The Unlikely Choir.

By Adrian Tullberg.

"...thank you for your help sir, and I want you to know that I really hate to do this."

The Doctor looked at the small metal cylinder with the red light on top as Agents Jay and Elle placed their sunglasses on. "Is that..." was all he got out before the bright flash emitted

With a blank expression, the Doctor got out a paper bag from his pocket and placed it on his head, staying rock still, to the agent's amazement.

"Doct- oh great." Grace had just come from around the corner, looked at the bemused agents, her friend, and the visible device. "You used a neuralizer on him?"

"Hey, it's never done that..."

"He's not human, don't you check before using that thing?" Grace sighed, and looked around the alleyway. "Give me a hand here..."

A few minutes later, all three humans stood in a large cardboard box, singing at the motionless Time Lord.

"Give me my spear, of burning gold ... Give me my arrows of ..."

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