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"Is there a reason for this?" he asked as his wheelchair was rolled out of the hospital entrance. He looked over his shoulder at Blaine, who had a rather pleased grin on his face. "No, really, I'm seeing you this weekend."

Blaine just grinned harder. "You told me over the phone that you were tired and bored of the same surroundings, and since you're getting checked out tomorrow, where you will be forced to stay in your house, I figured that you'd want to get some fresh air for a while."

Kurt shifted in his seat, moving his broken arm from the arm rest to his lap. "Okay, I'll take that reason, but can you explain the blanket?" he asked, prodding at the thick, wool blanket that had been draped over him after he'd gotten into the wheelchair.

"It's getting really cold out, so it's better to be safe than sorry, right?"

Kurt hummed, then leaned forwards slightly, puffed his cheeks, then blew the air out; he could see it, which meant that Blaine was right. Looking over to the left, he saw the small garden with a bench that Blaine was probably taking him, thinking. "Hey," he started out softly.


"What's it like to be cold?"

Blaine paused his walking for a minute, and when Kurt looked over his right shoulder he could see Blaine's eyes furrowed and his lips pursed as he thought. "I don't... I don't know if I can describe it, because it's something that my body just feels naturally, you know? And since you've never experience what hot and cold and normal are, I don't think I could give you a good description..." He paused again, then seemed to get an idea; he pulled his scarf off as well as his coat. He piled them up on Kurt's lap, then took hold of the handles of the wheelchair again.

Kurt let out a laugh. "What... What are you doing?"

"Proving a point," was his reply.

"And what point is that? That you're an idiot?"

Blaine let out a chuckle, his head falling down to land on top of Kurt's. "No," he said in between laughs. Then he sighed, small smile still there, and gave Kurt a lopsided grin. "No, I guess I AM just being an idiot."

"Yes, you are," Kurt replied, holding out Blaine's scarf for him to take.

Blaine didn't take it, though; once they were near the bench, he parked Kurt's wheelchair in front of it, then moved to sit in front of Kurt. "Observe me."

Kurt blinked. "Wha-what?"

Blaine grinned. "I want you to observe me while we talk; I'm going to start getting cold soon, and so my body will start showing signs that I'm getting cold: I'll shake, I'll get goosebumps; this way, you can decide for yourself what you think being cold and feeling cold is like."

Kurt frowned. "You sound like my dad when I ask him for help on an assignment: 'here's what I think, Kurt, but you need to figure out what youthink by yourself'. You couldn't just give me a straight up answer?"

"Because I'm stubborn like that," he teased. "But really, I have no way to describe it. It's like asking someone to describe a piece of music – you have to hear it to understand how amazing it is. In this case, you can see how horrible it is."

And so Kurt watched Blaine's body as they talked. They really just talked about the stupid things in their lives, Blaine telling Kurt all about school and the Warblers, and Kurt telling Blaine a little bit about the dynamic of New Directions while watching as Blaine's shoulders eventually began to shake, as the skin on his arms began to get goosebumps.

It looked uncomfortable, he reasoned with himself as the air puffed out of Blaine's mouth as they talked, his rather tempting looking mouth. "You're shivering rather hard," he stated once Blaine had been shivering for ten minutes straight. "I think I get it, so you can put your coat back on."

"You think you get it?"

"Yes; it's uncomfortable – I've been uncomfortable before, so I guess that I understand."

"Oh thank god," Blaine stated, and he dove for his coat and scarf, scrambling to put them on, Kurt laughing as he did so. "Okay, so... back to the question: you're getting checked out tomorrow, right? At what time?"

Kurt cocked his head to the side, thinking. "I think my dad is coming to get me at around noon-ish, possibly sooner."

Blaine's face fell a little bit. "Oh, so I'll be in school then."

Kurt couldn't help the small grin that appeared on his face. "You'll be seeing me later in the day, Blaine."

"I can't spend more time with you?"

"I didn't say that," he said, tilting his head to the side to give Blaine a pointed look. However, Blaine didn't smile like he thought he would. Instead he was frowning, his hands moving to undo his scarf from his neck.

Blaine leaned forward, his face serious as he began to wrap his scarf around Kurt's neck. "Ah," he said as he brushed his hand against Kurt's skin. "I had a feeling that your body was getting cold."

Kurt blinked, inhaling quickly and resisting the want to swoon because Blaine smelled incredibly good. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know," he replied. "I just had a feeling that your body might be cold, and you are pretty cold to the touch." He stood up from the bench then glanced at his watch. "I think I should take you back in; I need to get going soon."

Kurt nodded, although he really didn't want Blaine to leave. "Okay... Thank you for taking me out here – it was nice to get out of the hospital."

"Of course."

On the way back, Kurt cocked his head to the side and asked, "Is it supposed to hurt if your rip out your IV on accident?"

Blaine took a moment to respond. "Uh... yeah, it is. Why?"

Kurt rolled his tongue in his mouth. "Huh... I thought so. Because I did it this morning in my haste to get to the bathroom on time. I've wet the bed too many times in the hospital because I've missed my check by a few minutes, I didn't want to do it again... I really have no idea why I told you that. I really don't."

