The Girl Who Waited

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Author's Note: I wasn't really planning on doing a sequel to "An Ancient Creature" but so many of you liked it that I have this crazy plot already set up. Enjoy.

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Her eyes skimmed over the desks lined in the room. It was too clean and bare for her tastes. Books needed to be moved in. Experiments needed to be laid out. And her staff needed to be picked.

"So what do you think?" her head of department poked his head in the room.

Rose turned and gave him a grin, "A little bare but manageable."

He nodded vigorously while clasping his hands in front of him, "Grand. Simply grand." He gave a sudden jerk back and looked startled. Turning to him she saw him look behind him in surprise, "Hello there. Didn't I ask you to wait somewhere?"

"In your office," a small voice said from behind his legs.

Her head of department looked back at Rose in embarrassment, "I'm so sorry Rose. This is my daughter…"

Before he could finish the girl peeked out from behind her father and held out her hand, "Hi."

Rose smiled at the girl's shyness and kneeled down to take her hand, "Hello there. I'm Rose."

The girl blinked up at her and hid behind her father once again, "I'm sorry Rose. She's a little shy. I've got to say that you'll probably be seeing a lot of her around here. The day center hasn't been set up yet and there's no one to watch her."

"Her mother?" Rose inquired as the girl peeked out at her again and swiftly hid behind her father. The girl was odd.

"Gone. This kiddo here," he tousled her hair affectionately and the girl pulled away before running down the hall, "is all I have. When the center is set up she will commence with her studies and training. But until then she'll probably be roaming the halls. Hope you don't mind. I'll try to keep her away."

Rose shook her head as she saw the girl peek around the corner of the hall and lock eyes with her, "It's been a while since I had a kiddo running around me. She's welcome any time."

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She felt the presence before it came upon her. Arms went to wrap themselves around her waist and she quickly maneuvered herself away. Throwing herself to the ground she kicked her leg out and knocked the person on their back on the training mats. Standing up she loomed over the impudent girl.

As she glared down at the girl her lips started to twitch, "What did I tell you about trying to tickle me while I'm training?"

The adolescent girl frowned and crossed her arms, "To stop and concentrate on my training."


The girl huffed before answering, "Andddd….that you won't let me come over and watch you work in the lab if I do it again during training. Would you really do that?"

Nodding she pulled the girl off the ground. As she dusted her off she leaned forward and whispered in the girl's ear, "I'm sorry for knocking you down. High council was watching. I would never do that. You're always welcome. Always, kiddo."

Ruffling her hair she headed towards the next training area. Sticking her hands in her pocket she chuckled softly at the girl's grunt of indignation. That girl would be the death of her one day.

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"Hand me the second vial to the left of the Fluxbalf?" Rose asked from the other side of the room.

The teenage Time Lady jumped up from her seat and was across the room in seconds. Rose watched her as she scanned the shelves looking for the Fluxbalf sample. The young girl's fingers skimmed over the vials quickly as she tried to impress Rose.

The teenage Time Lady was always here. When she didn't have lessons, chores, or training of course. The young girl loved to spend her time among Rose's lab. Poking and prodding at things, reading labels, and asking to help. Rose's life had changed when the High Council had finally given her some free reign after being here for about 100 years. She had completed her training and education about two decades ago but it had only been recently that the High Council had let her do something that had been every other Time Lord's birth right. Rose Tyler was allowed to look into the Schism.

And in it she saw time itself. Wrapped around her so tightly and gently at the same time. It had scared and thrilled her intensely. When the experience was over the High Council had come and talked to her. They had come to believe that she was finally ready to become part of their society. A true member of the Gallifreyan people. She swallowed the lump in her throat. That had been one of the happiest days of her life. She finally felt at home.

In a couple months time she had acquired this lab position and was working on various projects in hopes of acquiring knowledge on the mysteries of time. And with this job came the girl that was watching her. The girl was a prodigy for her age. In fact she spent more time in her father's lab than at the academy since she was very young. And when she laid eyes on Rose she had become attached at the hip with her. She would follow Rose around when she was doing projects, at get togethers, and had even tried to sneak into the lab multiple times.

The young girl gave a shout of glee as she found it and Rose was pulled from her thoughts. Bringing it over to Rose she set it down on the table and took her seat. At first she had been slightly hesitant about the girl. The High Council had frowned upon the relationship at first. A young orphaned Time Lady hanging out with a 'being' like her was odd. Hence they were always watching the young girl closely. Looking for any mistakes or slip ups of the child with no mother. But they never caught on to anything. The girl's tenacity, brilliance and bravery intrigued Rose. And quite honestly she had begun to love the girl as much as the girl seemed to love her.

"Are you going to tell me what you're making or are you going to keep up with the mysterious act?"

Rose laughed at the brunette girl's bluntness, "You know how you always wanted to be ginger?"

The girls eyes lit up and she sat ram rod straight, "You didn't? But dad said that he wouldn't buy it for…"

Rose sniffed the concoction in front of her before adding the last ingredient. The liquid in the beaker turned a violent shade of purple instantly, "I did. He said he wouldn't buy it you the permanent stasis colour," Rose dipped her gloved hands in the mixture and turned towards the girl, "but he didn't say anything about me making it."

