"When you're like this… Splattered with blood… I can't help thinking…

That you're the most vulnerable and unstable of us all."

- Variante, Chapter 18, Page 17, Iqura Sugimoto

of Sudou for Aiko


"Am I still human?"

Aiko doesn't know the truth.

I can't answer her!

Her humanity is fading bit by bit,

Decreasing with every kill.

I need to rescue her from this hell.

Doesn't she know that all Chimera were

Once human?

I can't show her my fear

I'm the only one she has

Left. She's only fifteen years old! But

That wretched arm is turning her into a…

Monster. Can't we just cut it off?

This is a new kind of cancer.

A memento of a forgotten man,

An unknown father,

Has already reached her heart.

The only thing keeping her alive.

"You're the one who told her to stay,

You told her to become a weapon,

You pushed her into this!"

I know! But…

If I didn't…

I would have failed her.

She would have ended up like…


I shouldn't talk to myself any longer.