Oh god... I hate my mouth when I ramble, because I have no filter and say everything, and what if he thinks I'm just this weird little person and-

The laugh that came out of Blaine's mouth had Kurt sitting up farther in his wheelchair. "What?"

Blaine's head appeared next to his, that gorgeous smile that had been on his face the entire time still there. "You're just really funny, and to be honest with you, I'm really glad that you're comfortable telling me the embarrassing sides of you."

Kurt smiled at him, but then attempted to fold his arms; it was awkward with the cast. "I think I've hit my embarrassing stories mark. You still have yet to tell me an embarrassing story."

Blaine's face vanished from his shoulder. "Ah... well... I guess – I had a crush on Wes once!"

Kurt blinked. "You what? On Wes?"

Blaine's head fell against his shoulder, his nose pressed up against Kurt's neck. Oh god... If I could blush, I'd be so red right now.

"Yes, yes, I had a crush on him. I was young, naive, and thought he was a good role model. How wrong I was, right?"

"I can't believe it was Wes. David, I could understand, but Wes?"

"Yeah, yeah," Blaine grumbled into his neck as they moved into the hospital and towards the elevator. "I know. I was a child who was misled to believe that Wes was a good person."

"And who were you misled by?"


Kurt laughed the entire way back up to his room, and when Blaine left him with a hug (and told him to keep the scarf), he still had the biggest smile he'd ever had on his face. He was sure that if he could feel it, his cheeks would be aching in pain from smiling so much.


"I'm only going to be gone for two days tops."

"Okay, Dad."

"I'm only going to be moving stuff from the garage."

"Okay, Dad."

"I'll have my office phone on at all times."

"Okay, Dad."

"I'll also have my cell phone on and with me at all times."


His dad turned around and raised an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"You're being the over-concerned parent right now," Kurt said, glancing down at his phone to see what time it was; in one hour he'd have to go use the restroom and then eat.

His dad sighed. "You were in an accident not too long ago, Kurt. I just don't want you to accidentally over work yourself and injure yourself again."

Kurt gave his dad a tired smile. "I'm probably just going to do a Big Band Theory marathon and then do my usual checkups when it's time."

Burt nodded, then began to head for the door. "I'll call you after three hours, alright? If you don't answer-"

Kurt let out a small laugh. "I know, I know, you'll rush home to make sure I'm okay and not lying on the ground, bleeding to death."

"Hey," his dad said sternly. Once he reached the door, he ran a hand over his pockets to make sure he had everything before he headed out of the door. "I'll call!"

Kurt saluted him with his arm that wasn't in a cast, then settled down on the couch with his blanket and body pillow. Once he was situated, bundled up in his blanket, he grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, immediately settling down once the show was on. Sometimes he really enjoyed being by himself – he didn't have to listen to his father fussing over him (he loved his dad, he really did, but it got incredibly annoying).

His day went by quickly, and he fell asleep a few times; the last time he'd woken up, he realized he'd missed a check time and hurried to the bathroom, where he discovered that he'd really had to go to the bathroom. That would have been so very embarrassing, he thought to himself as he washed his hands. Glancing at the clock, he grinned when he realized that Blaine would be out of his last class finally – he could call him and ask about the out of the bathroom he began to get everything ready for the night.

A night.

With Blaine.

He paused in his preparations and smiled. He was falling, hard. And he was happy about it, so, so happy.

There was a skip in his step as he went through his list one last time. It slowly vanished over time, though, and as he was finishing up, he wondered why someone like Blaine would ever be interested in him.


Order pizza.


Have napkins out.




Panic attack done and over with?

...not so much.

Taking a deep breath, Kurt doubled checked what he'd prepared, then mentally slapped his head and told himself to calm down.

It's just Blaine, he told himself.

But that was the problem. It was Blaine. Kurt liked him. As in, "Hey, Blaine. Let's go out together, and then let out tongues get really acquainted with each other. Does that sound like a plan?"

Well, that's just not going to happen, he told himself as he added three new movies to the pile he'd picked out earlier that day. Even if Blaine had the slightest interest in him (which, Kurt scoffed, why would he?) he didn't have an idea of how long he could kiss before his body started heating up, and what if he overheated and collapsed and wouldn't that just be fitting?

"You're stressing yourself out, Kurt. You're just watching a few movies with him. That's it."

He calmed himself down, then promptly left the room to triple check everything for the night.

Oh my god, I'm so fucked.


I can't believe this, Blaine thought to himself as he stared down at his paper, trying to fully comprehend what he was looking at. His grip on the paper tightened and he blinked rapidly


Blaine stared at the paper, glancing over the mess of red marks on his exam. "I..."

His teacher gave him a look of pity as she linked her fingers together on the top of her desk. "Mr. Anderson – is there something that you'd like to talk about? In your history of being at Dalton, you've never gotten below a B on anything; is there something that-"

Blaine bit his lip, considered for a second that maybe telling her would be okay, but then he shook his head. "No... I must have just had an off day. Is there some type of extra credit that I could do to make up the average?"

She smiled. "I'm sure that I could come up with something." She took his paper from him and placed it back on her file. "Go have a good weekend, Blaine. You deserve it, okay?"

