Missing. Fifteen years.

Fifteen years ago it was prince Alexander's birthday. Everyone in the robloxian kingdom came to celebrate. Even the guards got the day off. The king made a toast to everyone to celebrate. Wine glasses clacked all around. The prince politely ate his food and watched the festivities.

"hey Alexander!" a friend of the boy called to him.

"oh hi sparky!" the prince said to his friend. They had been friends as long as they could remember.

"c'mon I've got something to show you!" the hyper toddler told his buddy.

"ok one second!" he yelled as he got up from his seat.

The two kids walked into the forest wandering off the beaten path. Sparky stopped and pulled out a branch from the tree they were close to.

"ok make sure no one knows about this ok?" the branch equipped male said.

"ok! Why what are you doing?" he asked.

"HAAAH!" the other kid yelled as he jammed the stick into the ground causing an explosion of light. Knocking back all shadows. The prince covered his eyes from blindness.

"Woah that was cool!" the prince said as his friend pulled the wood from the ground.

"yeah but it only works once per stick. It kills all evil spirits around the user." he said throwing the stick somewhere of unimportance.

The two boys started to walk back when Alexander got hit by an arrow.

"alexander!" sparky yelled as he pulled the arrow out of his friends abdomen. He started to drag him away when four guards came out and started shooting at him.

"oh god oh god!" sparky said as he dragged his friend into the assassin base where he lived.

Now it's fifteen years later.

"never catch me alex!" the young adult sparky yelled to his assassin friend who he trained with.

"I'm gonna get you!" the other adult yelled to his best friend.

The two men were like brothers. They had been training since they were five. Sometimes they went into town but only to get supplies. Other times they pulled pranks on the towns people.

"not gonna get me!" sparky yelled as he ran into the castle walls.

"oh yeah?" the other man yelled because he pushed him into those walls.

Sparky jumped at his friend tackling him and they got into this wrestling match of different evelations of momentum. Basically the brother like friends were fighting. Again.

"had enough?" sparky asked his downed friend.

"just getting started!" he yelled as he flipped his friend off his own body onto the ground.

"ok ow!" he yelled as he felt his back.

These two assassins were in white assassin outfits. They both went into the town on this day to check out the news.

"attention! Attention! The prize for finding the prince has risen to fifty thousand gold!" an announcer yelled.

"oh boy here we go again." alex whispered to sparky.

"on another note princess Natalia is coming to marry the other prince!" the man on the stand said as well.

"Natalia? Isn't she one that believes in love before marrige?" sparky asked his companion.

"yes. It's a good thing to live by. She's a very beautiful woman too." alex said remembering the poster they both saw about a year ago.

The woman had very beautiful features that mermaids can't even hold a candle to.

"remember everyone is invited to the wedding! EEK ASSASSIN!" the man yelled pointing at the friends.

"oh god." alex said as he ran for the gates of the castle.

"hey wait up!" sparky yelled as he chased after his friend.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" two guards yelled trying to stop them.

The two just hit them with kicks and ran out going to the mountain.

"are we seriously going to the mountain?" sparky asked as they ran.

"yes and we're gonna climb up it." alex yelled as they ran towards it.

"this might not be the best idea!"

"we've done stupider!"

"true that!"

The men ran towards the mountain at full speed not stopping even for the sales person at the bridge.

After the two men finally got to the top they finally got a chance to relax.

"alex." sparky said.


"are you ever gonna tell them?"

"no. They can never find out that I'm the missing prince." he said snapping a little at his friend.

"ok sorry." he replied.

"it's ok. Just don't ask why I don't want to go back." alex said looking away.

Meanwhile inside the castle the kings of the two kingdoms were discussing where to have the wedding.

"we should have it in the field. That way there would be enough space for everyone to attend." natalia's dad said.

"that is a good idea. Except the assassins could come and attack." said the robloxian king.

"we'll just have to post guards around it so nobody gets hurt. We need to think of the people too." the other king said.

"and we also need to look for my missing son. He was kiddnapped by assassins remember?" he said.

