Hey everyone Its me again with a new Kigo story for y'all. This one is called Last Bit Of Humanity, and it's a Werewolf vs Vampire story. It has a little bit of an Underworld theme to it. I would like to thank Jay aka Jordan for giving me the start of this story. i hope y'all enjoy it so please R&R thanks

Summery: Shego is a werewolf locked in a war with vampires and werewolves and she is looking for a way to cure herself of the werewolf virus and become human again. vampire legends have stated that there will be a 22 year old woman who has the cure in her blood. She meets Kim Possible a beautiful Red head woman. Shego finds out she is the cure and so she must keep her safe. she takes her across country dodging vampires, other werewolves, and the government. she also doesn't want the cure just for her but to end the war between the vampires and werewolves. along the way she and Kim fall in love with each other and the discover a bond that nothing can break not even their enemies.

Rated M for: strong and graphic violence, strong sexual content, and strong language

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with the Kim Possible universe. i own this plot and story and i'm just doing it for the hell of it.

Last Bit Of Humanity

Prologue: War Never Changes

The sky over Middleton poured rain down onto the city as thunder streaked over head. It was about midnight and many people dead asleep except for the party scene. Several nightclubs were open and people moved through the streets towards the clubs. There was one club that many people worked hard to get into the club. It was called The Vamp, and the line to get in went around the block. It was a hard club to get in as the bouncers out front turned away people they didn't find good enough to let in.

Shego stood in the shadows of an ally across the street from the club checking the pistol in her hand. Now a twenty-four year old woman and still as beautiful as ever. The action of the gun shot forward catching her attention quickly. She pulled the clip out to look at the bullets of her .50ae desert eagle. The bullets had a soft white glow that shined onto her pale light green skin. She smiled as she loaded the ultraviolet rounds back into the gun and pulled the action back loading in a shell into the chamber of the pistol.

Although she had plasma powers and claws built into her green and black jumpsuit she had a gun. When she was just fourteen she was in a clubhouse with her four brothers. But while they played and had fun like siblings would a comet that was multicolored slammed into the tree house. They walked out of it with super powers and soon they began to fight crime as Team Go. Together the had cleaned up Go City, that was until Shego had to leave at the age of nineteen because of something that had happened to her.

The plasma and claws worked fine against the government agents who had been hunting her for the past five years. The gun however worked for her enemy, her and her kind's enemy. Shego was a werewolf, that was the reason behind her leaving her family and friends back in Go City. She had been sucked into a war that she never knew about, and she didn't want to be part of. Sadly for her she didn't have a choice, she was in danger if she was on her own. Her enemies were everywhere and she couldn't do a thing about it. The enemy that she had been forced to fight were vampires, and they were to numerous and had money to finance the war.

She had her own agenda hidden from the werewolf leader named Drakken. A few hundred other werewolves were behind her on this idea. All of them had heard of the vampire legend of "The Fire Haired Woman". The legend told of a woman that when on her twenty-second birthday her blood will hold all the keys to both vampires and werewolves. In the right hands she could be used to cure both vampires and werewolves. However in the wrong hands she could be used as a weapon. Her blood could be used to make vampires be able to walk out into the sun and then they would be unbeatable. In the hands of an evil werewolf like Drakken, her blood could turn a werewolf into a beast that silver bullets could not kill. Shego knew she had to find this girl before any other wolf or vampire could.

She tensed up as a beautiful redheaded woman stopped at the front of the ally. She controlled her breathing as the redhead looked into the dark ally. Shego raised her pistol and placed the sights on the woman's head as she seemed to look at her. With the night vision of her eyes she looked the woman over. She could see she had green eyes and a narrow and beautiful face. Her fiery red hair sat beautifully on her head and it laid perfectly against her pale skin. She had a thin athletic body type that made Shego look her up and down slowly. Shego found this woman extremely beautiful and was instantly attracted to her. Shego would go both ways but she preferred women to men because un like men sex wasn't always on their mind. Shego lifted her nose and sniffed the air and she found no trace of the vampire scent, instead she smelled a sweet smell of cinnamon.

She watched as the woman shrugged her shoulders and walked off away from the ally. Shego exhaled not realizing that she had been holding her breath when the woman was looking in the ally. She tipped her head down and let out a sigh as she lowered the pistol and brushed her raven colored hair back. Her radio crackled to life in her ear causing her to jump a little.

"Shego come in" a man's voice came into her ear.

