loved and to love you all back. If I had my way, I would marry you tomorrow and adopt them because they feel like they are mine, I think I love them just as much as I do you and I would do anything for them and you and I just wanted you and them to know how much you all mean to me. If by securing their educational future is what I can do then so be it, I have the money and now a family to spend it on – if you will let me!"

"Oh Greg – I love you so much" she said.

Neither one spoke anymore, they laid spooned together deep in their own thoughts but oddly thinking the same thing.

"what have I done to deserve so much love and kindness in a way that I had never deemed possible"

Two damaged souls that had come together and were now just two souls together – no longer damaged both healed from the scars of previous loves, both so much in love and in tune with the other it was like they had become one …

The End

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