"don't worry. I get the feeling we'll find him my friend."

"it's good to see you Michael."

"you too jones."

The deal was placed and the moon had just started to show it's face. The two kings went to their quarters and slept the night through. Natalia though, she was crying into her pillow. She did not want to marry this man and yet she was being forced to.

"please calm down." said one of her maids. "you'll be fine. Just please stop crying."

"I can't Maria. I don't love this man." she said not even looking up from her pillow.

"oh please stop crying." the maid said rubbing her back. The maid was like a mother figure to Natalia.

"if you continue to cry your dad will come in and see you." alex whom appeared at the window of her room. "don't sound the guards I'm not here to hurt anyone."

"than why are you here assassin?" Maria hissed at him.

"because." alex pulled off his hood. "I'm here to give some royal advice. Please don't tell anyone my true identity."

The maid was in awe when she saw alex. Who was truly prince Alexander. The prince who has been missing for fifteen years.

"y-y-y-y-y-your-" the maid never finished the sentence before fainting.

"so is it true?" natalia asked.

"yeah. I've been training as an assassin for fifteen years now. Only I'm not evil as everyone says. Neither is my partner." he said jumping into the room.

"why don't you want anyone to know?" Natalia asked sitting up and taking in alex's figure.

"because I don't wanna live some boring ass life." he said referring to all the duties of a prince.

"that's true. But why assassin?" she asked referring to his now job.

"because we do whatever. Jump off buildings, run around freely. It's a fun life." he said stretching his back.

"is Maria dead?" she asked pointing to the unconscious maid.

"nah she just fainted." he said leaning against the wall of the room.

"ok that's good. She's like a mother to me." she said relaxing a little.

"well she fainted when she realized who I am." he said pulling his hood back up. "remember you can always say no."

Alex then went out the window leaving a very confused princess.

The next morning was all preparation for the wedding. Trying on dresses, suits, flower girls and ring bearers. Absolute mayhem. Which was perfect time to pull a prank. Well in the two assassins minds.

"ok so what we're gonna do is throw buckets of water at them?" alex asked confused.

"exactly." he said getting his bucket ready.

"ok whatever." they both prepared for the first victim.

The person they were gonna get was trying to sort all the food for the banquet. Unfortunately for her she was about to get splashed by two galons of water.

"EEEK!" she yelled as she got covered by all the water.

The two men ran to behind the building waiting for more reaction and they heard screaming and cursing from the other side. The two men both thought *mission succsessful.* as they walked away. Then an arrow grazed by sparky's shoulder.

"oh damn!" they both yelled as they ran to they're home in the forest.

Once they were in they let their laughs out. The two had so many adventures of near death experiences that nobody could count.

"heheheheh so tell me alex. How was talking to Natalia last night?" sparky asked as he watched his friend wince and think on how he knew.

"umm hehe. Well she knows who I really am." he said scratching the back of his head.

"oh dammit man." sparky cursed at his friends stuppidity.

"hey she was crying and I was trying to comfort her!" he said in his defense.

"what ever just don't get caught next time." sparky said as he got into his assassin clothes. "next time she might call the guards."

"she won't." he said as he got in his.

The princess was choosing her wedding dress and thinking about what alex had said the night before. *you can always say no. What does that mean?* were the thoughts lingering in her head.

"ma'am the prince has arrived." one of the guards said to her.

"let him in." she said hoping this wouldn't be to bad.

"hello princess. I am in awe for such beauty." he said. Prince Brandon was a handsome prince. His brother he loved dearly even though he didn't know who he was.

"Brandon. You are to be king correct?" she said looking him in the eye.

"correct. Only if you say yes. Which I think you will." he said being a little to cocky with his answer.

"and you intend to make sure that happens?" she asked.

"well I don't want to make sure it happens because there is a war coming to attack our two kingdoms. If we are aligned we can win." he said.

"hmm. Ok. I think we will get along." *yeah right.* she thought regretting saying that.

"well I must be off. Preparations and preparations." he said as he left the room.

