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Jillian's side had finally healed but was still very tender to the touch. Seven days after she had been stabbed, Murphy cut the stitches out of her back. His fingers glided over the wound as he felt his anger perk up again. He knew Shane was dead, Connor and Murphy had taken care of that not long after she had passed out. Eunice and Paul had taken her to the hospital while the brothers stood behind Shane. They delivered the family pray quickly then shot him. Then Duffy, Dolly, Greenly, and the brothers dragged the bodies to the alleyway and the scene had been set.

Four weeks later, Murphy and Jillian were standing on the dock of the ship, holding hands. The coast of Ireland had come into view finally. Jillian moved their arms to be behind her back as she turned towards Murphy. She let go of his hands and put her arms around his waist. Murphy's hands came to rest against her lower back. He kissed her forehead.

" Are you excited?" Jillian asked as she tilted her head up to see his face. Murphy smiled and nodded.

" Aye." He looked down at her. " Are you?" She smiled and squeezed him.

Connor watched his brother and Jillian as they talked. They were smiling at each other. Jillian was almost bouncing with excitement. Whatever she had just said made Murphy laugh hard. He turned them than so they were facing each other more. Murphy picked her up and hugged her tightly. Jillian's arms went around his shoulders as she laughed.

" They kind of make you sick, don't they?" Eunice asked as she came up to Connor's side. Connor glanced at her then back at the couple. They were standing across the deck from Murphy and Jillian. Connor crossed his arms over his chest. Murphy let Jillian slide down his body before he kissed her.

" She makes him happy." Connor said. Eunice smiled and nodded. Murphy glanced up at Connor then nodded his head. That was their sign that Connor should stay away from the cabin. Murphy took Jillian's hand and they hurried away.

" Now where are those two going? We are going to hit land in 30 minutes." Eunice said.

" 20 minutes is enough time for them. They learned to make it fast since being here." Connor said. Eunice laughed.

" Now how do you know they are going to have sex?" She asked. Connor smirked.

" Because we made up a sign. I walked in on them once so we came up with signals so that wouldn't happen again." He said. Eunice looked up at Connor.

" You're kidding, right?" She asked. Connor shook his head as the memory flowed through him.

flash back

It was mid afternoon on the boat and Connor was bored. He was walking down the hallway towards their cabin. He hadn't seen his brother or Jillian in a while. Romeo, Paul, and Eunice were around but Connor wanted to see his brother and his girlfriend. He came up to their cabin and took out his key. He slipped the key into the lock and opened the door quietly.

Jillian was facing him, freezing Connor in his steps. Murphy was on his back, his hands on her hips, while Jillian was sitting on top of him with her eyes closed. She had her hands on his chest as she moved against him, moaning softly. Connor was shocked and couldn't move at first. He had heard them having sex before, the walls in the apartment at Doc's were very thin. But he had never seen her naked.

He had always thought she was an attractive girl. Of course him and his brother would be attracted to the same type of girl. He liked her personality. He liked that she could hold her own with them in drinking and jokes. Connor had been attracted to her from the moment he saw her but she belonged to Murphy and he would never cross that line.

His eyes moved down her body, taking in her naked form before he could stop himself. He was instantly hard. Her stomach was flat and she had two tattoos on it, one on each side. Her breasts were perfect and for a minute he imaged how they would feel against his hands. He'd guess she was B cup, perfect for her petite frame. Her skin was pale and flawless as far as he could see. Her long hair was bouncing behind her as she rode his brother. Murphy groaned loudly, bring Connor back from his mind. He shook himself and slowly shut the door. He closed his eyes and leaned his back against it.

Later that day, Murphy found his brother leaning against the railing, slowly smoking a cigarette. Murphy came to his side, took out a smoke and light it up. The brothers stood in silence for a few minutes. Both had their arms resting on the railing and they stood slightly hunched over, their stances mirroring each other. Murphy was enjoying his after sex glow. They hadn't been able to have sex for the first two weeks on the boat, Jillian had been in too much pain. Connor was deep in his despair. He didn't want to admit it to himself but he was falling for her too and seeing her naked wasn't helping anything.

" Next time you two decide to have sex, let me know. Put something on the door knob, give me a head nod, something, anything." Connor said without looking at Murphy.

" What are you talking about?" Murphy asked.

" I know you and Jillian just had sex." Murphy looked at him quickly. Connor nodded. " Aye, I saw you. I walked into the cabin to see her riding the hell out of you."

" What the fuck." Murphy said. Connor looked at him with a look Murphy didn't understand.

" I'm not surprised you didn't notice me, don't worry I left as soon as I saw her." Connor said. " I don't want to see it again."

" You saw her then?" Murphy said as he looked away. " You saw her completely naked." Connor looked away but nodded.

" Don't tell her, if she doesn't know then don't tell her. I don't want her upset with me or embarrassed." Connor said.

end flash back

Connor knocked on the door to their cabin. Jillian's voice greeted him, letting him know he could come in. He opened the door and groaned. The whole room was warm and smelled of sex. Murphy and Jillian were packing up, standing by their little bed. Murphy's hair was sticking up in different places while Jillian's was pulled into a messy bun, both had small smiles. Connor wanted to walk away quickly but couldn't, he needed to get his stuff. He walked in the room, closing the door behind him and went to his side.

Connor grabbed his bags and started throwing his stuff inside them. Jillian and Murphy were playfully pushing each other's arms. Connor glanced behind him at the couple. Every couple of things Jillian put in her bag, Murphy would take back out. Jillian would grab whatever it was back and put it back into her bag with a giggle.

" Stop it!" She said. Murphy smiled and grabbed something else out of her bag.

" Stop it!" He mocked her.

" Murphy, we only have a few minutes so stop it!" She said.

" Stop it!" He said again as she laughed.

" For fuck sakes, stop it!" Connor snapped, making them turn and look at him. " Just fucking let her pack!" He whipped back around and closed his eyes. His hands were gripping his clothes. Suddenly he felt Jillian's hand slide over his.

" You okay, Connor?" She asked. He sighed and forced his eyes open. He looked to his side and right into her eyes. He heard Murphy packing. He felt his face soften at the worry in her dark eyes.

" I'm fine, Love. Just want off this boat. Fellas don't like to be couped up." He said. Jillian smiled and squeezed his hand before she walked back to her side and resumed packing.

Connor glanced behind him at her, his eyes moving down her frame before he could stop himself. He looked up again and caught his brother's eyes. Both brothers stared at each other for a few seconds before they looked away. Connor sighed and went back to his packing. He needed to be away from them and fast. He needed to go to a bar, get drunk and get laid.