Blood. Red everywhere, gurgling, pouring here, running there, running, moving away, leaving his body, changing.

A cough, a sickening gargle. Hands, warm hands, familiar, pressing his throat, whispering to him, words, too low under the rush of blood pouring away his life. Nothing works, he can't feel it, scent them, they're here and they're there, everywhere, nowhere. Escaping, far away, senses dulling, dying. Dying. Is he, is he dying?

He woke with a start, eyes snapping open. The room around him was white. He frowned, it wasn't a room, it was just, vast, going on forever, no walls, ceiling. He looked at the floor; a pale mist covered his bare feet. He was naked, he realised, completely. He wasn't cold, or warm, there was no hunger, or fullness, he just, was. He licked his lips, took a breath. There was no taste, no scent. He didn't like it, he hated it, and he wanted to run, run far and long, run forever. He did, he ran, not losing breath, not sweating, he just ran. For a second, an hour, a day. There was no sense of time here.

He stopped, looking around. Nothing, there was nothing. Where were they, who was he?

Derek, his mind supplied. Derek.

He straightened his back, sucked his lip into his mouth. Looked around. Derek. And Stiles. Like bread and butter, so different, but they work so well together. He wondered where that thought came from, what bread and butter was, but he couldn't understand. He just knew Derek, and Stiles.

Stiles. His mate. Mate, alone, without him. Derek looked around again, looking for his mate, but he couldn't see him. He wasn't lonely, he was just, there, confused.

A noise, a low quiet unidentifiable noise, it sounded like…he didn't have the words. He sighed and looked at his hands, watched his fingers and toes change, claws grow. Wolf. Werewolf. He was a werewolf. Half man, half beast. Misunderstood.

Slowly his body shifted, to its basic beta state, alpha beta, alpha, bracing half formed paws on the white, then further. Perfect paws, wolf paws.

He didn't need to see himself to know what he looked like, to know he was full wolf. His coat was, he just knew, black, like his own hair, his eyes were green. This would be his form, from now on, when he shifted, he would be able to be a wolf, wild and free and big as a dire wolf.

He was Derek Hale, Alpha of the Hale pack. He could track his legacy back almost a thousand years, he had a family, and he had a mate. He murdered family members, his pack turned on him recently and he killed an uncle, a man he loved. He howled his agony, his mourning, opening powerful jaws and letting the pain into the white, letting it absorb it.

Something changed, shifted, the horizon tinged red. Sighing Derek lay down, resting his chin on his paws. He wasn't tired, he was, but he wasn't. He was healing, and healing took a long time, it took a long time and a good pack, and he was happy, his pack surrounded him, keeping him safe, his mate, his powerful mate, he was there. Derek closed his eyes, relaxed, because he was with his pack, he was with his mate, and he could close his eyes, he could relax, and wait it out, because his power, his power was growing, something had shifted, he'd done something or proven something to someone and he didn't know who or what, or even why but he knew this, that with one million per cent certainty he was safe.


Derek couldn't move, he was trapped. Pinned to the bed, his freedom torn away. He opened his eyes, and then promptly closed them again. He'd seen enough.

Amy was sitting at the bottom of his bed crossed legged with Laura behind her braiding her hair. Judith was beside them painting Amy's nails. Carter lounged on the side of the bed, leg lying carelessly across Derek's foot. He was playing a card game with Isaac.

Is this hell? Derek wondered. He knew he'd been a grumpy bastard all his life but had he been that bad that he was in hell? Even the music was shit. It was one of Laura's god damn Michael Buble songs. He opened his eyes again, just to check he could glare.

Someone shifted on the bed beside him. He turned. Stiles. Was he in heaven with Stiles there? How could this possibly be heaven? He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He tried again but nothing happened. He longed to glare at his mouth but that wasn't possible at the minute.

So he opted for kicking Carter. It got everyone's attention. Suddenly faces were all over him and Linda, where the hell did she come from, was beaming down at him and they were saying stupid shit like 'don't talk you're still healing' and 'I can't believe you're here' and where else would he be, why shouldn't he talk? Someone had better have a damn good explanation. And then Stiles smiled down at him.