"dammit all." she whispered to herself.

Everyone was still preparing for the massive wedding that was happening in a week from that day. Nobody suspected anything wrong was going to happen. Now that was garuenteed not to happen. Especially considering that two specific assassins were going to go anyway. As the author of this story you can bet your ass those to are gonna do something.

"dude we've totally got to attend that wedding!" sparky said to his friend who was grabbing his knifes.

"why?" he asked putting them in a position like taki from soul calibur IV. (quick an I actually made a custom character for Alexander on my xbox. LOL!)

"because it'll be funny." he said just looking at his friend like duh!

"well its in a week so you can plan I'm gonna do some recon." alex said leaving the house.

"ok. Just get some plans or something." he said starting to plot. Yes scheming does look different.

Alex started to walk to the castle in search of some wedding plans. There was gonna be a quadruple decker cake (NOM) tons of food, and a huge crowd was anticipated.

"hmm. Ok here is a floor plan." he said as he picked it up then jumped out the window to get it to sparky.

"good god what happened to the floor plans. Now I have to draw them again!" a man yelled from the room.

Meanwhile Natalia was looking around in the forest looking for something substantial to use for her new recipie. She was making some of the food being used for the banquet at the wedding.

"hmm. Maybe some apples and pears would do good." she said picking some off of the trees.

She walked back when she was ambushed by drunken thugs.

"hey p *hic* perty lady. Come on down with ush." he said slurring his speech together.

"if you think I'm gonna do that with you your mistaken." she said trying to get through.

"o-*hic*-oh no you don't" he said stopping her.

"hey you drunken idiot. Let the lady go." alex said pulling out one of his knives. Sparky pulling out his sword.

"hey you should go home kidsh itsh dangeroush." the man said again.

"ugh. It looks as words won't be enough." sparky said as he jumped down stabbing the mans foot while alex jumped down and stabbed the other one.

"those little bitches!" one of the other men said.

The fight broke out. The drunkards pulled out crossbows but ended up shooting each other with they're impaired vision. Alex then pulled Natalia out of there and sparky followed them to the river.

"you ok?" sparky asked when they all sat down.

"yeah I'm fine." she said as she sat down.

"that was pretty funny when they all shot each other" alex said while laughing.

"it looked painful!" Natalia cried trying not to laugh.

"oh cmon it was funny." sparky laughed thus making Natalia finally giggle.

"hey you laughed! Cmon let's get you back to the castle." alex said as he got up and offered his hand to her.

"thank you" Natalia said as she got pulled up.

"sparky you coming with?" alex asked.

"nah I'll just go home." he said walking to the house in the forest.

On the way back for the two it was a bit of an awkward silence. When they got to the castle gates they both stopped and looked at each other.

"well. Bye for now." Natalia said.

"yeah." alex said very deep in thought. "heh."

"what is it?" Natalia asked wondering why he laughed so quietly.

"it's- never mind I can show you better than I can tell you." he then got up close wrapped her in an embrace and put his lips to hers and passionately kissed her. The kiss lasted for what felt like eternity to them but was really a couple of minutes.

"thank you alex. For letting me know it's returned." Natalia said to alex letting him go.

"good bye my love." alex said as he disappeared into the shadows.

The next morning was all practice for the marrige and there were so many restarts it wasn't even funny. Sometimes it was someone laughed or giggled. Other times people forgot they're lines or just plain goofed up. It was mayhem for an entire 13 hours. And nobody could make heads or tails of what was going on. Because all of the tables and chairs were gone. Meanwhile alex and sparky were messing with all the tables and chairs that they collected from the wedding practice.

"we are horrible people." alex said as he balanced on two legs of a chair.

"yeah but it's funny watching them practice without all this stuff." sparky said standing on a pedestal.

"we're kinda mean." alex said stating the obvious.

"ya think?" sparky said as he took out his pocket knife and carved his name into the bottom of the pedestal.

"we should probably give this all back tomorrow." alex said getting off the chair.

