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Bella Pov

I had spent years tracking him down, the vampire that haunted my thoughts and mind continuously over the years I had not seen him. We had separated when things grew dangerous in the war, I had forced him to leave with the promise that I would find him once again. It was the last thing he wanted, to leave I mean, thinking of it as cowardly but he had gone reluctantly. Things had grown more difficult when he left but the hope that I would see my Jasper again kept me strong.

I had been running towards my destination when I had sensed his addictive scent in the forest in Washington and followed the trail, I had had no way of contacting him as soon as I had gotten free and he had kept an impressively low profile, though not enough for me not to find and track him down. He was my mate; therefore he couldn't hide from me even if he wanted to.

I ignored the animals as they hurriedly sprang out of the way, knowing and sensing that I was top of the food chain and wanting to survive my wrath. I didn't need to feed though, but I had run into trouble getting here and I looked quite the sight.

I had thick mahogany hair with dark natural red highlights running through it, catching the light they would bring out my dark eyes and make me look even more alluring. I was slightly shorter than average height but my toned and bustful body was enough to balance it out. I was also extremely gifted, a lot more than most making it the reason to why the bitch Maria had wanted me. Dreadful cow! My skin was also marked with scars which seemed to give me a more ethical beauty than anything; while they weren't completely attractive I would feel strange without them and wore them with pride.

Back to my current predicament I was running through the forest, a permanent smile on my lips for the first time since he had left as I followed his delicious and familiar scent. I couldn't believe my luck finding it, I had been passing through to speak with a acquaintance when I had stumbled upon it, that all too familiar mouth-watering smell which seemed to cling to me with such longing that I couldn't help but drop my plans to follow it eagerly.

Following it to where it was most potent I stiffened when I caught the scent of at least 6 other vampires, though I kept running but my guard was up as I did so. I stopped when I came across a large house, it looked gorgeous I thought as I ran around the perimeter. I could only sense two vampires inside, though I knew my Jazzy wasn't in there. Starting to approach swiftly I looked down at myself as I did so, well they were about to get a shock.

My normally attractive state was dampened due to me dropping everything to come here, I was certainly not in any sort of state for visitors but I found I was too keen to see if my Jazzy was here to sort it out. I wasn't exactly a patient vampire when it came to my mate.

My hair was mattered and messy, sticks and mud clumping into it making it look more like a bird's nest then anything. My clothes weren't in much better shape either, they were ripped and torn but that wasn't what I knew would worry them, it was the basic fact that I was covered from head to toe in blood, and not animal blood if you know what I mean.

Shaking my thoughts I walked silently up the steps, the scent of blood would give me away and not my approach due to the fact I had learnt how to walk to outsmart vampires decades and decades ago, they couldn't hear my approach unless I wanted them to. I heard the exact moment they noticed my presence as their inhales of breath were clear before they furiously muttered between them. There was a female and a male that much was obvious.

Reaching the front door I didn't bother to knock as a few moments later the male opened it cautiously, I immediately recognised him as Carlisle Cullen due to documents and old photographs I had come across in my travels. He was well known by most due to his similar diet to mine. I remained silent as he looked over my messy form with surprise, caution and pure curiosity, though I could tell the fact I was soaked in human blood made him feel slightly disgusted. I didn't hold it against him; he was a doctor after all and valued all life.

"Hello" I broke the tension with pure happiness; the scent of my Jasper filled my senses as soon as he had opened the door. Fuck, it was making me wet already. Carlisle seemed stunned to what to say, he didn't know how to reply to my ecstatic mood and I knew he most likely thought I was a complete nut, I got that a lot.

"Hello, look this area is well protected and we have a treaty in place which is against killing humans" he said tensely and my eyes widened, he was basically threatening me without actually threatening me. Wow, I could honestly say I was impressed if a little stunned.

"Ok" I said simply, his eyes widened at my blatant answer before he went guarded. He was about to speak again but I interrupted him before he could, I couldn't help but let the excitement I felt rise in my tone. It had been so long since I had felt anything but emptiness.

"Look I know this might sound strange but is there someone called Jasper here?" I asked with a beaming smile, I knew I probably looked like a complete mental case. I noticed he took a step back and looked even more cautious so I knew I had obviously freaked him out, but what the hell it had been fucking years since I had seen my mate. Do you know how hard it is to be away from your soul-mate for that long?

"He left us a while ago" he stated, he wasn't lying but I could tell he wasn't completely honest. Sighing I bit my lip before answering, keeping my tone light but I couldn't help the disappointment at having to wait longer to see him.

"Tell him Bella stopped by if you see him again" I sighed before I sped out of there, not seeing his expression as I found a place to clean up before I tried again. I knew Carlisle was only protecting him; it was obvious Jasper had told them a bit of his tough past but I couldn't help but be pissed about me having to wait longer to see him.