Eight friends. A campfire. A dark night alone in the woods… Sounds like the makings of one cheesy horror story, right?


It's the makings of EIGHT spooky campfire tales. This year, join your favorite Twilight characters (Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme) as well as some of your favorite Twific writers (bmango, mskathy, sorceresscirce, theladyingrey42, tuesdaymidnight, yellowglue, and yogagal/lawngirl) for a fun week of stories, starting now and posting every day through Halloween.

To start us out, please welcome the beautiful, amazing Lawngirl (sometimes known as yogagal), who is here to set the stage...

"We made it!"

"Toss me a beer, man. After that long ass hike, I deserve one!"

"Wow, it's gorgeous here!"

"Campstravaganza has begun!"

Taking in a deep breath of the crisp, heavily pine-scented air, Bella watched as her friends celebrated their achievement. Granted, it wasn't like they had climbed Everest, but it was still a significant accomplishment. Who would have thought that getting eight people up a mountain while they lugged a ton of camping supplies would have been such an ordeal?

After what seemed like forever, they finally made it to their campground. It had been a somewhat arduous hike, despite the fact that it should have only taken a half hour, tops. Instead, it was lengthened to over an hour when Alice swore she had seen a bear and refused to go any farther until she was satisfied that the coast was clear. Then Emmett stopped three times to take a leak after downing a gallon size bottle of Gatorade in order to prevent dehydration. While Emmett tried to stay hidden amongst some trees, Rose bitched out her cell phone for not getting any reception. She also bitched about it to anyone within earshot, which was...just about everyone. Despite these minor hiccups, the crew of eight eventually made it to the clearing in the woods that would be their home for the night.

An hour after their arrival, the tents were set up, a fire pit was created, and a handful of the friends were already down by the river, attempting to catch something edible for dinner. Just in case they weren't successful, Bella, Alice and Carlisle had stayed behind to prep some extra food. As they chopped vegetables for salad and wrapped potatoes in foil, the friends caught up, checking in with each other after what had been a busy couple of weeks.

The summer itself had been busy enough, following college graduation for most of them. Throughout July and August, the group of friends would meet up a few times a week for BBQs, beach trips, movie nights, or just to hang out at someone's apartment for pizza and beers. However, once fall hit Washington state, they seemed to see each other less frequently. Bella and Alice went back to school - this time as teachers. Alice worked as an elementary art teacher, while Bella had scored a job teaching English at a local high school. Jasper had decided to continue on with his schooling, and was currently working towards his PhD in History, specializing in the Civil War. While he had been allowed a break in the summer, he was now knee-deep in research, frequently spending late nights in the reserved book section at his university's library.

The rest of the gang was just as busy as "the academics", as Bella, Alice and Jasper were affectionately nicknamed. Carlisle and his wife Esme, the only married couple in the group, had moved into a new house, and Esme had fallen into a tailspin of renovating and redecorating while Carlisle slaved away as a resident at the local hospital. Carlisle wasn't the only Cullen who was putting in hard hours at work. His cousin Edward had been hit with inspiration, holing himself up in his apartment, working furiously on his second book in the hopes that it would follow in the successful footsteps of his debut novel. Their friends Emmett and Rose had finally gotten their car restoration business off the ground and had found themselves at the shop almost seven days a week, wanting to ensure that everything was running smoothly. It had taken both pleading andthreats to pull them away from the city for even one night.

Finally, after weeks of back and forth emails between the friends, they'd manage to finalize their plans and set a date. A weekend of camping seemed like the best way to both escape and relax, and so far everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Jasper, Emmett, and Rose had indeed caught a few small fish, while Edward and Esme had gathered a bowlful of late-season blackberries. One by one they all eventually settled in for a delicious dinner around the fire.

As the day turned to night, they stoked the fire and broke out the liquor. Alice was in charge of whipping up her specialty cocktails, which were the perfect accompaniment to the s'mores they had all made for dessert.

"You know," surmised Bella, licking the last bits of sticky, white sugar from her fingers. "I don't think I've been this relaxed in weeks."

Thoughts of ungraded essays and lesson plans easily disappeared from her mind with the help of another of Alice's liquid creations, and Bella snuggled into the person next to her.

"Mmm...you're warm," she mumbled, earning a laugh from her friends.

"And you're drunk," laughed Rose as she slung her arm around the snugly Bella.

As the night wore on, Edward and Jasper pulled out their guitars and took requests, playing everything except Emmett's demand for some Backstreet Boys.

"But they're awesome," he whined before tossing some marshmallows at Edward.

