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Rose let him kiss her for about two seconds, but attempted to make him stop when he put one hand on the side of her face and wrapped the other around her waist. She saw several camera flashes go off in the background, making her angry. Kissing under mistletoe like this was a Christmas tradition, but she knew that this kiss meant a lot more, and that Max wanted it to be a lot more. She turned her head, breaking the contact, and withdrew. Max's arm was still around her waist and slowly trailing down back towards her shoulder, but she pushed him off slightly, until they were barely touching.

She slowly shook her head. "It's not going to work" she said quietly. "I still love him."

Max's eyes narrowed and his arm went back around her waist. "It was only tradition" he said, with a faint smile. The smile was the wrong type though, not friendly and sweet, but almost…possessive?

Rose stepped closer to Max, until they were inches apart. "That was more than tradition." She said, her voice quiet but angry. "You know it was, and you did it on purpose."

Max simply raised his eyebrows.

"It's not going to work Max. I don't know how exactly to tell you this in a way that will make you realise. I love him, Max, and only him. Forever and ever. How long is it going to take for you to get that?" Rose took a deep breath and gasped as he spun her and dipped her so that her hair was almost touching the floor.

"Then why did you treat me like that? Why did you show preference for me?" he demanded, looking almost defeated.

"You were my friend." Rose said as he spun her around again. "I counted on you to be there for me Max, as a good friend should. To be there to talk to, to hold me when I cry, to reassure me everything is going to be alright, and to be happy for me when I'm happy."

Max stared at her, his gaze piercing, but stayed silent.

"He was all that" she said, and felt Max growl under his breath.

"Always him Rose".

"He was there for me during all those times. Even when he loved me, and didn't want to see me with anyone else. He just wanted me to be happy. But you? You make sure everyone knows that you dislike him, and you make sure that everyone knows that I apparently prefer you. That's not friendship Max."

"No it's not" Max agreed in her ear. "It's more."

Rose closed her eyes. Her next statement was going to hurt him.

"Not for me" she said, and walked off the dance floor, and outside into the freezing winter air.




Dancing with Olivia wasn't as bad as the Doctor thought it was going to be. It was strange, but they had become something akin to friends over the months. Olivia still flirted with him like crazy, but he knew that she did it for her own amusement, and although she would love her innuendos to come true, she respected the fact that he was in a relationship with Rose. As much as she could under given circumstances anyway.

Of course, none of that stopped her from appearing in an absolutely gorgeous but very revealing dress, that clung tightly to her sexy figure. Men's eyes followed her around the room and while she danced. The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"Interesting dress choice" he told her with a slight smile.

Olivia smiled and fluttered her eyelashes and tightened her hold around his shoulders. "Thanks. Does that mean that-"

"No!" the Doctor immediately cut her off.

Olivia grinned impishly. "Fine." She motioned with her head. "Seems like Max is having fun with Rose". The Doctor's head immediately whipped around as he watched the two talking in low voices. Rose looked sad and Max looked a little hurt.

"Haha" the Doctor replied dryly, but kept his eyes on the two of them, while trying to keep in time to the music.

Olivia got bored after a little while. "While staring at Rose like that may be fun for you Doctor, In think the object of dancing is to actually look and communicate with the partner you're dancing with."

"I believe that the definition of dancing is to move rhythmically to types of music." The Doctor he answered, finally looking at her. "And it hasn't got much to do with looking at a person."

"There has to be another way to get your attention" Olivia mused playfully, turning over possibilities.

"Be my guest" the Doctor replied, her words not really registering. Well, not until Olivia spun him around and kissed him.

His eyes widened in surprise, but she had already withdrawn.

"What was that?" he sputtered.

She didn't answer him, but simply pointed up to the ceiling, where twigs of mistletoe were hanging.

Ah. Stupid human traditions.

"That wasn't exactly much of a kiss." Olivia told him. "Do I get a refund?"

"Sorry Olivia."

"Why not?" she demanded, but her tone was playful.

"You kissed me once, which is more than enough, don't you think?"

"Well, to be perfectly honest Doctor-"

"Rhetorical question!" he said quickly, and Olivia let out a dramatic sigh.

"Well, you might want to go and tell Max hands off then." She said pointing towards the couple on the dance floor. "Now that's the kind of kiss I was hoping for".

The Doctor let go of her, and turned around fuming. Rose and Max may have been on the other side of the room, but he had a perfectly clear view. He could see the cameras flashing, and could see the way Max gripped Rose's waist. He was about to go over there to tear him off her, when Olivia put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't" she said quietly, her tone sounding serious for once. "Let them talk and straighten this out. It's about time Max learned his lesson.

"Come on." She said when he refused to move. She dragged him off the dance floor. "Give him time" she said quietly. "Thank you for the dance Doctor".

He finally tore his eyes away to smile at Olivia. "Thank you" he said quietly. "That guy over there has been looking at you all evening. Go and ask him, he should be a better dance partner than I was. He might even kiss you back."

Olivia winked saucily at him and went over to the man, who nearly spilled his wine when he realised just how revealing her dress was.

The Doctor turned back around to Rose and the doctor, only to see Rose exit the room and go out on the back porch. He threw a murderous glance to Max and hurried after her, into the cold winter night.

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