"Yeah what is it?" she asked into her radio.

"The club is closing down and the humans are leaving, time to work. Drakken wants this club gone, kill all vampires" the man said into her ear.

"We can do that" she said as she check all of her clips.

She looked over the twelve clips that were on her belt around her waist. She had gotten so good with her gun that she could fire all twelve clips in just three short minuets. The team of twenty werewolves were ordered to destroy this club and cripple the vampires in this city. The team she was part of was called Hellhounds for a good reason, they got the job done. Before she walked out into the street she thought about that redhead she had seen. She stepped out onto the sidewalk and looked around some men and women got out of their cars and appeared out of different allies nearby.

"I knew there was someone back in that ally" a voice said from behind her left side.

She jumped and spun around with her gun ready to take out the possible threat. She froze when she saw the redheaded woman leaning up against the brick wall of the building. Shego quickly hid the pistol behind her back and looked at the woman as she stood walked moved off the wall and looked at her. Shego was utterly speechless as she looked at the beautiful woman who walked up to her. She looked into her big emerald eyes as she walked up to her. The cinnamon scent now was all to over powering to Shego and it seemed to make her want to take the woman and leave the war and everything behind.

"I'm Kim, Kim Possible and you?" the woman asked looking at her.

"Shego…well Samantha Go" Shego said looking at her with a slight smile.

"That's a beautiful name" Kim said with a smile.

"Shego quit trying to get a piece of tail, we got work to do" the man's voice said to her.

Shego shook her head and looked over to Kim as she looked at her. "It's been nice to meet you Kim, but I've got work to do" she said as she flashed the redhead a smile.

Him reached into her pocket and pulled a pen out of her pocket. She reached forward and grabbed Shego's hand and wrote something down on it and smiled at her. Shego watched as she walked away from her as the ran began to slow down. She watched as Kim disappeared into the darkness. Slowly she looked down to her hand and saw that Kim had wrote her phone number onto her hand. She smiled as she placed her glove over her hand to protect her prize. She felt something crawl down her spine and she had almost forgot what that feeling was like. That's why I need to find the cure, so I can be human again.

Shego turned and walked quickly across the street to meet up with the rest of the Hellhounds. She looked as the bouncers to the club held up their hands to stop the twenty people from coming in. One of the men quickly raised a silenced pistol and fired two quick shots killing both of the men. They were human but they worked for vampires and the needed to die by any werewolf's standards. They quickly walked into the building and ran in and the place reeked of a vampire scent. They stopped when they heard people screaming from another room. The screams meant the vampires were feeding and they would be easy to kill.

Shego looked around as they walked towards the room where the screams had came from. The scent of freshly spilled blood filled the air and it made the wolves start to drool. Shego fought back the feelings that the blood had on her and began to focus on Kim's face. She felt as her green eyes began to change into the amber eyes of the wolf side of her. They walked towards the room with their weapons raised as they walked to the door. They looked around at each other as they surrounded the large doors and the smell as blood filled their noses. Suddenly a man stepped forward and kicked the doors open.

The pack of wolves ran in, only six of them had transformed into the wolf. They came in and looked to see eight vampires in the middle of the room looking back up at them. The pack looked down at them to see them each holding onto a dead person they had caught. They each had their hunting/fighting teeth out as they fed on the humans. Their mouths were full of rows of sharp dagger like teeth that came out of their mouths. Each ot them had blood down the front of their faces and down the front of their shirts. Shego held her pistol up and looked around as everyone had their guns up ready to fight.

The vampires realized they were in trouble but they were going to fight the wolves anyway. They reached for their guns and raised them up and pointed them at the wolves. Suddenly the wolves began to fire into the vampires as the vampires got a few shots off at the wolves. Shego looked over as one of the people next to her took a bullet in the chest sending the blonde haired woman crashing to the ground. Shego looked over as smoke came out of the woman's chest as she died. Shego could hear the sizzling of the silver bullet burning the flesh of the werewolf. She looked as a pair of vampires ran out of the room to escape the slaughter of their clan members.

Her eyes changed into the wolf eyes and quickly the wolf jumped out of her chest. The wolf landed on its paws and it took off out the backdoor of the club. Her fur was jet black just like her hair was. She busted through the back door and quickly placed her nose to the ground and sniffed around. She quickly picked up the scent of the vampires and she looked towards the park. She quickly ran towards the par and she could hear the sound of the claws clicking on the ground. She stopped once she hit the grass and started sniffing the ground and quickly found their trail again. Found you her thoughts said as she ran deeper into the park.