Huh, he was in heaven. Funny heaven. He'd have to have a long discussion with the host and explain his idea of heaven did not have overbearing women and useless brothers in it. Stiles they got right. And maybe Amy. Sometimes. And it was nice to see…odes to the werewolf gods this was Derek's heaven. He wondered where the food was.

'You can't talk.' Stiles said. Derek glared. 'Like seriously. The fight damaged your vocal chords. Don't worry I'll do enough talking for both of us.' Stiles grinned. Derek huffed and felt the first pain since he woke. He reached a hand up to thump Stiles but paused, pulling his hand closer to his face. What the hell was wrong with his nails?

There were butterflies and pinks and ladybugs painted on his nails. His other hand was the same.

Judith. He bared his teeth at her but she just shrugged. 'I was bored. You didn't protest at the time.'

I was unconscious he wanted to scream. He couldn't. He pointed at the door. None of them moved. He put his best Alpha face on and tried again. Again no one moved. He let his claws elongate, bared his fangs. That got a reaction.

Carter stood first followed by Judith. Even his mom left with a smile telling him she would bring him food. He realised he was so hungry he could eat a cow. Preferably barbequed. With pepper sauce. And mash potatoes. And peas. And onions with mushrooms fried together. And maybe some Oreo cheesecake. And a cold beer or two.

God he was hungry.

Only Laura, Amy, Isaac and Stiles stayed, none of them intimidated by him. He would have to fix that he decided when he was back on his feet. Amy crawled up to lay a head on his shoulder. 'I'm so happy you're alive.' She said. He pulled her closer, glared at Laura for a second, and buried his face in his sister's hair. I love you he wanted to tell her. I love you all he longed to say. Laura glared back for a second before smirking at him.

Stiles edged closer, reaching his hand out to touch Derek's hair, tugging it lightly. 'We know you love us.' He said. Derek turned his head to look at his mate. 'We do. You're just a big softie for love. Just a big cuddly guy who can't rip my throat out because you need me too much.' Stiles teased. He was careful not to over touch Derek now that he was awake. He didn't want Derek trying to kill him, unsure how this Alpha thing would work.

'It's Friday by the way. You've been out for almost a week.'Laura said. 'Do you remember what happened?' Derek nodded. He kind of remembered. He remembered killing Daniel then Peter. He frowned; he couldn't remember what happened to Fergus. He tried to ask but it hurt.

Amy hopped up and grabbed a piece of paper and a marker. He winked at her as he took it. Fergus! He scrawled.

'Dead.' Laura said. Derek frowned. He didn't kill him; he knew he didn't because he was looking at Fergus' fangs before he blacked out. Or Stiles' butt. He remembered seeing Stiles's cute butt.

'Ask your boyfriend-mate.' Laura said. Derek rolled his eyes, apparently Stiles was teaching others his twisted language. Derek tuned his head to look at Stiles. Stiles shrugged and smiled before letting his fangs elongate and his eyes glow red. He was an Alpha. He was also maybe about to be killed dead.

Derek closed his eyes. Would his life ever be easy? Could two Alphas even mate? He still felt the mate bond; still felt that longing itch to consummate it. Perhaps they could be mates after all. He smiled at Stiles before pointing at the other two. Hungry he scrawled.

The girls laughed and left the room, dragging Isaac behind them. Stiles leaned closer. 'You know with you quiet and weak like this I could tie you up and have my wicked way with you.' He whispered in Derek's ear. Derek pulled Stiles close to his mouth, kissing him softly. He tried to convey everything he felt. Love, longing. Desire. I love you his eyes told Stiles.

'I love you too.' Stiles said. Derek pulled Stiles against him as the door opened and Linda came in with a tray. Derek shoved Stiles away and sat up excited to be eating. His face fell when he spied a bowl of chicken soup. He fucking hated soup, it wasn't real food it was baby food and his mom knew that. Stiles laughed at the look on his face and he scowled before grabbing the spoon.

'Your throats damaged so I'm afraid soups the best I can do.' She said brushing her fingers through his hair.

