Title: Born Under A Blood Moon 1/?
Author: lowlifetheory
Word Count: 2295
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: R language and slight gore
Warnings: language and slight gore. Also OC's everywhere.
Spoilers: AU but season 1 anyway.
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf
Summary: Playboy Derek is called away from his luxury lifestyle back to his family in Beacon Hills. Not home four hours he gets an offer he can't refuse and his life is changed forever.

Notes: This idea came from a conversation that went along the lines of what Derek would be like around his family and how he would treat them, but it got away from me and turned into this crazy thing…

Derek Hale was not a happy werewolf. Not only had his life been rudely interrupted, he had been unearthed from his luxurious apartment in L.A. and dragged back to his teenage home in Beacon Hills where some rampant wild pack-less Alpha had decided to make a play for his pack. A pack that was full of other capable wolves that could take care of themselves, not to mention David Hale, one of the most powerful and influential werewolves in the country. Just thinking about his pack under threat made Derek growl as he stood in the kitchen watching his mom Linda mix cookie dough with a smile on her face. He wondered what the hell she had to be happy about.

'Derek, I really don't know why you're upset.' Linda said. 'You always knew you would come back here.'

'Yes when I was forty and had a mate.'

'You mean when you've fucked your way through half the population of Southern California?' His sister Laura asked from her perch on the bench as she tried to get her finger into the mix her mom was making. They were in the kitchen, Linda's favourite room in the house. It was big and airy with an island in the middle and hardwood floors. The big table was old oak, soft and worn, and had played host to many Hale arguments. A soft squishy couch sat against the back wall, perfect vantage to watch all the drama. Amy Hale, Derek's youngest sister sat there now reading her book. She had squeezed Derek's ribs so hard when he stepped out of his Camaro only an hour ago that he was sure he would have bruises.

'Laura. Enough of that language.' Linda scolded. Derek shot a smug grin at his sister, even as an adult he still preened when Laura got scolded. She was the same with him. 'Derek, you are family, you're needed here. You've done enough running and chasing tail.' She said.

Derek sighed and let his head thump into the wall. He stared at the ceiling trying to get his thoughts in order. His mom was right, his pack needed him and he wouldn't abandon them. 'I suppose I should visit my Granddad.' Derek said.

'Yes.' Linda said. 'You should go now, and bring them back in time for dinner.' Derek watched as she made large cookie shapes on the baking tray. She would put them in to the office just as dinner was finished and serve them with ice cream. His teeth watered at the thought of it.

'You coming sis?' He asked Laura. If he didn't go now he would eat the dough and get no desert.

'Nope.' Laura smirked. Derek rolled his eyes and headed out the back door. His grandparents' house was about a mile away, an easy walk. It was only several minutes before his granddads grey truck came into view. The kitchen window was open and his gran was listening to an old Patsy Cline record as he neared the door. He opened it to be greeted with the smell of rhubarb pie and Ellie Hale singing her heart out to Walking After Midnight.

'Hey Gran.' He said bending to kiss her soft cheek. She smelt of talcum powder and flour and it made him feel like he was four years old, not twenty four.

'Derek!' She cried wrapping her arms around him. 'You need a shave.'

Derek chuckled and kissed her again. 'You look good.' He told her sprawling in a chair. She rubbed her cheek where his stubble scratched her. 'You should go talk to him.' She said turning around with one hand on her hip and her fingers tapping her teeth. 'Where did I put…'

Derek left his grandmother in the kitchen and walked through the old house to his granddad's study. As a boy Derek had spent many hours running through this house with his siblings and cousins, but he was always the one to be tugged aside, to have his playtime cut short while Laura bossed the others around. David Hale would bring Derek into his study and they would talk for hours about werewolves and packs and laws. Derek would read books that smelt of wolves that ran these woods two hundred years ago.

His Granddad had gotten old, Derek realised. He remembered as a boy his Granddad chopping logs with no shirt on in the summer, sweat rolling down his broad back. David had told Derek to help, but the nine year old boy could only chop a handful of wood compared to the big man beside him. Every year though Derek noticed his pile of wood getting larger while his granddads got smaller.

'Derek.' David said. 'Come and sit.' Derek obeyed his Grandad, his Alpha, instantly. 'Have you heard about our problem?'

'Yes.' Derek said. 'Rogue Alpha causing chaos.'

'Bit a local teenager you know.' David said. 'I honestly don't have the strength to take him.' Derek's heart wrenched. 'I asked your father and Peter to do it, but the two of them together weren't strong enough. Took a pretty bad beating. Then your sister offered but I want you to do it.'

'I've got as much strength as any other beta in the pack.' Derek said.

'You're a born Alpha son.'

'Yes but I'm not Alpha.'

'I'm sick. I have one of those god damn cancers. As quick as my body heals itself, the cancer finds another part of me. The healing will stop eventually.'

'You're dying. No one told me.'

'No one knows god dam it. Except for you. And your grandmother. And I want to keep it that way.' David scowled. 'I didn't want you to come home yet, I wanted to see you live, but I can't fight this properly and be pack Alpha. And I'm old anyway. I'm tired son.'

'So will you step down for dad?'

'No. I'll step down for you.'

'Me!' Derek said.

'Yes. You're fathers my son but he made mistakes with his own family I can't afford that to happen to the pack.' He said. 'You won't hurt the pack that way; you remember suffering for your fathers weaknesses. I want to see you as Alpha. I want to see those eyes flash red, hear your howl, and watch you shift.'

'I haven't even found my mate yet. And I have weaknesses.'

'Yes I know all this.' David snapped. 'I also know that you want it. I want you to have it. You're going to say yes.' His took a breath. 'Ellie.' He called his wife. 'And son, everybody has weakness, they just don't know what they are. You do and you admit to them.'