Since she had met the woman named Shego, she couldn't get her out of her head. Her parents had came to terms with the fact that their daughter was a lesbian. They loved her no matter what and always had supported her. She was a twenty two year old woman and on her last year of school. She was a well trained woman in fighting and she had been taking karate classes since she was six. She was studying to become a vet and open her own shop in the city. She looked up as the sky began to clear and she smiled as she continued to walk. Suddenly she slammed into a man causing her to grunt in shock from the sudden impact as she fell to the ground. She slammed her head off of a rock causing her to groan in pain.

"Are you alright ma'am" the man said in a smooth voice.

"Yeah I'm fine…thanks" she said as the man helped her up.

"Oh, your bleeding a bit" he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cloth.

She watched as the man pressed the cloth to her head and held it there for about a minuet and then pulled it away. The bleeding had stopped and she smiled at him and thanked him. She walked away and glanced back as the man and the other man he was with stood there talking to one another. She turned back and looked at her watch and saw it was about two in the morning. She hurried her pace so she could get home because she had a busy day ahead of her. On the way out of the park she thought about Shego again as the beautiful woman filled her mind again.

"I hope she calls me" she whispered with a smile as she walked to her house.


Shego sat in some bushes and looked at the two vampires who sat downwind of her. She had seen them bump into Kim and Shego was ready to attack them but they let her go. She had watched as Kim had left and she felt a wave of emotions as she saw the crimson haired woman. She thought about the woman and the number she had and she planed on calling her tomorrow. Suddenly she heard one of the vampires begin to roar out in pain and it caught her attention. The vampire fell on its knees and clutched its stomach as it roared in pain more.

"What the fuck man…your eyes?" the one still standing said as he looked at the other vampire.

"I'm fine, but for a few second there I felt…human" the other said getting back to his feet.

"You know what that means right" the other said looking at his clan mate.

"Yeah, she's the fiery haired woman, the cure for us and the werewolves. How ever she will be our greatest weapon" the other said to the other one.

Kim's the cure? she thought to herself as she looked towards the two vampires.

"Did you get her name from her blood?" One of the vampires said.

"Yes, Kim Possible" came the reply.

Shit, Shego thought and at that point she needed to kill these two vampires quickly. She baked and growled loudly as she shot forth from the bushes she was hidden in. She flew across the small space toward the two vampires who were startled by her. Her paws came alight with her plasma as she bounded towards the two vampires. One ran off at high speed but the other wasn't fast enough. Shego launched herself towards the vampire and her mouth opened wide ready to kill him.

The vampire quickly punched its fist out and connected with Shego's jaw. It knocked her back across the ground, and when she hit the ground she rolled over and got back to her feet quickly. She looked over at the vampire as his teeth sharpened so he was ready to fight. Shego arched her back and growled at him as she walked around the vampire. He hissed at her and swung his hands at her to try to intimidate her and make her back down. Never being one for backing down Shego bared her teeth and growled at him in a deep tone.

Suddenly she launched herself at the vampire with blinding speed. The vampire moved quickly as well and he jumped over her as she ran under him. She spun around quickly and ran at him just as he landed. She clamped her jaws down on the vampire's left arm and began to shake her head violently sinking her teeth into his flesh. He shrieked out in pain as Shego tore into his arm and with his right arm he smacked her off of his arm with his super strength.

Shego yelped out in pain as she released the arm and backed away from him. His left arm was now nothing but shreds of bleeding flesh and the bone was exposed. Shego knew the vampire was in trouble now he was loosing blood and that meant loosing strength. She looked as the vampire ran for her in a last desperate attempt to end her. She launched herself at the vampire leaving twin trails of plasma arching through the air. She slammed into the undead monster knocking it to the ground with a terminus crashing sound. She landed on top of it and looked down at it as it hissed at her. She quickly shot her head down and latched her teeth around the vampire's throat. She sunk her teeth deep and began to shake her head violently and in seconds she had removed his head.

Feeling she had done well she backed off of the dead vampire and looked back at it as she stopped. The body of the vampire turned into a fireball and she watched as it burned into ash. She quickly transformed back into her human self and she quickly stretched her nude form. She let out a sight as she rubbed her hand through her hair. They know her name, and they will know where she lives. I need to make my move before them, she thought to herself. Suddenly a hand fell onto her shoulder and she jumped and spun around to be ready for a fight. She stopped and breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at a man holding a trench coat for her. "Thanks JR" she said looking at the extremely tan and muscular man. His black hair and blue eyes seemed to shine even in the dark. He looked at her and smiled as he looked over to the ash pile next to them.