The first mouthful hurt to swallow. The second was worse. The third was agony. By the fourth his body was starting to work properly again and the food made it feel like the second mouthful, healing already. Derek took his time, promising himself he would have that steak soon.


Stiles went back to school on Monday, despite Derek's written protests of DON'T LEAVE ME WITH THEM! Derek sulked most of the day, his voice still gravelly and unused as his body healed. Amy found exercises on the internet for him to complete before she left for school with Stiles and he scowled as he did them, putting whomever was in the room out first.

While Derek recovered the pack worked on his new home, everybody chipping together so it would be ready as soon as possible. He went along too from time to time. Stiles shoved him in a chair the first day and told him to stay but Derek refused and was soon missing. Amy found him cleaning the debris out of the garage. She left him too it when he dangled a piece of rope in front of her nose sporting a delighted glint in his eyes, smiling with far too much teeth.

Eventually he learned to speak and growl and threaten again, which was good because he found out Laura watched all the dirty home made movies on his laptop and he was delighted with the colourful death threats he came up with during his forced silence.

'I'm your brother. Do you have no shame?' Derek demanded with a glare as she examined the new coffee maker on his counter.

'I was curious. I haven't seen your pee pee since we shared a bath as kids.' She explained. Stiles bust out laughing, tumbling from the kitchen chair onto the floor.

'Seriously. Pee pee?' Derek asked. Hearing Derek say it made Stiles laugh harder, gasping for air as he clutched his belly.

Laura scowled. 'The boys call it a pee pee.' She snapped.'He's an idiot.' Laura said nodding her head at Stiles who was rolling on the floor. 'Anyway I deleted them.'

'I was going to.' Derek said softly. 'I want to replace them with new ones.' He wiggled his eyebrows but Stiles was too busy being a child to take any notice of his mate's plans for their sex life.

'And we read all your texts when you were out of it.' Laura added. Derek shrugged. He didn't care.

'I don't care.' He told her.

'Gemma said you're the biggest prick she ever met. She wanted you to know that Simon's cock is bigger.' Laura said tapping her cheek as if this insult was fresh. It wasn't. It was a familiar one for Gemma.

'Bull. I've seen Simons cock and it's not.' Derek grinned to himself. Gemma would do Simon's head in to the point where she would probably end up tied in a basement somewhere just so Simon could get some peace and quiet. He was surprised when she left after he got hurt, but Carter wasn't her type apparently. Derek was relieved, he was glad Carter was able to frighten her home.

'Why were you looking at the guy who was supposed to be your best friend?' Laura asked with a raised eyebrow.

'Because we were sharing.' Derek said. Laura rolled her eyes as Stiles climbed back into his seat.

'Sharing what?' He asked wiping his eyes with his fist.

'Appreciation of a hot brunette.' Derek told him, slipping his arm around Stiles's waist.

'Pervert.' Stiles said. 'So how many press ups can you do now?' It was almost a month since the fight and Derek's work outs are slowly but surely coming back to what they were.

'Almost back to normal.' Derek said. 'About a hundred or so off.'

'Good. Need you in top form. Furniture's arriving on Thursday, then its Christmas holidays.' Stiles counted off on his fingers. Derek rolled his eyes.

On Thursday Derek was sure his strength was back as he was bossed around his own house by his sisters. They thought they knew where Derek should put his furniture. After three hours of their interfering he put them out, only keeping Isaac, Scott, Carter and Stiles to help lift and haul things. When he was happy with the finished result he kicked the boys out with a box of beer as a thank you and gave Stiles a smirk. 'I'm going for a shower.' He said. Stiles licked his lips before following Derek up their stairs. Of their house. Where they lived. Alone.

Derek grinned when he stepped into their bedroom, watching as the first winter snows fell outside. He could feel a heat coming on, a mating. Knew Stiles could feel it too. Tonight he was finally going to claim his mate. Stiles walked into the room behind him half stripped on his way to the bathroom. 'Hurry up.' He called.


Derek was sitting on his knees, his mate impaled on his lap as he fucked up into him. Stiles had his legs wrapped around Derek's waist, his toes wiggling to hold on to anything to give him some leverage. 'Fuck Derek.'Stiles moaned biting on Derek's earlobe. He felt amazing, this felt amazing. It was worth the wait. He was so full it was perfect, his eyes almost rolling in his head with sensation.

