LbN: It always bothered me that they let Spencer hobble behind them after they found him in "Revelations". Here's an after-the-credits drabble.

The team walked away from their unsub, as Hotch called in for someone to pick up Tobias' body. Derek kept looking over his shoulder, making sure Reid was still with them. It was an unspoken rule on the team—unless someone was injured to the point where they couldn't, let them walk. They'd try it anyway, and they'd grumble about the help. However, the second time Spencer Reid stumbled, Derek had had enough. He scooped the younger man into his arms, and kept walking as if they did this every day.

"I can—" Spencer whispered.

"Save it," Derek said gently, giving Spencer a smile.

Had he still been on his feet, Spencer would've gone weak at the knees. He leaned his head against Derek's shoulder, too tired and in too much pain to argue. He felt JJ ruffle his hair as she went past. It had to be JJ, too short to be Emily. He smiled…. "Thanks, Derek."

"No problem, Baby Boy."