"yeah. But let's just keep a couple of chairs. Three to be exact. One for you one for me and one for your girlfriend." sparky said recalling the previous nights events making his good friend blush deep red.

"shut up!" he yelled making sparky laugh.

"loosen up dude. Im not gonna tell anyone." sparky said while sitting in one of the chairs.

"good. Because if you did I'd have to strangle you." alex said jokingly.

"ok then I'd stab you." sparky replied in the same friendly tone.

Meanwhile the two kings were worried about the disastrous events while prince Brandon, well let's just say he was learning a new language. And beating the crap out of people while he was at it. Natalia was just watching as he was bragging in french, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Russian, all sorts of languages.

"haha take that you wanker!" he said not even knowing the definition.

As he continued to buff up his skills he didn't even notice the assassin that was creeping up over the walls. The assassin then attacked with his twin knives in a drop roll and stab motion. The prince saw the attack and dodged it swiftly. The two fighters then clashed into each other using a large amount of different moves. The two kept on fighting until a large mass of guards came and lunged at the assassin. He backflipped and ran off up the walls of the castle. He ran all the way to the top dropped off the back and vanished.

Alex was very tired after that fight making him have to rest. So he went to Natalia's room for a talk with her.

"Natalia. You in here?" he called to her from the window.

"yes let me close the door." she said going over to close it then sitting back down.

"thanks. Don't want anybody seeing me." alex said as he pulled his hood off.

"it's not a problem. So what are you doing here today?" she asked.

"well I just accidentally had a fight with your fiancé and it didn't go so well." he said pulling up his sleeve showing a large cut going up.

"ooh ouch. Let me patch it up ok?" she said pulling out some bandages.

Alex took off his shirt revealing several more cuts all over his body. Natalia gasped at the sight.

"like I said didn't go over so well." he said kind of chuckling.

"oh my god how long did this fight last?" she asked.

"about three and a half hours." he said rubbing his neck.

"here lay on the bed. I'll go get Maria to get more medical supplies." she said walking to the door and cracking it open a little.

Sparky then jumped near the window they were at looking at his friends laying figure. "what are you doing?" he asked like alex was some kind of pervert.

"ah! Don't scare me with you alternate voice! It made me think that there was a guard here." alex said looking at his standing friend.

"what is he doing here?" Natalia asked pointing at sparky.

"he's just here I guess. I don't know." alex said looking at his friend.

"I am here to say hello to my good friend and to say someone hired us to take out a dragon." sparky said showing alex and Natalia the flyer.

"oh." alex said trying to get up but failed thus opening up a cut in his side.

"oh I told you not to move!" Natalia snapped at him.

"heheh. Sorry." he said easing himself down.

"well this isnt my problem so I'm just gonna go and do the job so we can actually get food." sparky said as he left out the window.

"well he's gone. Is Maria here yet?" alex asked as Maria came calmly into the room.

"so let's see those wounds." she said inspecting him taking out a huge bandage. She wrapped him up and closing all the wounds.

"thanks you two." alex said putting his shirt back on. "knock em dead tomorrow."

_[X_] sandbag_

It was the morning of the wedding and our two assassins were in the crowd just in disguises waiting for something good to happen. The man who asked them to get the dragon now had the heart in the cake so the king got a new one. The wedding was going well. The bride was just now coming up the altar to right next to the pastor.

"marrige. The eternal bond of love, and hope. The bond of holy matrimony. Now if anyone has any reason to believe that these two shall not be married speak now or forever hold your peace." the pastor said looking into the crowd. "exactly what I like to hear. (everyone laughed at this) Now do you prince Brandon take princess Natalia to love cherish til death you part?" he asked.

"I do." Brandon said.

"and do you princess Natalia take prince Brandon to love and cherish til death do you part?" he asked her.

"I-I-I-I don't." she said everyone gasped. She looked into the crowd and ran toward the assassin home.

Chapter one ended. Finally.

A/N this is using Lizzie95's kingdom rpg stage on roblox. So go check it out while I go make chapter 2. God this is the longest chapter I've ever made. In two days.