Stiles had moaned and whined all needy as Derek's fingers opened his body, preparing him. Derek had taken his sweet time, despite the impatience of his wolf and Stiles, writhing and begging. When he finally, finally slid into Stiles's hot body it was like coming home, like someplace he should have been forever. He bit Stiles neck, tasting him, and felt Stiles do the same. He could have cried with the relief of that last step, with the touch. The intimacy. The blood bond was complete.

Derek grunted and fell forward, Stiles landing on his back and locking his ankles around Derek. 'Yes fuck yes.' Stiles said. The force of Derek's thrusts were pushing them across the bed and all Stiles could do was cling to his mate and go along for the ride. His hands were sweaty as his fingers grabbed Derek's hair. His other hand was on Derek's neck as Derek kissed Stiles throat and shoulders, drawing blood here and there, marking and scenting him. He could already feel the bond; feel his mate thrumming through his veins, running hard and howling at the moon. He could feel Stiles's heartbeat too, could scent his emotions and his pleasure

They fell from the bed and landed on the floor, laughing and biting and still somehow fucking, still moving. Derek was deep inside of Stiles, hips pushing impossibly hard into his mate. Stiles came first, his cock trapped between their bellies, making a sticky mess. Derek's orgasm followed soon after shooting load after load inside his mate.

They lay like that, on the floor, still together. Stiles kissed and rubbed Derek's face where he could, soft lips pressing gently. 'I'm glad I'm a wolf or that would have shattered half my limbs.' Stiles said.

'You mean you're glad you're an alpha wolf, because I wasn't holding back. At all, which I would have done had you been a beta wolf. It's a good thing you're my mate.' Derek whispered. 'If you were an alpha and not my mate I may have had to kill you.'

'Why didn't you?' Stiles asked. Derek leaned up on his forearms on either side of Stiles face and kissed him.

'Because you submitted instantly. When I was weak you took care of me, you looked after me and you still recognised me as the dominant wolf.' Derek explained. Stiles realised that he didn't, that he didn't challenge Derek for power at all, didn't want it. He wanted to share Derek's life, not take it.

'Can there be more than one alpha in a pack?' Stiles wondered thoughtfully.

'There shouldn't be but I'm making an exception for you.'Derek said, finally pulling out of Stiles. Stiles whined reaching to pull Derek back to him. 'Come on, let's shower.' He said pulling Stiles to his feet and walking naked to their en-suite.

'Again?' Stiles asked with a laugh.

'You want to get into bed like this?' Derek said looking down, they were sweaty and covered in come.

'Yes, let's shower.' Stiles said following Derek into the bathroom again. They washed quickly, and then Stiles tried to make the bed presentable before he gave up and tugged the sheets back, sliding into bed naked.

Derek got in beside him and snuggled into his back, curling around him. 'So who all got a key cut in the end?' He asked.

'Well your mom stole mine, then Laura stole your moms and got one for her and Judith.' Stiles said ticking off his fingers. 'And Carter said he'd get a copy of Isaacs.'

'Evil bitches.' Derek said. Amy didn't need to steal any keys because she'd gotten an original one. 'You do know that Laura will be down there in the morning perched on my counter drinking my coffee while Judith and Amy bicker over who got me the best present for Christmas while Carter sulks like a child and Isaac just learns to fit in.'

'Yeah and your dad will have his nose is a newspaper while your mom cooks us breakfast. And dad will be there too because he's always at breakfast.' Stiles said dreamily picturing the massive family gathering. He loved Derek, loved his family, and couldn't wait to see what their life was like.

'And meathead will be chasing those twins like he's Laura's bitch.' Derek grumbled to himself.

'And you'll be whining about them being in your house and getting no privacy until your mom gives you food. I'll be trying to grope you under the table but you'll be ignoring me for food.' Stiles sighed sadly. Derek snorted a laugh behind him.

'Fuck.' Derek said pulling Stiles close to his chest and burying his face in Stiles's hair. 'What would I do without them?'