2 weeks later at Bobby's house…

"It's been 2 weeks since we killed that nephilim. Why hasn't he turned up before to get rid of her powers?" Dean asked as he paced around in Bobby's kitchen.

Azrael had turned up half an hour earlier and announced that he had the time to bind Bonnie's powers again if that was still what she wanted. Bonnie had said that it was and they had closed themselves off in Bobby's living room to do the ritual. Bobby, Sam and Castiel were all sat at the kitchen table watching Dean pace.

"Angel's are busy Dean." Lexi replied from where she was leaning against the back door. "Especially the Angel of Death."

"Cas isn't busy. He's always here." Dean grumbled, glaring at the angel.

"Cas is where Lexi is, Dean." Sam replied. "You know that. If you want him to leave – then I think Lexi and Bonnie will be leaving as well."

"Shut up." Dean swore half-heartedly at his brother before looking towards the living room and sighing. "How long is this gonna take?"

"It is already over." Azrael said from the doorway. "Bonnie has requested to be alone, so I have sent here elsewhere while she comes to turns with the fact that she will never have her powers again." He turned to look at Lexi. "It was nice to see you again, Lex. Don't leave it so long next time."

"Wait? You did what?" Dean shouted.

Lexi smiled at the angel that looked like her little brother. "You see us whenever we get into trouble. I'm sure you'll see plenty of us." She said before her smile turned a little sad. "It was nice seeing you again as well."

"Hey?" Dean yelled.

The angel turned to Castiel, "I will see you when you return home, brother,"

Castiel nodded in reply. Azrael nodded back and disappeared.

"What the fuck? Where the hell is Bonnie?" Dean shouted. "He can't just send her away – she has no powers. How the fuck is she gonna get back form wherever the hell she is? What the hell did he mean never have her powers again?"

"Dean – you're frustrated and annoying." Bobby said, standing up and walking towards the living room. "The girl's fine, ya idjit. The angel will get her when she's ready."

"How will they know…?" Dean started before Lexi interrupted him.

"Shut up moron. You love her, right?" Before he could answer, Lexi carried on talking over him. "She's coming back. I know where she is and Castiel will get her when she's ready. She has her phone if anything happens. And it's her choice if she never wants her powers again."


Lexi and Sam exchanged looks and rolled their eyes before Sam got up and followed Bobby into the living room while Lexi turned and walked out of the back door with Castiel following behind her.

In England…

"Well – I guess this'll be the last time we really talk. I got rid of my powers completely. I asked Azrael to get rid of them permanently. Not even Lex knows." Bonnie sighed and looked at her mother's gravestone. "She's always looked out for me – just like you'd have wanted. You'd like her boyfriend, mom, he's an actual angel. You always did believe in them."

"Not going to tell her about your boyfriend? Or perhaps you know that I'm going to kill him because you got in my way?" Crowley questioned from behind her.

Bonnie spun around and glared at him, pulling one of her guns out and aiming at him. "What are you doing her? How did you find me?"

"Like I don't know you." Crowley snorted. "And without your powers – I can kill you and then your sister, boyfriend and all your little friends."

"In your dreams, Crowley." Lexi said from behind him. While he was distracted, Bonnie shot him in the head. "We'll be leaving now."

"Where's Cas?" Bonnie asked causing Lexi to frown at her over Crowley's body. "He brought you here, didn't he?"

"Nope." Lexi smirked and walked over to her sister. "You didn't get rid of the wings before you re-bound your powers."

"But…last time you had them, you couldn't…" Bonnie stuttered confused.

"I know." Lexi smiled. "Castiel's been teaching me. Let's go. Dean's getting irritating."

Back at Bobby's house…

"Hi." Castiel said as Lexi and Bonnie appeared by him. He was stood watching Dean check the Impala's engine.

"Hey Cas." Bonnie replied.

At the sound of Bonnie's voice, Dean jerked up startled, slamming his head on the Impala's hood.

"You alright?" Bonnie asked, moving towards him and checking his head for injuries. Neither Bonnie nor Dean noticed when Castiel and Lexi walked away from them.

"I'll be fine." Dean said, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her against him. "How are you?"

"Better than ever." Bonnie replied, grinning at him before kissing him.

Inside Bobby's house…

"They killing each other?" Bobby asked from where he was sat on the sofa in the living room.

Sam was stood by the window checking on Bonnie and Dean. "No – they're in the back seat of the car." Sam shuddered and walked over to sit in one of the chairs by the sofa. "Glad I can't see into the car."

"I bet." Bobby grinned. "Where'd the angel get to?"

"He and Lexi are on the roof watching the sunset."

On the roof…

Lexi smiled warmly at Castiel as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to lean against him while they watched the stars in comfortable silence.