Short explanation: Back when I first discovered fandoms online and tumbled headlong into the FK universe, there was a very small faction (2 people) who called themselves Lurkers. Their title was taken from the denizens of one of the Babylon 5 levels downbelow. They specialized in not taking themselves, the other factions and the show/characters very seriously. Discovering them, I decided I needed to be a member. (Oh, look, three members!) Thus my fascination with lurking various fandom universes began. Please feel free to wander in if you get the yen. This will be an ongoing idiocy designed to wierd out our favorite characters from The Man to Dr. Shroeder and points west, east, north and south, not to mention Moonbase ... shhhhh. I said not to mention Moonbase.

If you want to be added to the activities, lemme know and I'll add you. For the moment the list of lurkers is limited to my old crew: family members and some extraneous characters who pop in now and again.

Oh yeah, there are rules to lurking:

1 Do not get caught. Interacting with the characters is frowned on.

2 The interest of the lurk is possibly a direct inverse to how frequently rule number one is broken.


1 -

The Godzillaphile looked down at dragon with a worried look on his face. That he'd actually outgrown, to use the word judiciously, both his Godzilla phase and overshot the height of his esteemed, if rotund parental unit, went without saying. He wished his mother's lurker tendencies had been outgrown as well.

"We're doing what?" he asked again.

"Painting the car pink."

"Why?" he inquired, using a Buffy-esque inflection. Patience is always good for crazy people, he reminded himself.


"That's not an answer. There are people coming!" he stage whispered.


Ed Straker stared at his car. It was pink. It was not a ladylike Mary Kay million seller Cadillac pink; it was a rowdy, head-banger shrieking hot pink. What the hell?