The Pirate Wizard and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter/One Piece Crossover

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"Hi" someone is speaking

'Hi' someone is thinking

"Hi" Hedwig is talking or thinking

"Hi" Newgate is talking

'Hi' important information

'Hi' Den Den Mushi call

Summary: What if Lily potter had lived? What if Fawkes came up with an idea to help Lily, Harry, and Sirius get to a different world, to protect them from Voldemort's people? What if that was, the world of One Piece?

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Chapter 4: Classes Begin

"There, look. Is that him?" someone asked.

"Where?" asked someone else.

"In the group of people that are from every house except for Slythern" said another person.

'I wish they would stop talking about me like I'm not here.' thought Harry to himself not knowing at same time both Hana and Hedwig were thinking something similar.

Hedwig was thinking, "Why are other humans staring at my human."

Hana was thinking 'I know that Harry is strong, smart, and powerful. But why are they staring at Harry?'

This continued all they way to the great hall where Harry and Ron went Gryffindor's table, Hana and Neville went to Hufflepuff's table, and Hermione went to Ravenclaw's table. As they ate breakfast Harry and Hana pulled two small devices that looked like snails.

"What is that thing?" Ron asked Harry pointing at the snail like object. This got several people's attention.

"Well it's called a Den Den Mushi. Here let me show you how it works." said Harry as he lightly stroked the den den mushi awake. When the asked, "Can you please contact my mom?" this caused the mushi to nod and making a ringing sound.

At the front table and through out the hall a beedabeeda sound was heard next to Mrs. Potter, who picked up her mushi and picked up saying, 'Hello?'

When she said that the mouth on Harry's mushi moved but the sound was of his mother which freaked some people out. Harry then said to the mushi, 'Hey mom just showing Ron and some other people the den den mushi.'

'Ok. Are you ready for classes? Do you have everything you need for class?' asked Harry's mom.

'Yes mom I have everything just waiting for class list to get here. I will talk or call you later bye mom.' said Harry who told his mushi that it could go back to sleep as he put it in a special pocket he had for the mushi.

They finished eating breakfast and got their class list. (A/N: the time and day of the classes I am not going to list them because I don't want to.)

"Well it looks like our first class is Herbology with Hufflepuff which starts in twenty minutes." said Ron.

"That is cool we will have a class with Neville and Hana." said Harry

Ten minutes later heading to Herbology.

"Look there is Neville and Hana." said Harry as he waved them over.

When Hana and Neville got to Harry and Ron, Harry asked, "Well are you two ready for the first class of the day of class?"

"You know me Harry I am always ready for a challenge." said Hana

With that they walked into there first class. As the week went on Harry found out a few things. First he liked Transfigurations, even though professor McGonagall was a thought teacher. Secondly he likes his mom he was a natural at charms. And lastly he was surprised when Draco Malfoy came over to him and apologized for what he said about his Harry's mom. The conversation that happened after Friday's potion class, he enjoyed potions and was one of the few that got a small amount of praise from professor Snape. Although he thought it was because his mom scared professor Snape. That is not to say that he liked all of his classes he thought that history of magic was boring until Robin tried to get professor Binns on more interesting subjects, when he did start talking on some other subject he noticed students become more interested in what he was talking about which made him happy (a/n: can a ghost in the Harry Potter universe get happy.). He did not want to even talk about DADA class because he thought that the teacher was terrible, the man was kind of a coward.

As he was eating dinner on Sunday with his friends from different houses even Slytherin (Draco, Tracy, Nott, and Greengrass.) he was remembering his conversation with Draco that got them both to become friends.


He just left potions on the way to the great hall I meet his friends when he heard someone call his name.

"Potter can I have a moment of your time?" asked Draco.

"Yes you can but please think carefully of what you say." said Harry.

"I will. What I want to say I am sorry for what I said on the train." said Draco.

"You are forgiven. Let me ask you did your mom set you straight?" asked Harry.

"Yes. How did you guess?" asked Draco.

"I said the wrong thing and my mom found out." Harry said with a shiver as he remembered his mom getting angry with him.

Draco saw this and asked, "Was it really that bad?"

"You don't want to know." said Harry.

At this they both laughed with smiles saying, "Moms."

With that a new friendship started as they headed to the great hall. They did not see professor Snape smiling at them.

Snape then thought to himself, 'I am glad that they get a chance to become befriends while I never got a chance to be l friends with James while he was still alive.'


As the week ended a notice appeared on the bulletin board for flying classes that would be held that coming Thursday. When he would meet with his friends they talked happily about class. Except for Hermione who had by that time read every book in the library twice to get ready, and Neville who had grown up in the magical world. But their friends never put them down because they were all secretly worried about flying lessons. Except for Harry and Hana who both lived by the Will of D and Draco whose will overrode his fear of flying.

At breakfast the day of flying class the three told everyone to not show fear and that fear made them weak. And if the persons will was strong enough they would be ok.

The students went to flying pitch for flying lessons after lunch. Everyone got really excited for the lesson, so when they got to the field they were having fun and enjoying themselves until some idiot *cough* Ron *cough* became a bit of a show of and start acting like an idiot. What he did was think that he would impress people by going higher than anyone. This worked out well (being sarcastic.) until he got to high started getting frozen and started to fall. He would have killed himself if Harry had not gotten on the broom and caught him in a dive. The reason for the dive was because Harry kicked off at an odd angle. At the moment Harry caught Ron, McGongall, Lily, Sirius, Luffy, and Tony. When they saw Harry land with Ron they ran over to them. Tony checked Ron out who had a mild case of hypothermia and was sent to the hospital wing to recuperate. Lily and McGonagall were upset because Harry did something very stupid even if it was to save a classmate. They were going to give Harry dentition until madam Hooch explained to them what happened. Sirius and Luffy had the biggest smiles on their faces.

Later on Harry was told that the headmaster, his head of house, and his mother agreed that he could play Quidditch and they would get a broom as soon as possible. Other than him becoming the youngest seeker in a century not much happened. Then it was Halloween.

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