Light, Hope and... Elves?
by WSJ

Me: Ugh... One week until opening night... *falls over, exhausted*

Took: Don't mind her, her school play opens next Friday and the rehersils are killer.

Me: Dang right! We're going to be there until nine or ten every night this week! I'm gonna go crazy from all the stress!!!! *pulls hair out*

Kawaii-chan: So what are you going to do about it?

Me: *grins wickedly* What else? Take it out on the DDs. But with a bit of a twist. ^_^ Lord of the Rings cross-over!

Muses: Uh oh...

Took: Why do I have a sinking feeling?

Kawaii-chan: Because the ship's going down.

Me: Argg! No!!! No play quotes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around screaming*

Kawaii-chan: ^_^ 'The play' is the school play mentioned earlier. Boogie Woogie Bugle Girls. It's a cool play but I think WSJ's had a bit too much.

Took: Ya' think? *watching me foam at the mouth*

Kawaii-chan: She doesn't own LotR or Digimon.

Took: 'Course not. If she did she'd be playin' on Matt, Ken and Legolas all at the same time.

Kawaii-chan: ^.^;; You mean she doesn't now?

Both: -_-;; On with the fic...


Legolas sighed as he strolled down Tokyo's main street, the rough jeans and t-shirt of the period itching his skin. It had been almost ten thousand years since the last of the Elves had left Middle-Earth (or now just Earth, as it was called), the last of the dwarves had died out, the last of the haflings had hid deep in the wilderness. He was the last of the magical creatures left in a sea of humans. Every two thousand years or so he would spot an Istari or two, and would badger them for news of the Undying Lands, which was forver hidden from mortal eyes in the middle of the Pacific. He had never gone himself because he couldn't stand leaving his beloved home.

Yet Earth had changed so much in 10,000 years. Mirkwood was no more, cut down to make room for New York City. The Shire had been allowed to grow wild, and was now the Amazon River Basin. Mt. Doom was a useless, dormant volcano that the humans had named 'Mt Everast'. Mordor as a whole, now the Middle-East, was pretty much the same. Her peoples still fueded and fought to no end, and now there were no Elves or wizards to settle disputes.

Legolas had chosen to be where the happiest memories were, and thus resided in Tokyo, which was Minas Tirath greatly expanded. Every ten years or so he would visit the secret crypt under the city that housed the bones of the remains of the Fellowship; King Aragorn, the dwarf Gimli, and the hobbits Peregrin and Meriadoc. In the crypt Legolas also kept his old Elvish clothes and his bow and arrows, so they would be handy if the need ever arose.

"Holy orcspawn! What's that!?!" Legolas yelled as something raced into view around the corner of a huge building. Make that several somethings. He pressed himself against the side of the building as they flashed past. A blue and black dinosaur that ran on all fours, a giant mole-bug, a huge red eagle, a huminoid green bug, a winged cat and a winged horse. What surprised Legolas the most, was that on each rode a human. Thundering after them came a giant red and purple spider and a mummy.

His first instict was his arrows, and his hand moved involentarily toward his back before he remembered he no longer carried a quiver there. He didn't think arrows would be much good here anyway.

The spider shot something out of her (it looked like it should be a her) hands that wrapped itself around the winged cat and the girl riding her, squeezing them hard. The cat yelped and glowed, shrinking into an even smaller cat and losing her wings. The problem was that she and the girl were still in mid-air, and falling fast.

The blond boy riding the flying horse reared around, terror written all over his face as he began to dive after them. "Kari!" he yelled frantically. But he could never have made it in time.

Legolas had seen enough strange things in his life to not be stunned stiff by the creatures, and reacted instantly, leaping from his hiding place to catch the brown-haired girl. The white cat, getting the idea that he was a friend, grabbed his long, silky hair with one of her paws and held on for dear life.

The Elf-prince executed a perfect flip in mid-air, landing off to the side with the unconcious girl safely in his arms. He winced as his ankles and knees sang protests, not having been used to such an extent for over 8,000 years.

Seeing that their friend was safe, the other five turned to do battle with the spider and the mummy. Watching the spectaculor display, Legolas suddenly remembered something that had happened a mere four years earlier, a period of time almost too short for an immortal Elf to notice. He had been standing on a tall building, watching eight monsters such as these fighting against a much larger one. After winning they had all shrunk and then they and eight kids apparently partnered to them had disappeared into the sky in a rainbow.

Once the two bad ones were sufficiently beaten that they ran away, the five victorious monsters shrank, just as the others and the cat had, into smaller, considerably cuter forms. The ten of them, the monsters and their human partners, quickly ran over to where he stood, the girl still in his arms.