"I see you got one of them…where is the other one?" he asked with a slight Hispanic accent in his voice.

"He got away, but we have a problem and a great thing" she said looking at him.

"What is?" he asked as they started walking through the park.

"The fiery haired woman, I met her tonight and I got her number. We need to spread it through the wolves on our side who want to go back to being human" she said as they got into a car.


When he felt safe the fleeing vampire stopped and looked around to see he wasn't being followed. He reached into his pocket and pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and looked at it. He dialed it and listened to the sound of the ring tone. He heard the other end of the line picked up and he heard some talking in the background. Soon he heard the voice of the person who had just picked the phone up yelling in Romanian to the other people.

"What is it?" he asked to him.

"Sir, we found it" he said into the phone.

"Found what?" he said in an irritated tone.

"The fiery haired woman" he said back to him.

"What's her name?" the man said after a long pause.

"Kim Possible" he answered quickly.

"You've done well" the man said and then the phone went dead.

He smiled as he placed the phone back into his pocket and he started to walk. He took three steps when a chain suddenly wrapped around his body. He fell to his knees as he found he was powerless against the chain. He looked down at the silver chain and looked back up as fifteen men walked towards him. Each of them wore black clothes and armor, as well as black facemask and a black helmet. They all had M-4s and they were pointed right at him. He looked down to see laser sights all pointed at his chest and he slowly looked up to see two people walking towards him. He knew all to well about these people, they were part of a military team charged with the task of killing werewolves and vampires. They were aptly named Slayers.

Every government in the world knew of their existence but they did all they could to keep it out of view of the public. They were now looking for anyway to eliminate them from the earth. They were viewed as nothing more then a plague on humanity and they needed to be destroyed. He looked up at the two people who stared down at him, and he knew them both. Will Du was the man on the right and the woman on the left was called Betty Director

Will Du was an Asian American with a slender body and the physic of an Olympic runner. He had jet black hair and brown eyes as well as a lightly tanned skin. He had three long slashes on the right side of his face from an encounter with a werewolf. He sneered down at the vampire and slowly turned his head to look at Betty. On his right hip he had a .45 caliber pistol and on his left side he had a silver bladed knife. Across his back he had an M-4 with a wooden spike launcher attached to the bottom of it.

Betty was a middle aged woman with auburn colored hair that had some grey in it. For her age she still looked very beautiful and very distinguished. She wore a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. She had a pistol strapped to her left thigh and it was loaded with several different types of bullets. Her blue eyes looked at the vampire in front of her that struggled in vein against the silver chain wrapped around it. She knew that it would do him no good as he struggled. Silver didn't kill vampires like it did werewolves, it just weakened them.. Killing them meant either using the sun, UV rounds, or wooden steaks to the heart.

"Did you hear what he said ma'am?" Will asked still looking to Betty.

"Yes I did, 'The Fiery Haired Woman'. the cure and or weapon to end the war, and her name is Kim Possible" Betty said still looking at a vampire.

"Well what are we going to do?" Will asked looking back down at the vampire.

"She is the cure right," she started glancing to Will who nodded. "Then we catch her, and do some work on her. We turn her into a walking biological weapon, that means we fight fire with fire" she finished as she turned and started walking away.

"What should we do with this leach?" Will called back to her.

Betty stopped only to place a cigarette in her mouth and lit it up. She took a drag on it and looked as she exhaled the smoke and looked as it curled in the air. "He's a virus, to stop a major outbreak a virus must be burned" she said as she started walking away from them.

Will looked at her and then over to two men who was ready and waiting orders. He flagged his hands to them and they walked up with flamethrowers and took up a spot on the right and left side of the vampire. The they looked back at him and he nodded to them both quickly. They nodded back and raised their flamethrowers to the vampire who's eyes were wide. The squeezed the levers on the weapons and a pair of flames shot forward and wrapped around the vampire. Will looked on as the undead monster roared an almost animal sounding roar as it burned. He smiled a cruel smile as the vampire burned down to nothing but ashes. He turned around and spun his finger in the air and the team turned and ran off into the dark of the park. He knew at this point it was the race, the only thing he didn't know was, who would win the prize was a woman known as Kim Possible.