'Well?' Her head poked around the door. 'Did he say yes?'


'Oh good.' She grinned. 'Do it then.'

'Now!' Derek asked.

'Yes before some fool manages to mess this up.' Ellie said. Derek stood and reached a hand out to his granddads mouth. Derek took David's wrist. David bit first. His fangs bit deep and Derek shuddered but he kept his arm where it was, watching as the blood was lapped away by his granddads tongue. 'You have to bite him now, and accept the power.'

Derek obeyed, sinking his still growing teeth into his granddads wrist. David made a grunt but Derek's heart sung at the taste of the Alpha blood. It pressed onto his tongue, sinking into his skin and bones. He could feel it, the power, pressing him, asking him, being freely given. Derek took it, took what David offered with a snarl. His teeth grew longer and he watched as the powerful Alpha who used to swing Derek onto his shoulders shifted into a simple beta wolf. Derek was the Alpha.

Then something strange happened, he tasted the infected blood. His body killed it instantly, the wolf snarled inside him. The bad blood was killing his granddad and the wolf wouldn't let him go without a fight. Derek accepted the infected blood too, pushing clean blood back. He felt his wolf tear into the infection, killing it instantly. Derek had done his first duty as Alpha; he had killed the cancer that attacked David Hale.

His granddad could feel it too for his eyes widened with delight. He knew Derek would make a good Alpha but he never dreamed the boys' blood would be this strong.

Derek unlocked his jaws and watched as David did the same. He couldn't wipe the proud smile off his face.

Derek's eyes flashed red. Before him stood two powerful pack elders. His pack to protect. He'd already managed it with his granddad. He had cured him of his sickness. 'Tell her.' He said to David.

'Tell her what?' Ellie asked.

'His blood, it's made me better. It killed the cancer.'

'Really?' She asked face lighting up.

'Told you I'd be hard to get rid of.' He said. Derek smiled when he noticed his granddads back was already straighter.

'Mother wants us for dinner. If we don't go now we'll be late.' Derek said.

'Alpha wolf and still afraid of your mother?'

'Damn right.' Derek said nodding his head. 'If I'm late I don't get desert.'

'Uncle Derek!' the scream came from nowhere and everywhere as two blond boys launched themselves at Derek's legs. He wasn't sure what to do. He had only met the boys several times but they were either blowing bubbles or staggering around the room trying to eat his car keys.

'They've seen pictures of you. Know all about you.' Laura smirked from her place on the couch.

'Uh huh.' Derek said, scowling when Steve, Laura's husband and mate came into the room. They boys released him and ran to their meathead of a father. Derek sat beside Laura. 'How do you tell them apart?' He wondered. She laughed and went on reading her magazine. He had a faint suspicion she didn't know herself.

The Hale family filled into the room until everyone was there. Derek watched as David stood, demanding everyone's attention. Derek stood himself, slipping to the door at the back of the room, watching them huddle together. He could feel every one of them. His pack. 'This rogue Alpha business is out of my hands.' David said.

'Why?' Peter asked.

'I've relinquished.' David said. Peter's head snapped immediately to his brother Alan, Derek's father. Most of the rest of the family looked that way as well. Derek's eyes flashed read.

'Wrong Hale.' Derek said. They turned around to stare.

'You've got to be kidding me.' Peter said.

'Do I have to make a show of power tonight? Here?' Derek asked. His voice was quiet.

'Now now, Derek I'm sure you'll make a very nice Alpha but my roast beef is just about ready.' Linda said patting him on the shoulder on the way past. She turned to give him a smile when no one else could see her. He returned it quickly.

'Like mom says, we'll eat then I have a bit of hunting to do.'

'And a new pack member to deal with.' Laura smirked. 'Looks like you've got your work cut out for you little bro.' She said carrying one of her monsters to the table. Meathead followed with the other one.

That night Derek could scent the Alpha on the other side of Beacon Hills. He moved cautiously, afraid of frightening an already spooked town. He hunted the werewolf the way he used to hunt his siblings as a child, catching his scent on the wind here and there but never strong enough to pinpoint exactly where he had to go.

Another smell was assaulting his senses too, the scent of a mate. His mate. Derek didn't need this complication right now but it would be impossible to ignore.

Something strong caught his nose and he wasted no time, it was close, the Alpha. Then he scented his mate again. He ran, dodging branches and flying easily over logs. He felt a spike of fear when he heard a scream and a howl. He caught sight of the wolf. Derek was on his trail and would have caught him had he not been compelled to stop by the idiot who was rolling around the ground writhing in agony. Derek paused and looked down. The bite was in the wrong place, his mate would die soon. It was his mate; his head was awash with comfort and fear for this human in a heap on the ground.

If the human died, he might sicken even if they hadn't bonded. He would definitely be weaker alone. He couldn't take that chance. Growling Derek sunk his fangs correctly into the already unconscious body below him. He sniffed and knew immediately the bite would take. Scooping the body into his arms he snarled in the direction the other Alpha went before carrying his charge home.

When he got to the clearing in front of the house his sister and his grandmother were watching him. His granddad barked a short laugh from the porch where he puffed on his pipe.

'It's my mate.' He said as Ellie came down to look at the face. Derek looked down; a boy was in his arms, about seventeen years old. Linda rushed out of the house and looked at the bleeding bundle in his arms.

'What happened?'

'I caught the other Alpha biting him but he bit him wrong, boy was dying.'

'Is he the one, is he really your mate?'

'Yes it would seem so.' Derek frowned. He was conflicted, he wanted to hit the boy and hold him close.

'Nice choice there.' His little sister Judith said standing on her tiptoes to look at the body. 'That's Stiles Stilinski, the Sheriffs' son.'