"No," repeated Edward. "They're not."

"He's right, man," Jasper agreed. "I mean, we're already out in the middle of nowhere, so who knows what might be lurking out there. I don't need to deal with nightmares of shitty boy bands on top of that."

"Jasper!" Alice's piercing shriek could probably be heard all the way down the mountain. Her eyes grew wide as she tried to survey the dark woods around them. "You promised there were no bears!"

"I promise you, we are not in bear country. Now mountain lions on the other hand..."

Alice didn't even bother with words; she just flew at Jasper at top speed and alternated between pummeling the crap out of him and trying to bury herself in his arms.

"Aw, don't worry, Sprout," Emmett bellowed from across the fire pit. "I'll protect you from any mountain lions or bear or...AHHHHHHHHH!"

Emmett's heroic proclamation was interrupted the moment Edward surprised him from behind, scaring the crap out of the larger man.

"Not cool, man. Not cool."

Emmett gave Edward a light punch on the arm before grabbing him in a headlock and giving him a noogie, messing up Edward's already uncontrollable hair.

While Edward tried to tame his hair into submission, Carlisle grabbed a flashlight and addressed the group.

"I propose a toast!" he called out, waving a half empty bottle of tequila in his hand. "To the best group of friends ever!"

Everyone cheered in response, raising bottles of beer, cocktails, and the random marshmallow as a toast. Carlisle continued talking as Rose tossed a few more logs on the fire, causing a ripple of bright orange sparks to fly up into the darkness. A momentary lull fell over the friends, but the quiet did not last too long.

"Truth or dare!" piped up Alice, dancing around in her seat.

Her excitement was met with groans and eye rolls.

"You do remember what happened last time we played, right?" Edward raised his eyebrow in question as he looked directly at Emmett.

Alice chuckled as the memory of having to watch Emmett's pale white ass run by them, only to have him trip and fall in a pile of firewood that had been stacked behind Carlisle and Esme's new house. The couple had just bought the place, and hadn't even officially moved in yet, but had wanted to host a summer bash. After copious amounts of drinks and one small joint that made its way around the group, a raucous game of truth or dare had begun. Friends had kissed, shared deep, dark, embarrassing secrets and then...well, suffice it to say, nobody enjoyed having to pluck splinters out of Emmett's ass.

"Damn," groaned Emmett, bringing Alice's attention back to her friends currently around the fire pit. "I'm never going to live that down, am I?"

Everyone shook their heads and teased Emmett, who thankfully was good natured about it all.

"Well, then what should we do?" Alice was clearly bummed that her truth or dare suggestion had gotten the ax and had the pout to prove it.

"What about...ghost stories?" Edward asked in the worst spooky voice ever.

"Of course you'd say that," Bella whined. "You've probably got a million good ones in your head, Mr. Storyteller."

Edward rolled his eyes and waved away Bella's concern.

"Not at all. I just remember when our dads used to take Carlisle and me camping. We'd sit around late at night telling the craziest stories ever. We always had a blast."

"That's true," chimed in Carlisle. "It was awesome. Our dads always knew how to scare us. I still think I might even remember some of them..."

"I know a few!" Jasper boasted. "My gramps used to tell us some at bedtime. Scared the shit out of us, too. We'd never be able to fall asleep after that. My mama would get so pissed at him."

The rest of the friends slowly started to come around to the idea, getting excited as one by one, everyone seemed to remember a ghost story they had heard or loved.

"Fine, fine, fine." Bella finally gave up, seeing how excited her friends were getting. "Looks like I'm outnumbered. Guess I'll have to think of something good. So, what do we do? Just tell a story or what?"

"Oh! I know!" Alice bounced around as she shared her idea. "The characters have to have our names. I think it will make it spookier, and let's be honest, Emmett's already got the whole Frankenstein thing down."

"Mahemph?" Emmett's head swung up, his mouth full of marshmallows.

"Way to go and prove her point, Em," snorted Rosalie.

"Okay, sounds good," said Edward, refocusing everyone. "The people in the stories have to have our names. Oh, and the stories can't suck..."

"I'll suck you!" Jasper shouted in a horrible old school Dracula accent. It took him a second to realize what he'd said, but when everyone started laughing at his expense, he quickly realized the double meaning of his words. "No! Wait! I mean...aw, man. You guyssuck."

While Jasper sulked in the corner, Esme piped up. "Let's get this show on the road! Who's up first?"

Tune in again tomorrow when bmango serve up a creepy tale of a haunted house, three boys, and the lengths they will go to to impress three hot girls...