"Oh? Thank you Tessai," Isshin said in surprise as Tessai took his coat.

Tessai grunted in acknowledgement and raised an arm for the direction that Isshin should go in.

Nodding, Isshin walked to the room where Urahara and no doubt Yoruichi would be at. Coming to and sliding the door open, he inched his head in and saw both sitting at his short table waiting for him.

"Hoh, you've finally arrived, Kurosaki-kun. Yoruichi-san and I have been waiting for some time." Urahara called out as he noticed him.

Indeed it seemed they had, as both Urahara and Yoruichi, in her human form and wearing her black jumpsuit sans jacket were treating themselves to tea and several miscellaneous sweets. "Sorry, sorry," Isshin mock grumbled as he made his way to the table and sat down, crossing his legs before settling.

"Would you like to try the cookies?" Urahara asked. "Tessai really outdid himself this time."

"Don't mind if I do," Isshin replied as he took the offered snack. "So I hear my boy brought Uzume-chan here," Isshin started off, nibbling on the treat.

Urahara let out a small whistle at the honorific, "Oh, Uzume-'chan'? Like her that much already?"

"What's not to like?" he grinned. "She's easy on the eyes, made my boy finally find his hormones, and has him wrapped around her little finger even if he's too slow to realize it! She's everything I could want in a daughter-in-law!"

Urahara chucked, "Sounds a lot like his father if you ask me."

"Please!" Isshin snorted. "I knew I was whipped with Masaki. I just acted that was because she found it funny."

Yoruichi looked at him deadpan. "I seem to recall one night of you bawling your eyes out at the front door because she kicked you outta the house for...what was that again...," she asked and turned her head around and looked up to the ceiling with a finger on her chin.

"It was a joke, Yoruichi! A joke!" Isshin retorted. "You know how she was with her crazy sense of humor!"


Both looked at Urahara who had snapped his fan open and began to lightly fan himself and cover his face at the same time, hiding all but his amused eyes. "Hoh~? I remember that night, you ended up crawling all the way over here-"

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Isshin laughed, eyes roving distractedly. "That's my Masaki! Always a kidder! It's why I love her!"

"So you say, Kurosaki-kun. So you say," Urahara trailed off for a moment before he looked into Isshin's eyes. "Still, at least Masaki was fully human."

Isshin grunted as he took another cookie. "So you noticed that too, eh," he asked before taking a bite, the crunch loud enough to hear.

"Come now, Kurosaki-kun, surely you give us more credit than that."

"Well considering it's my boy we're talking about here, I feared him with a woman could've distracted you too much," Isshin answered with a simple shrug. "So what do you make of her?"

"While she's definitely not human, she not altogether alien, from what I could tell," Yoruichi mentioned, a hand on her chin and her eyes unfocused as she was lost in thought. "I could sense the bond he mentioned, along with minute traces of Ichigo's reiatsu in her own aura. It's odd, but I could swear I've felt something similar before."

"Ichigo's reiatsu?" Isshin asked.

"Don't play coy," Yoruichi looked at him, not quite glaring yet. "I know you've at least felt that one small shard he still has left. Extremely weak, so faint you'd need to concentrate hard for several minutes just to get a bead on it." 'Still... I don't know if I'm imagining things but it felt almost... larger when I saw him earlier than when I saw him last,' She thought to herself.

"That's the point," Isshin retorted. "How is it that she has any bit of Ichigo's reiatsu in her in the first place? That shard is so damn small, if it did leave him, he should be back to square one."

"Your son did mention that she was bonded to him, and that there were others like her finding other humans, presumably non-spiritually aware, and bonding to them as well. Apparently this bond helps them to use their capabilities to their furthest extent. Whether or not they absorb their partner's strength is a mystery, unless we manage to find one and examine them."

"Let's put that aside for the moment," Isshin grunted as he turned back to Urahara. "How your little project coming along?"

A sigh greeted him as Urahara reached up to palm his cap and tip it a bit lower as he brought his own head down slightly. "Well, good news is there was some progress. Kuchiki-san's reiatsu was absorbed easily, however there are still some issues on how much it will absorb until it cuts itself off."

"What happened?"

"The blade began to absorb too quickly and too much, almost different to when I initially allowed it to absorb mine." He put a hand under his chin and looked slightly upwards and began mumbling to himself. "It could be related to wavelength, as if knowing the contributors and their strength would be different, hmm..."

"Is Rukia-chan all right?" Isshin asked.

"She looked like hell when she saw the boy off," Yoruichi remarked.

Urahara had the grace to wince under his hat at Yoruichi's comment. "Thankfully, she'll make a full recovery, and if what I think happened it shouldn't take too long to correct, however..." he trailed off as he looked to the side in thought.

"However what?" Isshin pressed.

His eyes flickered to Isshin, serious. "Are you certain you still want to pursue this, Kurosaki-san? Your son has his chance at a normal life. Do you really want to drag him back into Soul Society politics when he has this chance in front of him?"

"I want the option there for him, should he wish for it," Isshin answered. "Rest assured, if he wants nothing more than a life of peace he's earned that for three lifetimes. But I know what my son is. And should such a need for his gifts arise again..."

"True enough. Though, for once Soul Society's politics are in his favor. I had visited a month ago with my progress report to the Commander-General, and although he was persistent in moving our experiment along, he was adamant that no action be taken without his consent."

Yoruichi snorted with a rueful smile. "Even with that, its easy to tell that he's changed a bit. Ichigo is one special kid, Isshin."

"I know he is," Isshin smiled. "He's my son after all."

After a moment Urahara continued. "Still, I will admit to disappointment. I had hoped to be finished in time for his graduation. Kuchiki-san was most insistent on it and not having it ready galls me more than I care to admit."

