Disclaimer: The Tenth Kingdom (and the Singing Ring thereof) belong to Simon Moore, Carnival Films, Babelsberg Film und Fernsehen, and Hallmark Entertainment. I am making no profit from their use & no copyright infringement is intended. The title of this song is not related to the Jane Austen novel of the same name.

Summary: Sometimes those pricey Singing Rings have to work hard to secure themselves a buyer ...



When you seek out the ring

Jewel bright and sparkling

To forever linger

On your sweetheart's finger

Make me your selection

For I am perfection!

So don't fuss and fidget

Let me clasp her digit.


I exist to aid a beau

woo the lady he loves so


Costly and inflated

Highly over-rated!

So the thought may strike you

But it's simply not true!

I am the best measure

To secure the treasure

That your heart has yearned for

These past months, if not more.


Three thousand Wendells is cheap

Twice that and I'm yours to keep!


I'm at your disposal

For the big proposal

When you want her to say

She'll be your fiancée

I will help you charm her

Dazzle and disarm her

Soon she will be your wife

For the rest of your life


Through good and bad, calm or fraught

Whether you like it or not ...


Wouldn't I look dinky

Perched upon her pinky?

Quite bizarre yet handsome

Sparkling on her left thumb

Or confound and perplex

Slip me on her index!

Wherever I settle

I shall prove my mettle


This Ring is at your command

I will secure you her hand!


So, potential buyer

If your one desire

Is your love to possess

I can make her say 'Yes!'

Mere gold cannot compare

With a maiden so fair!

Buy me now and depart

We must capture her heart


And once we accomplish this

live ever after in bliss!



Author's Note: One or two lines adapted from the 10th Kingdom series.

My first shot at a 10th Kingdom fic (or song, even). Feedback really would be appreciated!

Kara's Aunty ;)