The girl jumped up and hugged Rose tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Rose smiled and hugged her quite awkwardly with her hands still covered in the mixture, "You're welcome. Now turn around. We've got to do this quick before he comes back. He's going to get a shock for sure."

All of a sudden the girl sat down and stared up at Rose with watery eyes.

Rose paused, "Hey…what's wrong?"

The girl wiped a couple stray tears away and looked down, "Sometimes…sometimes I wish you were my mum. Then I could always stay with you."

Rose felt her heart swell at the girl's confession. Smiling softly at the girl she shocked the girl by smearing some of the mixture on her cheek. She squealed at the cold and slimy mixture on her face and looked up at Rose, "I will always be there for you. And you're always welcome to stay with me. Always, kiddo."

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Rose panted as she ran across the field. Screams tore through the night as the battle raged around them. When she made it over to the last place she saw the girl she stopped and frantically began looking around. She had to be around here. Somewhere. She had seen her.

The young Time Lady had followed her into something Rose never wanted her to be involved with. She had followed her into war. And as much as Rose tried to protect her she couldn't protect her from the atrocities of the battle field.

The sky lit up as a missile exploded nearby. The entire field was illuminated. Time seemed to stop as her eyes landed on the girl. She was on the ground of the medical tent. No longer having been deemed worthy of being saved they had placed her on the floor and continued with the next Time Lord. Her eyes were glazed over and blood was streaming down the side of her mouth, a large gaping wound having torn open her stomach and her hip.

Rose let out a cry of anguish as she bolted over to the girl. She didn't hesitate a second as she kneeled down next to her and began to check her vitals. They had to be wrong. She couldn't be deemed unlikely to live. This beautiful wonderful girl…no, woman would live. She had too. She was supposed to be looking for a career. Falling in love. Planning her wedding. She wasn't supposed to be here.

Rose grabbed some gauze and medicines from the small tables nearby and tried to stop the bleeding. Frantically she began to clean the wound and stopped when a hand wrapped around her wrist. Looking up at the young Time Lady's face she felt her vision cloud with tears as the hazel eyes bore into her.

"It's ok Rose."

Rose felt panic set in and she shook her head, "No, no, no. You'll be ok. I promise. I'll fix this."

The Time Lady bit her lip and tried not to cry, "You ca…can't. It's too deep."

She sat back and stared at the girl that had stayed with her for decades. The girl who had grown in front of her eyes into a beautiful woman. The girl who stood by her as she unraveled the mysteries of time. And the girl who waited for the day that Rose would show her the universe in her Tardis. And now….now it couldn't happen.

"You can't go. I won't let you. I haven't…"

The girl trailed her hand up Rose's arm and grasped her hand. Rose looked down at their hands. The red smeared all over her hand and body were wrong. She shouldn't have been there, "You have done everything. Absolutely everything."

Rose placed her hand on top of their clasped hands and leaned forward on them momentarily, "Amy please."

Amy's eyes held Rose's as her breathing became shallower, "All my life I have been told about upholding my family's honor because of my mother's passing. About my duty to Gallifrey. But the only honor I ever had was that you let me…that you let me…become part of your life. Almost as if I was your daughter. "

Rose let out a sob as Amy's hand became limp in hers. She was fading away right in front of her eyes. Scooping her body up into her arms she looked down at the dying woman. Pushing the ginger hair out of her eyes she placed a hand on the side of Amy's face. Amy frowned in confusion as she felt Rose's tears hit her cheeks. She knew she only had moments left.

"Amy. The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter."

Amy let out a sigh of relief as tears spilled down her cheeks. She smiled up at Rose and closed her eyes, "Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?"

Rose brushed her hair down and kissed her forehead. Steeling her voice she replied, "Always kiddo. Always."

Rose rocked her back and forth. Ignoring the sounds of the war around her she held onto her daughter. Her daughter. And when her breathing stopped Rose felt the scream tear through her. A scream of loss and anguish.


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Rose awoke in a panic. The sheets stuck to her sweaty skin and tears stained her face. Looking around her room she didn't understand where the battlefield went. Her hands were no longer covered in blood and Amy was not there. Amy. Realization hit her immediately and she realized she was in her Tardis. Her daughter had been gone for a very long time.

Pulling her knees up to her chest she leaned forward on them. It had all been a dream. It was always a dream. A dream of a memory held long ago. A dream that made her realize that even though Nelin had set her on her journey to find the Doctor a piece of her was missing. And it made it even harder to accept that her Amelia was gone.

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Rose abandoned any pretenses of going back to sleep and made her way to the console room. There was a sound coming from the dash that clearly marked a landing. Gripping the console edge with one hand she tried to shake off the last bits of her dream. Flicking a couple switches and turning the consoles dash screen on she tried to ascertain where her Tardis had taken her.

After analyzing the star charts and maps she realized that her beautiful and brilliant Tardis had taken her to a place she hadn't been in hundreds of years. Voted number two planet in the top ten greatest destinations for the discerning intergalactic traveler for its sunsets, spires, and soaring silver colonnades.

Taking a step back she peered at her front doors, "Now why would you take me to Apalapucia?"

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To be continued…

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Author's Note: Hey guys. This is part of a three parter that I'm developing as a continuation of "An Ancient Creature." Hope you enjoy this and stick around. I'm going to mix some things up and finish it off the way I think things should have gone in "The Girl Who Waited."

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