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Chapter 61

Jasper's Pov

I allowed a smirk to appear at the corner of my lips when I first scented the aroma that was Alice. It was sweet, in a sickly sort of way and from how the wolves described what our species smelt like to their sensitive sense of smell it was similar I assumed.

I already felt the Major within me begin to rise to the surface, thirsty for the vengeance which would occur in only a few minutes time. I knew the exact moment the Voltouri had relented, and it was clear that they had weighed their options and realised the only way to get out of this alive and unharmed was to allow me my request.

I wasn't power hungry, not at all since the thought in itself wasn't attractive in the slightest. I much like Bella wished for a peaceful existence, preferably in Texas, with no one other than my coven.

The thought was extremely tempting; desirable.

Allowing my thoughts to drift slightly I knew it was what my mate desired also, what she had wanted since the moment she had returned to me. It made a feeling of guilt ripple through me at the realisation that I hadn't given her what she wished for, even if I planned to do so once this whole situation was sorted out and resolved.

Aro had clearly thought about the consequences to what would happen if he continued to refuse me what I had come for, what I had the right to carry out as their own laws proved as much. I was being honest when I had mentioned how I did not care how they governed our kind, as long as I was left out of it. Now I was involved and deeply affected, however, it was clear they had decided it would benefit them best if they brought my peace by surrendering what they wished to hold close to them.

They had managed before Alice, it was clear they could cope just as well without her.

It was a relief. I was confident that if a fight had come from our visit then we would have been successful, what with the fact I could already feel Bella's shield beginning to tighten and ripple as she fought off the urge to do more damage with her valuable gift.

She was magnificent.

"I want your word, Major" Aro narrowed his eyes. He did not seem happy in the slightest that he was for once not on the side of victory. "I will surrender Alice, but you will no longer be involved in how I choose to run our kind."

At least the ancient knew when I gave my word I kept it I thought briefly.

"If you do not interrupt my life, or the Cullen's, any further than I will stay out of your way" I promised. "I am sick of having to fight, I have suffered through enough wars, but if it becomes necessary, I will come after you once again."

Aro narrowed his eyes further, pursing his lips in a tight line.

"Accept it, Aro" Marcus answered lazily. It was the way his eyes were trained on my mate who stood behind me that had me feeling slightly antsy, my hand tightening its grip on Bella's arse as I reassured myself that she was still safely behind me.

It settled the Major in me somewhat.

"You shouldn't be so quick to make a deal, Marcus" Caius scolded. "What makes you think once we give him this he won't demand more?"

I snorted at that, what else would I want from them?

"I am not a patient man, Aro" I spoke calmly. I had an utterly submissive Bella to look forward to after all. "So it would be in your best interest to simply give her up before I take this castle apart and deal out her death like it is my right to do so. I had given my word already; I will not offer it a second time."

Clenching his jaw I saw Aro stare blankly at me, trying to create fear within me I assumed but it was not going to work when I could easily sense his indecisiveness, his unease with the entire situation he had suddenly found himself entangled in.

I could sense my mate getting just as impatient as myself, wanting this over quickly and efficiently. I didn't blame her in the least.

"Bring her in."

As soon as his command had vibrated around the room in an echo the sound of screeching could be heard from another room within the castle, Peter chuckling in anticipation while the Major within me was practically purring in anticipation for what was about to come.

Neither of us could wait.

"No! Let go of me! I said, I demand you release me at once!"

Ah, it seemed like such a long time since I had last heard the annoying screech of the seer I thought with a mix of distaste and excitement. I had not missed her presence in the slightest, but the thought of finally bringing her to her final death was enough to get the vampire side of me producing venom in preparation for what was about to come.

It felt addicting, familiar, and truly delicious.

"Hello Alice" I bared my teeth in a vicious smile when I caught her attention. I took pleasure in watching her freeze.

I observed her as she swallowed, the fear flowing off her in waves. "Jasper!" she suddenly exclaimed happily. "Thank god you're here, you can help me, yes?" she asked hopefully.

Raising a brow I simply stared at her.


Bella it seemed wasn't for drawing this out, rather hissing in her direction causing her to flinch. My amazing mate may be letting me take control, but it was clear she only had so much tolerance for the situation and it was quickly running out.

"Betrayal comes at a cost, Alice" I spoke flatly causing her eyes to flash and her emotions to flare.






All her emotions were flowing into me, Bella's shield helping me deal with not losing my own anger as I was influenced by the vampire I wished to kill. I was thankful, like I always was.


I sighed, was she really going to try and play the innocent with me? Was she really that foolish? That ignorant as to think I would believe she was anything other than the vile creature I knew her to be?

I wanted to laugh out loud at the thought.

Struggling against the two guards that held her I watched as venom leaked from her mouth. If she was a human she would be frothing at the mouth with anger.

"You think I am going to just allow you to kill me?" she screamed. "That is what you are here for, isn't it? To kill me, burn me like the hateful vampire you are? You are fucking pathetic!"

It was Bella whose anger seemed to snap first, flashing next to me as she hissed once before she seemed to shut off her emotions completely. I could tell that the guard was in awe of her, I mean who wouldn't be when she looked like the sort of vampires the humans preserved us to be.

