The Girl Who Waited

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Author's Note: I wasn't really planning on doing a sequel to "An Ancient Creature" but so many of you liked it that I have this crazy plot already set up. Enjoy. This is the last piece of 'The Girl Who Waited.'

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Threading her fingers through the grass she relaxed her body even more into the ground. Bits of the grass tickled her bare legs and arms as the breeze blew by her. This was her sanctuary. Her garden was the one spot in Gallifrey where she could relax without having to deal with the High Council's constant questioning about when she would take her studies out into the universe. She had been making leaps in her studies into the study of the void and its connection to the schism and the High Council believed it was time for her to take a Tardis. But she couldn't. Not without Amy.

In the time that she had known the girl she had learned to love again. And with that came the realization that Amy was her family. She couldn't leave without her. She couldn't imagine herself discovering new planets, races, and the wonders of time without the permanently red headed girl at her side. Making jokes. Helping her with her experiments. And even cataloguing wouldn't be complete without her.

Something poked her foot and she looked over to her side.


"You're hundreds of miles away."

Rose raised an eyebrow, "And how can you tell that?"

Amy scrunched up her face in a mocking imitation of Rose's face and looked up at the star riddled sky, "Because you've got this look on your face. The 'I've got something mind blowingly important on my mind but I don't want to tell you' look. So what's going on in that Time Lady brain of yours?"

"I'm not a Time Lady."

Amy waved her off, "We both know you're more of a Time Lady then half of those wannabes in the High Council. The sooner you realize that the better."

Rose smiled at Amy's insistence that Rose was just as good as any other Time Lord. Poking Amy with her foot she replied, "What makes you think that I want to tell you? I've got the 'I don't want to tell you' look."

Peering up at the stars Amy named another constellation before replying, "Because you always tell me."

Hiding her grin she poked her with her foot once more, "Lucky I like you."

"Love me is the proper word," Amy said with a smirk.

Reaching over Rose grabbed Amy's hand and laced her fingers with hers. The gesture one of comfort between them. Before realized what she was saying the words were spilling out of her mouth, "Come with me."

Amy was half way through naming another set of constellations but paused at Rose's words. Turning her head she peered over at her, "What?"

The confusion was clear across her face but Rose decided to go with it. Subconsciously she knew she couldn't do this alone and now she realized the only solution would be for Amy to come with her, "The High Council wants me to take a Tardis soon and do my experiments past the void. And I want you to come with me."

Watching her she saw the confusion turn into joy, "You want me to go with you?"

"Did I stutter?" Rose said in a teasing manner as a smile split Amy's face.

Amy gave a laugh and pushed her shoulder, "Getting cheeky never worked before and it's not working now."

Rose laughed for a couple seconds before giving Amy's hand a squeeze, "I'm serious. I'll need some company. And what better company than you."

Amy turned her head away and looked up at the stars, "So when would you be leaving?"

Apprehension gripped Rose's heart on the possibility that Amy wouldn't come with her, "Well with getting everything organized and set up for my experiments I would say about a year. You don't have to.."

Amy interrupted her, "You're my family Rose. I'd follow you anywhere. As long as I'm welcome."

Warmth spread through her chest as she watched Amy's eyes flicker across the skies. Family. That's what they were. And because of that Amy would follow her anywhere, "Always kiddo."

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Rose staggered backwards and her face turned cold, "Don't you dare speak her name. She's gone."

"No. You are in a different dimension Rose. There is a version of her in this one. She's here. And she's so lost."

Rose's breathing increased and she bit her lip. What he said was out there but...this could be her chance. What she had dreamed of for so long could occur in this dimension. This was her chance to make things right, "She's here? Where...where is she then?"

"You have ended up in her time stream. The last one of this dying hospital. And she has come upon trouble that she cannot escape alone from. She's stuck."

Realization hit her as the pieces fell together, "She lives here." Theories of how Amy could have ended up here began to run through her mind a mile a minute and she couldn't stop her chest from exploding with happiness. It was nearly impossible. But nearly left a small chance that it could be possible.

Looking back up at the Teselecta with hard eyes she spoke, "Where is she?"

"You must promise us that you will help stop River Song and guarantee the Doctor's death."

Rose's eyes stared at him in shock, "Or what?"

"Or we won't tell you where she is. And by the time you reach her she will be gone. Gone somwhere that you won't be able to reach her."

Clenching her fists her eyes misted over. Decisions like these weren't light. And she hated the fact that she only had seconds to answer. For if this being was speaking the truth Amy could be dying at this moment. Again. And she would be too late. Again.

"Promise me Rose."

She was silent for a couple more seconds before looking him straight in the eye and nodding, "I promise. I promise I will help the Doctor's song end."

"Not just his. Yours as well."

She nodded again in desperation. She needed to find Amy now, "Yes. I promise. Anything. Just tell me where she is."

The Teselecta eyed her for a moment. As if taking in her full person and deciding whether she had fully committed herself to their wishes. The Teselecta nodded and pulled out a blue journal from his jacket pocket. He walked up to her and handed it to her, "She's in quadrant 4 section 3. Museum Section."