He nodded, thanking her before he gripped his bag and left the room. He was still slightly shocked that he'd almost failed that exam, but he knew the reason why. He just didn't want to think about it; he didn't have the time to think about it. Especially not at the moment. Because he was going over to Kurt's – they were going to spend the night alone, and possibly...


"Hey, buddy, how are you doing?"

Blaine inwardly sighed. "Sebastian," he said, plastering a strained smile on his face. "What are you doing?"

Sebastian was smirking, like he always was when Blaine saw him, with his hands in his pocket, his blazer open and tie slightly loose. "I'm just on my way to go to Scandals and was wondering if you wanted-"

"Sebastian, I've already told you that I'm doing something tonight. I don't know why you keep asking me to do stuff - "

Sebastian's smirk slipped. "You're seeing that Kurt kid, huh? What, are you dating him or something?"

Blaine held his head up high. "Or something."

"How about we-"

Blaine's patience was starting to run thin. "Look, Sebastian. I need to get going, okay?"

Sebastian's smirk appeared. "Sure you do, Blaine. I'll see you on Monday, or maybe sooner?"

Blaine gave him a hesitant smile. "Yeah. Sure."

He waited until Sebastian was gone before he allowed himself to smile as he pulled his phone out. I'll be there in under two hours, he sent to Kurt as he headed out of Dalton. He'd packed before hand, not wanting to be in his home at the moment, and also because, if he was honest with himself, he wanted to spend more time with Kurt. Kurt made him feel alive most of the time, which he hadn't felt in a rather long time. For the longest time he'd just wanted to withdraw from everything happy, bright and emotional. But with Kurt, he wanted all of the emotions, all of the happiness – the love, the sadness, the laughter; all of it.

He was just getting into his car when his phone buzzed with a text message.

I'm excited! I ordered us pizza – and what type of movie would you like to watch? Humor, action, musical, ones with characters that have questionable sanity? -Kurt

Blaine grinned, a short laugh falling from his lips as he quickly dialed Kurt's number. "Hey," he said once Kurt answered the phone. "I'm driving; what did you mean questionable sanity?"

Kurt laughed, a laugh that made Blaine's hear flutter. "I mean ones where you wonder why you're cheering for the supposed good guy."

"Do you have any like that?"

"I have Repo! The Genetic Opera."

Blaine hummed. "That sounds good; any superhero movies?"

"...does Kick Ass count?"

Blaine laughed as he moved the phone to his other hand. "Yes, yes, that one counts. That one first?"

"Okay. The pizza should be here by the time you get here."

"Good, because I am starving."

"I'll see you soon, Blaine!"

"Bye, Kurt!"

The drive to Kurt's was done with the radio blasting and Blaine singing at the top of his lungs; it had been way too long since he'd done that, and he couldn't lie to himself and say that it hadn't felt good. He was pulling up into Kurt's driveway when his phone rang out, signaling that he had a text message. He parked the car, humming under his breath as he killed the engine and grabbed his phone.

Once he'd read the text message, his smile vanished from his face and his good mood disappeared completely.

Not now... not today.


Blaine had been rather quiet throughout the night, Kurt noticed as they laid on the couch, watching as Hit Girl killed yet another mob member. "Blaine?" he asked softly. "Are you okay?"

"Hmm? O-oh, yeah, I am. I'm just tired; it's been a long day."

Kurt nodded, knowing that Blaine was lying, but also knowing that Blaine would tell him later if he felt that he could. Kurt, however, wasn't worrying about that. He was trying to build up his courage to just ask Blaine out, to just do it and get it over with. Blaine didn't seem like the forward type to him (at least, he wasn't sure – Blaine had been labeled as 'Can Be Oblivious' in Kurt's mind), and Kurt just wanted to know if it was a possibility.

"Blaine?" he asked again.


"So... um. I was wondering," Kurt began, not looking up at Blaine, and instead choosing to study his fingers. "Do you maybe, I don't know, want to go out to eat sometime?"

God, what a way to ask him, Kurt. Be more freaked out, why don't you.

Blaine let out a breath. "You mean... like a date?"

Kurt nodded quickly, waiting.

And then Blaine spoke. "Oh, Kurt..."

Well, that hadn't been what he'd been wanting to hear.

He felt Blaine pull him into a hug and he swore he felt Blaine press a kiss to his head, but there was a part of him that was unsure. "Kurt, I really wish I could, but not right now, okay?" There was an exhale of breath. "It's not you, it's just that there's a lot going on in my life right now and..."

Kurt was suddenly pulled out of the hug and found himself staring right at Blaine's face. "To make it so that you don't feel like it's because I'm not interested, I am so interested in going on a date with you, Kurt, so very interested. It's just..." Blaine bit his lip, which made Kurt, in turn, want to kiss him. "Right now is not a good time and..." With a sigh, Blaine leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Kurt's forehead. "Give me two weeks, okay? Then ask again. You'll have your answer then for sure, okay?"

Kurt nodded, and they went back to watching movies together as friends that wanted more.

Two weeks later, Kurt asked again.

Blaine said no.

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