Emotionless, cold and utterly unfeeling…

She was perfect.

"Do you know what I used to do with vampires who betrayed me?" Bella raised a brow in Alice's direction, her words sending a chill down the spill of everyone but our coven. No, Peter and Char were smirking amusingly.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Oh let me guess, you killed them."

Bella allowed a quiet snigger to leave her lips. "Oh no," she shook her head, very much serious. "Not straight away anyway. You see the best way to get a point across is to use that act of betrayal to portray to others what the consequences would be if such a thing was ever repeated."

I smirked when I saw where she was going with this.

"You threatened my life, which is enough to amount to a pain filled end. It was when you went onto threaten my mates life that things got more personal. Did you know no newborn had ever said such a thing to me before? That even without knowing me they knew once it was out in the open they had successfully signed their own death warrant?"

I watched Alice's expression carefully, my fingers running up and down my mates back lightly. I knew I shouldn't have lust on my mind, but I couldn't help it when Bella was like this. So controlling, possessive, protective…qualities I normally held myself.

I loved it.

Still, I knew not to get side-tracked, especially since I just knew that I would never hear the end of it from Peter who was already smirking in my direction knowingly. I huffed; he was just as bad when Char got all controlling over him.

I remembered the first time I had heard the two of them fucking in the tents on the desert; it wasn't exactly a hard thing to forget since he sounded as if he was killing her. I may like sex, but listening to my venom brother and sister getting it on like they had been was something I did not find attractive in the slightest.

It wasn't that I had never been with a man, because I had, only topping of course since there was no way I would have submitted for another male to pound me in the arse. That was never going to happen. But I had always preferred women, especially my Bella who I was happily monogamous for.

I thought back to the first time Bella had gone down on Char, the only time actually. I had been approached by Peter and couldn't help but wonder, and while it was hot the only thought on my mind was the fact that it was someone else bringing her pleasure when that should be my job.

I hated to admit it but I was so insanely jealous that I doubted it would occur again even if Bella wanted it. I may love her with everything I held dear to her, but I was definitely a jealous and possessive bastard when it came down to it.

She was MINE! It was as simple as that.

"Let's speed things along should we?" I nipped at Bella's neck, interrupting her cold stare in Alice's direction. "I can't wait to get you back home," I added as I shot her a brief but heavy burst of lust.

With her nod of approval I turned back to Alice, pleased that my mate was letting me have control of the situation once again, even if I knew she would happily rip Alice apart without a second thought.

Me though, I really wanted to draw this out, painfully so.

I had Alice by the hair in the next instant, slowly leaking agony into her emotions at such a tedious pace it would start of as discomfort before I increased it to pure pain that would have her weeping on her death bed.

"Ow! Get off me! Jasper, stop it!"

Ignoring her pleas I took a brief moment to look at her, taking in the black cloak she was wearing with a snort. Did she really join the guard? Did she think that it would save her? Keep her away from me? It was almost laughable.

I could tell the exact moment that it hit her that this was it, her last moments living her un-dead life. Her reaction was amusing to start the least, the sudden contrast unexpected as she went from screaming to pleading to crying.

Shish, talk about dramatic.

I didn't react to her loud sobs, knowing from experience that she was simply being over dramatic. When you had lived with someone as long as I had with Alice, you picked up on certain aspects of their personality. Like the fact I knew Alice's emotions were pretty much fake from the first time I had met her, and that she played on the advantage of her young and seemingly innocent appearance.

I had rolled my eyes every time one of the Cullen's would fall for it.

She had tried it with me once, wanting me to change who I was simply so I would fit her imagine of what she had decided in her own little world was perfection. The woman needed to look in the mirror.

I sighed loudly as I continued to take in her desperate attempts to escape. Didn't she have any pride? Then again I hadn't really expected her to have any, since this was Alice I was talking about.

"What would Carlisle say?" she broke me out of my thoughts. "He would be disappointed in you, Jasper! I know he would!"

"Let me guess, you've seen it have you?" I rolled my eyes as I drawled out my question in a bored tone.

She narrowed her eyes.

"Look Alice," I cut off any attempt she had to argue with me. "Do you have any last words before I rip you to pieces?" I was nice enough to ask.

I could sense Bella's impatience as her eyes bore into the back of my head, her emotions deliberately flowing into me, clueing me in how displeased she was with me wanting to draw this out.

I would make it up to her later.

Turns out Alice didn't have any last words, but rather a rage filled roar of combined anger and pain as she hissed and spat in my direction. And she thought I was the animal?

Flooding her with as much agony as I could manage, venom soon leaked from her mouth and eyes, the fact we couldn't cry showing just how much her body was rejecting the negative emotions I was forcing into her small system. It was a pleasant feeling, to be able to control someone as much as I was capable of doing.

Once I was satisfied that she had reached the highest threshold of pain I had her ripped into pieces within mere seconds, setting her alight in one swift motion as everyone present witnessed her burn as her final cries soon died out as she was left as nothing other than a pile of smoking ash.

Smirking, I snapped my head in Bella's direction. I immediately noticed the way her own lips curved into a lustful grin I knew that we were exactly on the same page.

I was going to fuck her raw.


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