Rose took the book from his outstretched hand, "And this?"

"Spoilers. To help guide you. And Amy."

An alarm bell suddenly went off in the building and a hollow voice reported, "BREACH IN QUADRANT 4 SECTION 3. BREACH."

Rose put the journal away in her inner coat pocket. The journal would have to wait. Amy needed her. Stepping around the man she made her way towards the door. Just as she placed her hand on the partition of the metal doorway the Teselecta spoke.

"Death is a part of living Ms. Tyler. Amy. The Doctor. You. All living creatures. There are many things we know Rose. And this is one of them. Both of your songs are ending and another one will begin with Amy. She will carry on the Doctor's work. Your work. You must train her. Make her ready."

Closing her eyes for a moment she took a steadying breath before replying, "I will."

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Something was definitely wrong. As she followed her scanner around the hospital she realized that all the hospital androids were heading towards the exact same sector. Whatever was happening was more than a breach. Gripping the metal pipe that she had picked up while exiting the engine room she peered swiftly around corner after corner. Hallway after hallway. Some were clear and others weren't. And every swing took another androids head clear off.

After finally going through a portal doorway she ended up in a portal room. A circle of portal doorways surrounded a single control panel in the middle. Scanning the panel she began uploading and translating the destination charter.

'Museum Sector. Museum Sector. I was there. Where are you?'

Just as she was half way through the list a red warning flashed over the screen. Scanning through the note quickly she realized she only had moments before the androids came pouring in through the portal doorways. She was close. And she wouldn't fail.

Her fingers quickly flickered over the scanner as she rapidly went through hundreds of destinations. It was here somewhere. Almost a third of the list down she spotted it. The Museum Sector. Entering the coordinates she watched as the doorway came to life. Pocketing the scanner she walked through the doorway. It only took a flash and Rose was there. She was in a room that looked just like the one she had walked through when she had arrived.

Rose stood in shock when she saw that in the middle of the room stood a fiery red head. Her grunts echoed off the wall as she cut down the androids surrounding her swiftly. And standing across the room was the Tardis. Big and blue as always. The light bulb on top of the Tardis began to flash and she began to dematerialize.

'He's leaving her.'

Breaking out of the reverie she began walking forward and taking down the androids heads one by one. With every step she took the woman's features became more identifiable.

'Pale skin.'

'Elegant hands and legs.'

'Defined facial features.'

She managed to let one word before tears sprang to her eyes, "Amy."

/ / / / / / / /

Her features were more defined and age grew on her well. But it was Amy. There was no doubt in her mind. The Teselecta were telling the truth. Suddenly the portal doorways flashed behind her and more androids began to pour into the room. Seeing that they were closing in around Amy she began to fiercely put down the androids.

'We need to get out of here.'

Letting out a soft whistle she called for her Tardis. As she got closer to Amy it seemed that her presence wasn't acknowledged yet. Amy just kept on tearing down the androids with a vicious passion. But they kept on coming. And it seemed like every step she took towards Amy placed her five feet away.

While knocking another androids head off Rose heard a soft cry and then a thud.

'This is a kindness,' the androids repeated as they knelt down at the feet of Amy's fallen body.

"Amy!" Fury swept over her and adrenaline pumped through her system. The room was suddenly drowned out by the whirling sound of the Tardis as it began to materialize to the left of Amy's body. Quickly scanning the room she took care of the androids on the left flank of Amy. When she finally reached Amy she kicked her foot out and smashed in the head of the last android blocking her way.

Letting out another soft whistle she heard the Tardis doors creak open. Rose grabbed Amy underneath her arm pits and dragged her inside the Tardis. Leaving her body on the inner entrance platform she slammed the doors of the Tardis shut just as the androids began to shoot their anaesthetic darts from their chest cavities. Turning back she ran to the central console and set coordinates to put them as far as they could from Apalapucia.

Gripping the end of the console her heart rate slowed down and her mind finally processed what had occurred. She had rescued Amy. Looking up she felt tears spring to her eyes as she took her in. Her red hair flared around her and she looked to be sleeping. Making her way over Rose began to check her vitals. She wasn't hurt. Actually she seemed to be in perfect shape. Just asleep from the anaesthetic touch of the androids. Just as she finished examining Amy her figure began to blur and become distorted. Panicking Rose touched the sides of her face and prayed that this wasn't a dream. That this was real. That she was being given another chance. That this wasn't a cruel joke on the part of the Teselecta.

When black spots started emerging in her vision Rose knew that it was something else. Running her hands over her body she stumbled upon two anaesthetic darts sticking out of her side. She gasped as she yanked them out and tossed them to the ground. Her body began to sag and her hearing became muffled as the darts began to take effect. Pulling back from Amy she collapsed next to her. And as unconsciousness beckoned her she peered over at Amy and laced her fingers with hers.

"I got you kiddo. Always."

Family. That's what they were. No matter what dimension. No matter what world. Amy was her family. Amy was also the girl who waited. And the waiting was over.

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The end...for now!

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