"Talk about a bishonen..." Legolas heard the goggled one mutter under his breath.

As they gathered around him the cat desided to climb up his pant leg to his shoulder, and did so. She peered down at the girl, a worried look on her face. "Kari?" she asked.

Legolas was so startled he almost dropped the girl, Kari, before he could regain his composure. As it happened he jarred her enough so that the rich brown hair fell away from her face and neck, and the Elf almost dropped her again.

Her ears were very gently pointed.

It was so slight most people would never notice it, but to Legolas it was starkingly clear. Before he could say anything the blond boy who had shouted for her took her from his arms and kneeled down, letting the ground support most of her weight.

A girl with long violet hair and round glasses looked up at him, did a double-take, and blushed. "Thanks for catching Kari. That was amazing! Um... I'm Yolei Inoue, and that's Ken Itchijouji, Cody Hida," she pointed at the various people as she said their names. "Davis Motimiya," The one who'd called him a pretty boy. "TK Takaishi," That was the blond boy. "And of course Kari Kamiya."

Ken spoke up. "I suppose since you saw the battle it would be a bit difficult to explain away the Digimon, so you guys might as well introduce yourselves."

What followed is a bit difficult to explain, so I won't try. The Digimon each introduced themselves and tried to explain the consept of DigiVolving to Legolas, with very little sucess. "Like when Gandalf came back from the dead as Gandalf the White instead of the Grey?" he asked.

"Um... I suppose..." said the little orange piggy one named Patamon.

Before they could get any farther into the discussion, before Legolas even had a chance to do his own introductions, Kari stirred and began to wake up. "Ooh... I feel like I got ran over by Greymon..." she groaned, sitting up with TK still supporting her.

"Close," Yolei said. "It was Arukenimon."

"Ah." said Kari, shakily standing up and leaning on TK and Davis for support. "That explains it." She looked around and her eyes fell on Legolas and her cheeks turned slightly pinky. "Who's this? Don't tell me there's *another* DigiDestined we don't know about."

Legolas shook his head. "I'm Legolas Greenleaf."

"He caught you. It was the most amazing thing!" Davis said.

Kari's cheeks went redder. "Oh. Thank you."

Legolas smiled and, forgetting himself, tucked his long hair behind one ear. One *pointed* ear. "Don't mention it." he said.

"Mention it..." Yolei said, her eyes as round as her glasses. Everyone else's eyes followed suit, which looked a bit comical on a couple of the Digimon.

"Are you a Digimon?" Cody asked, staring at the sharply shaped ear.

Legolas pressed his lips into a firm line, wishing for the thousandth time that there was some way to descise, trim or otherwise hide the points on an Elf's ear. "No. Just a bit of a story that got left behind." he said, a bit sadly, thinking of the crypt under the city.

"Like me." said Gatomon quietly, rubbing her head against Legolas's cheek. (she's still on his shoulder) "I was left behind too. Until I found Kari, that is."

Legolas didn't know what she meant, and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out. He pulled Gatomon off his shoulder and put her into Kari's arms before turning and running like the Balrog of Moria was after him. Of course, Moria was now the Mammoth Caves, but it was the principal that counted.

The DigiDestened stood staring after him for a moment. "Gatomon, follow him." Kari said, setting her down.

"My pleasure." the cat purred, before running after the Elf.

"Why have Gato follow him?" Veemon asked.

"Because, we need to know more about him." Kari said. "Doesn't he intrigue you?"

"I don't know, but I have a feeling he intrigues *you*." Yolei teased, jabbing her friend in the ribs with an elbow. Kari blushed. After a bit more teasing they each headed their seperate ways, TK and Davis looking a bit on the miffed side, after promising to meet again the next morning to see what Gatomon found out.


Me: *sinks back in releif* Phew... I feel much better now...

Took: Are you gonna give them the bombshell yet?

Me: The what?... Oh yeah. As much as I love Takari I've recently come to adore the Kari/Legolas coupling. Anyone with me? *crickets chirping* I didn't ask you! Anyway, this is going to be a Legolas/Kari/TK triangle, and I don't know which way it's gonna end yet.

Me: One more thing. I wanna issue a challenge to you people! Write me a Legolas/Kari story! Please? Am I the only one who thinks this couple is cute? *down on her knees, begging* Pretty please? You don't even have to post it, just e-mail it to me at I just want to see what other authors and authoresses make of this pair! (If you do post it e-mail me so I'll know it's there.)

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