Ranma/ Guilty Gear X
To start a Cycle

Through blue skys, soared a fleet of flying ships that resembled older civilization's airplanes, parting through the clouds like colored stars through brightened haze. Each had many crew members to man the ships, but at this time, a few of them were taking a respite from their duties. It wasn't a problem, as the one they all followed had steadfastly ordered his girls and boys to take some time off, they had all earned it.

The syche soared across the distance between it's originator and its target, only to be parried off by a finely polished antique battleship anchor. The chain looped up in an arc, its sickeled end caught easily in the hand of a blonde wearing a read bandanna, a shirt with the Union Jack flag covering the front, and a blue jean jacket. The owner of the anchor took the offensive, and launched into the air. A spinning mass of flesh and steel suddenly deviated from its arc sharply, and cannonballed towards their opponent.

Axel Low quickly swung his chain in front of him, and in an instant had woven it into a circular shield that flawlessly defended against the human projectile. The anchor wielder bounced off with no effect, and landed a couple meters away. The girl wearing a red pirate's outfit with black leggings turned back and whistled. Thinking May was distracted, the time displaced fighter braced to dash forward, and earned himself a dolphin crashing into his back for his troubles.

May dropped into a slide kick that was aimed for the downed man's head, but Axel quickly rolled to the side, and snaked a chain around the girl's leading leg. The piratess squawked, as she was suddenly jerked one direction, and before Axel could puller her back to slam her into the ground, she slammed one pick of her anchor into the sky ship's wing, keeping her from being budged.

Finding his stratagy thwarted, Axel retrieved his sickel and chain, while May got her feet back on the ground. At once, they both rushed at each other, and their collision was marked by a flash of lightning given from the clash of their weapons. Axel's chain whipped as if it were a living snake, while May's anchor attempted to hammer through the seemingly iron defense of her opponent.

Breaking the stalemate, Axel jumped back, and shot his chain forward again in a low back handed toss. May leapt over it at an almost slight incline, just barely clearing the attack, flying towards Axel. The British fighter grinned, and quickly pulled his chain back on the ground, and began spinning it in front of him like a propellor. May used her free left hand to cover her face from the debris that was chipped off the wing by the syche's scraping against it, and her weapon in front of her body to swing through the barrage and hopefully put her opponent off balance.

Axel's smirk grew wider, when he suddenly stopped spinning the chain, and then straightened it out in front of him; holding it with both hands at three feet apart. May's anchor became entangled in the chain, and the British fighter twisted back, tossing her onto the ship's wing.

"Yeah," Axel exclaimed smugly, and then leapt into the air. May looked up to follow him, and immidiately realized her mistake. The afternoon sun was at Axel's back, as he descended with his chain spinning under him. On blind intuition, May rolled away from wherever the sound of a chain cutting through air was apparently descending to.

May came to a stop, and before she could turn around...

"Look alive, dearie!"

With a small yip, May's chin shot straight up, as the culling edge of the syche approached her neck. Just two inches from slicing her head off, it deviated from it's path, but continued to behind her.

"That's game, set, and match, luv," Axel Lowe stated, while seemingly magically recoiling his chain and then looping it over himself diagonally, "Not half bad, but you best be more careful wit' things like that. Libel to get you a haircut at the neck level, it is."

"And I'm pretty something like that would hurt, a lot," A man dressed in black, wearing a broad rimmed cowboy hat and carrying a sheathed katana in one hand added, while stepping into the open. Accompanying him was a girl with blue hair and rather provative clothing. What made her even more peculiar was the tail and olive green-gray and snow white wings she had. The man pulled out a playing card, the Queen of hearts, "I wouldn't want to lose such a lovely and valueable member of my crew to her carelessness, now would we?" Suddenly, the playing card that was in his left hand was cut in half, only the tell-tale sound of a katana being snapped back into its sheath gave the means of the card's demise away.

"Nice, you did that with one hand?" Axel commented with an impressed tone, before his slightly awed face turned back into a confident smirk, "A fleet full of lovelies, and you still learned to handle your sword with your right hand pretty well, you did."

