I know, I know what I said, but then Ste looked at Brendan in that way and Brendan looked so surprised that Ste was actually asking him such things as "I'm worried about ya," and I don't know I just….I just had to write…

"Help! Help! Anyone!" Ste had no idea how long it had been but he still continued to shout. It started with more detailed pleas but had now been reduced to just single words, he was too tired for anything else.

Why him? What had he ever done to Silas? What unmoral things had he ever done? Well of course there were the dark times with Amy, but that had been a long time ago and Silas couldn't know about it….Could he?

For the first time in a long time, he wished Brendan was here he'd know what to do. He'd swoop in and do anything he could do to make sure Ste was safe, he'd protect him…

Brendan ran, ran as fast as he could. He had waited in the shadows of the Dog just long enough to see Silas leave. He knew he had to follow, he knew where Silas was going; he knew this was his only chance. He also knew that Silas wasn't really going to ring the police because he left Brendan thinking Stephen was dead, which would have resulted in him going back to hand himself in, or so the old man thought. It was all a lie and now, as he ran through the night, he held on to the truth, that his Stephen was alive and Silas was going to take him to him.

Ste now sat slumped on one of the four walls he had felt out. Hope was slowly fading and the reality of the situation was hitting home, he was going to die in this dark room, alone, leaving so many words unsaid, no many actions not taken, so much life not seen. He hadn't even accomplished anything that he could leave behind in memory of himself, accept his kids….But he really didn't want to think about them right now, it was too painful.

They were in the woods now, Brendan had been stalking Silas for what must have been hours but felt like seconds, everything was beginning to spin slightly with nervous panic. If he wasn't so driven, Brendan thought he might faint. He had been so sure that Silas was going to wherever Stephen was, but he was slowly losing belief in this theory, Silas seemed to just be walking. That is, until, a small cabin came in to view.

Ste heard rustling outside his door. He felt tears beginning to gather in his eyes. He was too young to die and had so much stuff he could do with his life, he would do anything to get out of this place and realise it was all just one big nightmare.

Brendan wanted to attack the murderous man right then and there and put a stop to him once and for all, but he knew that might put Stephen in more danger, if he was even in there, that was the other problem, if he killed Silas now, he might never know where Stephen really was. He watched Silas approach the door.

Ste heard a key entering the lock, he held his breath.

Brendan held his breath and strained his ears as Silas opened the door.

"Stephen, are you in here?" The old man laughed "Of course you are,"

Brendan couldn't hear what the man was saying from his position behind a near by tree. He was just working out his route to get closer when…

Ste was cornered, and had no idea what to do, in one wild moment the only thing he could do was shout with all his strength.


That was all Brendan needed, he propelled himself forward and hurdled in to the cabin. He launched himself at Silas, punching, kicking, and doing whatever it took to stop the murderer. After a few sickening moments, Silas Blissett lay still.

Shock swamped the whole one roomed cabin, forcing silence upon the two survivors. Brendan fixed his eyes on the lifeless body, knowing what he'd done, again and who for.

"Brendan!" It was his name again, it wasn't as loud as it had been a few moments earlier but it was just as significant. This time though it was like an incredulous whimper.

"Stephen!" Brendan exclaimed looking over at the quivering mess in the opposite corner of the room.

In a few seconds Brendan, almost ran, over to Ste and took him in his arms. He had no energy left to keep the tears of relief that now streamed down his face, back. He held on to the boy so tight he thought he would never let go. Ste held on with the same relief and need, he couldn't belief that the one person he needed to come, came and saved him once again "Thank you," Ste mumbled in to the older man's shoulder.

Brendan held Ste's shoulders so he could look him fully in the eyes "Don't thank me, I will always be here Stephen, whether you want me in your life or not, I will always be around, I will always come running to save you,"

Ste really didn't know what to say to that, after all the lies this man had fed him, could he really believe him? But then he had just risked his life by escaping from prison and stopped Silas all for him. He looked in to Brendan's eyes and saw a raw truth radiating there. He nodded unable to think of a thing to say.

Brendan encased Ste in his arms once more.

The next few days were a blur of police sirens, tears and warmth. Brendan was let off as it turned out Silas was still alive. Ste had insisted they called an ambulance for the man that night and now they were both glad they did. So Silas had been brought down and Brendan was free, all was right again.

A week later, after Amy had finally let Ste out of the house, Brendan lay with his arms draped over him protectively, they lay in the bed where it had all begun (Well the second bed where it had all begun) and Ste snored softly, calmly – safe.

"I love you," Brendan muttered feeling utterly content next to the sleeping boy.

He closed his eyes, ready to finally have a good night's sleep, after all the torment he had been through.

"I love you too," came the hushed reply from the not so asleep Ste.

Brendan just smiled "Go to sleep,"

And so they did.