With her amber eyes focused on the book of Angel lore in front of her, Alexandria failed to notice the looks that she was getting from the four men at the other end of the bar.

Bonnie, who had just finished talking to a witness, narrowed her green eyes and watched as the four drunks argued and bet with each other before one of them started walking over towards Alexandria. Bonnie shook her head, blonde hair flipping in front of her eyes before she pushed it back, made her way towards the bar and ordered a drink.

"Hey beautiful." The drunk leered at Alexandria, standing next to her and leaning on the counter - invading her personal space.

"Not interested." Was her reply without even looking up from her book.

"Of course you are, baby." The guy chuckled, leaning against her chair and blocking her in. "You just need to look up from that silly little book of yours and see what your missing."

"No, thank you."

"Now listen here, little lady." He blustered, getting all red in the face and frustrated. "Put that fucking book down..."

"Have you met my sister?" She replied, putting her book down and indicating to the blonde that had put her drink down and was now stood behind him.

The drunk turned, saw the blonde and grinned. "I haven't - but I'd like to." He looked her up and down and grinned as he saw his friends get up and move towards him.

"Really?" The blonde grinned, leaning closer to him.

"Oh yes." He leaned closer to her as well.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The guy behind the bar warned.

"We never asked you." One of the drunk's friends answered back.

"But maybe you should have listened." Alexandria warned, just before her sister's fist knocked the guy standing between them out cold.

"You okay Lex?" Bonnie asked, stepping over the guy she'd just punched and taking a swallow of the drink in front of her sister.

"Yeah - I'm fine, Bonnie." Lexi replied, standing up and indicating the still advancing trio. "You wanna do this or can we leave now?"

"I wanna do this - but perhaps we should just let them deal with it." Bonnie nodded towards the burly guy now walking towrds the drunks. "Plus, we're not leaving. I don't wanna go back to the motel right now - there's nothing to do."

"Fine. " Lexi muttered, picking up her book and drink and moving towards a booth lining the wall across from the bar while Bonnie got a new drink from the bartender.

"Great. So..." Bonnie started, sitting opposite her sister. "What are we dealing with? A rogue angel?"

"Nope. A nephilim."

"One angel parent - one human parent. Right?" Bonnie asked.

"Yeah - but it's weaker than it should be. I'm not quite sure why."

"Who cares? Let's just stop it from killing any more people."