Axel chuckled at the glare he knew he was getting through his host's sunglasses. Several of the girls around him joined in in a fit of giggles. "I don't get it," came Dizzy reply, accompanied by her confused expression. Her gray wing suddenly became an arm, and made 'devil horns' in the back of her head. The white wing became the form of a woman jutting from the girl's back, and smacked the other wing with her hand with an irritated expression on her face.

With a cough that almost sounded over the ship's engines, everyone's laughs were ceased, "My personal life shouldn't be your concern, you still have your own to work on... however futile it is." Johnny flashed his trademark smile that sent the girls present (and a few that weren't) swooning dizzy.

"Ouch, stinger, that one is, mate," Axel replied, covering his chest in mock hurt. He raised his head slightly, as if suddenly recalling something, "Oh, luv, your consolation prize." Axel reached into his coat, and pulled out a mirror.

"Wha?" May enquired, catching the finely embroidered mirror that looked like it seen better days.

"That's pretty, what is it for?" Dizzy asked, not catching the white wing playing with a yo-yo behind her back.

"Looking glass to see your self in. I wasn't vain enough to need one, but you girls look like you can use all the beauty help you can get, right?" Johnny winced in sympathy.

"Well Johnny thinks I look just fine, don't you *Johnny*?" May enquired with more than a little edge in her voice. Even though her anchor was still buried in Axel, the Pirate knew enough about his girls when to be obliging (and self-preserving).

"There isn't anything I would change on you..." he threw her a complimentary smile, because she didn't seem to relax at the compliment. That was enough, as the girl started bouncing away giddy, and turned to give Axel the rasberry.

The reciever of said taunting was not able to accept it, as he was currently pulling his crumpled body up from under a good weight of steel that was May's weapon, "Crimey, what I say?"

"Like I said, futil..." Johnny was cut off, as an explosion sounded. With an entirely aloof attitude, he changed the conversation subject, "Was that the engine I just heard?"

"I don't think so," one shipmate answered, "I think it just is stalling, see how the propeller is slowing down?"

"I feel so relieved that you guy are taking this so calm," Axel stated with quite a bit more than just slight nervousness.

"Ah, wuss," Johnny retorted, and walked up to the engine with the slowing propellor. He sniffed at it with slight distain, and then kicked it. The abuse suddenly brought it back to life, causing it to spin as fast as it had before, "See? Minor technical difficulties."

Suddenly, Johnny was thrown backwards as the engine exploded furiously. He bounced on the wing, and off the edge. "CRIPES!" the man in the Union Jack shirt shouted, in union to the Dizzy and May's cry of "JOHNNY!!"

Axel was already on the move when Johnny bounced, and went to the rescue while the other crewmates minus May and Dizzy went to fight to bring the engine from underflame. Winding one end of his chain around his leg, the British fighter hooked the other end securely into the wing, and bungee jumped. If he had thought it through, he would have realized there was no chance in Hell, and bungee jumping from a flying vehicle with a steel chain was not a very smart thing to do on any account. Despite this, his only concern was for the fading dot that was barely visible through the clouds. Axel said a silent prayer to himself, and then started to scream and hollar in pain.

He was finally reeled back in by several free hands. Once his leg and knee was put back into socket, he hobbled over to a distraught May to console her, "I... I can't tell ya what, Luv, he died a... great man." He died a great man in a really stupid way. "If it's any consolation, his last words were for you to live happy." Actually it sounded more like, 'whoops', It was kind of hard to tell through his own wails of agony.

Dizzy stood there, staring at the distance where Johnny had fell to with a blank expression on her face. As he cradled a sobbing May, Axel looked at Dizzy with remourse; the poor girl, she must be struck shock with denial.

"Um, Johnny isn't going to fly back up here?" Dizzy asked with a puzzled look on her face. her Devil wing shook its head as if to say 'Damn shame', while her angel wing bit its fist in an effort to keep from busting out and laughing. It was truly sad to see the womanizing jerk plunge to eventual liquid state that usually accompanies a human body slamming into the ground at beyond terminal velocity.

Axel attempted to face fault, but since he was already sitting, he just managed to twist just so to agitate his injured leg, while May's wailing became even more pronounced. A flash suddenly enveloped both...