"Kisuke, I told you already. Don't beat yourself over it, you had your hands full with the Asagiri Incident".

"It took me only a week and a half to help solve that", he mentioned.

"The Commander-General had you working along with Kurotsuchi, and I don't doubt that it was also finished that quickly because Mayuri wanted you out. Not to mention the reports you had to do", Yoruichi pointed out.

Isshin chucked a bit, "Never would have thought you would do anything for the Soul Society again after all you went through."

"Oh you know me," Urahara smiled at Isshin. "I would work with the devil himself if the price was right."

"True enough." Isshin nodded. "Still, this might be for the best. With my new daughter in the picture, there's no need for her to get entangled with the affairs of Soul Society. Besides, if something goes down that doesn't affect the balance of life and death here, the old man might just deny us the use of that sword." After a moment he sighed, standing up and stretching his back slightly. and grinned "Whelp, I think it's about time for me to get going home."

Urahara looked up from beneath the brim of his hat. "Hoh? Why so soon, Kurosaki-san? You only just got here."

Isshin turned to him, his grin even bigger. "I gotta go find out what kind of trap the boy laid out for me." He then laughed. "Though I can't believe he actually told me about it before hand! I better go find out before its too late and it somehow trips the girls up."

"Kurosaki-kun, I'm afraid it's already much, much too late to worry about that," Urahara ominously replied, his eyes now being hidden by the brim of his cap as he tilted his head down. Though he too couldn't see, it wasn't hard to miss the confusion on his friend's face as he stood there with his hand in the grip slot.

"Something else we need to talk about, Kisuke?" Isshin replied confused.

"It seems you've been a naughty boy, Kurosaki-san," Urahara said as he picked up his closed hand fan. "A very, very naughty boy," he finished before snapping the fan open and raised his other hand palm up slowly.

Isshin blinked in confusion at Kisuke's words, "I don't get-"

"Bakudo #63, Sajou Sabaku," he nearly whispered and Isshin's eyes snapped wide open as Urahara's hand snapped shut.

"KISU-UGH!" Isshin got out as a thick, almost chain shaped glowing golden rope raced forward to entwine Isshin tight, pinning his arms to his body and causing him to teeter over dangerously, causing Isshin to hop around several times throwing his upper body in the opposite direction to keep from falling over several times.

"KI-KISUKE! WHAT THE HELL, MAN? YORUICHI!" he suddenly shouted as the Goddess of Flash suddenly appeared behind him from where she was sitting just an instant before. "YORUI-EAAGHHH!" he screamed as she grabbed his cheeks and started pulling. "YOUUIIIEEeeeEEEE! !" he screeched as she tightened further.

Giving him a brilliant smile her words were just the opposite of just how happy she appeared. "You. Have. Been. A. Baaaaaaaaaaaaa~d boy, Isshin. Tessai! Ururu! Jinta!"

"HA!" a loud grunt came as the shouji door suddenly slid open with a loud bang and there stood Tessai center with Ururu to his left looking embarrassed while carrying some sort of strange contraption while Jinta stood on his right carrying the same thing with an evil grin on his face.

"Finally!" Jinta shouted. "I've been waiting all day to use this!"

"KI-KISUKE!" Isshin shouted as best he could when Yoruichi released his cheeks. About to shout again he gave a surprised yelp as Tessai lifted him up on his shoulders as if he were a live battering ram. "KISUKE!"

"Oh, Kurosaki-kun, Kurosaki-kun," Urahara said already at the front of the door. Tessai turned so Isshin would be facing him and Isshin screamed at his head nearly hitting a few things as he whirled around.

Seeing Kisuke in front of him, he belted out, "Kisuke, what the hell is this?"

"Hoh? You don't know? Quite simply put, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth."

"What!" Isshin squawked.

Urahara leaned and cupped his face with his open fan as if to whisper a secret. "That was very, very mean of you Kurosaki-kun... to play and twist Uzume-san and Kurosaki-san's feelings like that."

"Oh dad!"

Isshin's already widened eyes opened further.

"So imagine my shock at his story when he told me," Urahara said before smiling, "and imagine his smile as I told him that I have new hollow fighting equipment that needs testing! All I needed was a live guinea pig and Kurosaki-kun gave me a wonderful one."

"Enjoy tonight," Ichigo said before turning forward and walking through the turnstile with Uzume following a second later.

"Ki-Kisuke," Isshin whispered, sweat pouring from his forehead.

"Don't worry, you should come out fine. You may walk funny for a few days but I'd say that's a fair trade of pain," Urahara said while turning around, his haori fluttering as he did so.

"Kisukeeeee", Isshin whined as Tessai started forward as he followed Urahara.

"Complaints," Urahara said turning slightly, snapping the fan shut with an audible snap and lowered his voice, "are useless."

Isshin's cries went unheard of as a grinning Yoruichi opened and hopped down into his secret training grounds while the others quickly followed after her.

Author's Notes:

Betcha thought we forgot Isshin didn't ya?

Well anyways, this omake is cannon to the main storyline of Veiled Moon. It's an omake solely due to the fact that it couldn't be fit into the main story. I've set things up like this for future omakes, cannon as well as non-cannon, for easy finding. I also plan to have side-stories and possible what-if scenarios in this area as well.

I would also warn you all not to expect chapter five of Veiled Moon for a while. It's gonna be another whopper. I hope not to be as long as chapter four was, but that was more a case of real life issues cropping up and delaying things. Hopefully it doesn't cause too many problems, but you never know.

In any case, thanks for your continued support, and do send any care packages to Isshin. He's gonna be needing them for a while. :3c