I am running, running as fast as I possibly can. Sebastian isn't here to get me to safety, so I have to rely on my own will to save myself. Considering the fact that I don't get much exercise, I have covered a very large amount of distance. I am in London now, and even though I have run all this way from my manor, I can't stop just yet. No, even now I'm not safe.

I continue to run, even though the flames and blood are far behind me. I'm not sure what exactly is going on back there. I can only assume that Sebastian is still there, fighting the white haired angel, who just so happened to be in the form of Ash at the time. Sebastian had told me to run, the first time he had ever ordered me, me the master, to do something. And wouldn't you be surprised to know that I followed his order. I pushed past all the servants working to put the flame that consumed the house out and bolted out of there.

That's basically how I ended up where I currently am. I'm not sure if Ash sent someone out to follow me and get me. So I have to keep running. I can hear the people around, whispering things like oh is that the Phantomhive boy? Oh what is he doing out here? Why is he running like that? I just ignore them, and continue on my way. Soon I am past the rich part of London, and am more on the East End. I don't stop, not even here. I really don't want to stop here, considering who I am.

I feel something come over me. My body starts to tingle, weaken, and my mind starts to swirl. I shake my head in an attempt to clear it. I trip on a cobblestone, and land on the ground. I grunt, feeling my arm scrape on the stone. I am too weak to get up, so I lay my head down on the stone. My mind starts to swirl more, and my body starts to feel really odd. I know that this isn't just from all the running. No, I can tell something is happening to me. I gasp, as all my strength is pulled out of me. My mind is swirling too much. I close my eyes, the weakness making me begin to lose consciousness. I feel my body begin to change; my hair grows longer, my chest begins to swell like balloons. And as I continue to fade from the world, so do my memories, until I am out cold.