Keep in mind that I am writing from Apple's POV, so I won't always be using the correct grammar. Her Little One

The winter wind blowing through the window of the Gathering Chamber didn't seem so chilly as me and Filbert were hustled in.. Maybe it was the festive feeling that was in the hearts of all the animals in the hall that day, or perhaps it was something more.

Urchin, the pale squirrel I had raised since infancy stood at the front of the Gathering Chamber. He was wearing a green cloak-the King's old robes, very special, those were! Considering that, and the fact that Longpaw the messenger had hastened me and Filbert to the Tower, with a lot of secrecy, mind you, somethin' was going to happen. Something Special!

Urchin knelt at the base of the dais as Crispin intoned the words of a Captain's appointing ceremony. When I realized what was happening, I cried out in delight, quickly silencing my pesky mouth with my paws. My Urchin was going to be Captain!

As the ceremony went on, I mused to myself how much my child had grown up. From the scraggly little scrap he was when Crispin rescued him to the regal creature that stood on the dais, Urchin had matured amazingly. He looked fit and healthy, and up they're with the king and the Circle animals, Urchin seemed his happiest, like he was meant to be there. Yes, that was it. Urchin belonged with those creatures- the educated, aristocratic animals were his friends, where the Heart had put him.

I hadn't noticed the tears leaking out of her eyes until Filbert put his arm around me. I quickly wiped them away, all the while proclaiming quite loudly that, "I'm just so happy that my little one is becoming Captain. He's just all grown up from that little midge the King found on the shore!"

Even though I was swept up in the moment, I remembered what had happened on that night. Those animals must have thought I had forgotten! I thought mildly as she looked around at the shocked faces. Well, I may not be educated much and I might not use big words, but my memory is still as sharp as a tack!

The winter wind blowing through the window of the Gathering Chamber wasn't cold to me, and now I knew why. My little one was Captain! This was certainly a day for warm feelings, oh yes!

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