Hope, Light and... Elves?

by WSJ

Chapter 3: Precious...

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Note: Tai's going to be showing up a lot more in this. Not only because he's Elvish too (duh, Kari's brother...) but because he's the only one who's read Lord of the Rings, which makes him the 'expert' after Legolas. I'm thinking about bring Matt and Sora into it too, so let me know what you all think.


"It is mine..."

Two eyes gleamed out of the darkness at Oikawa, who gasped and jumped back a step, fumbling for the Ring in his jacket pocket. "W-Who are you?" he asked, backing up another step as the creature in front of him slid farther into the dim lighting of the grimy room.

"It'sss me..."

The figure that sneered at him was grotesque. It's skin was purply-brown, with blotches of red and pink scar tissue here and there. The head, if that's really what it was, was misshapen and completely bald. The eyes were cold and watery, and seemed to shine of their own accord. When the creature opened his mouth to grin, Oikawa shuttered to see rows and rows of sharp, pointy teeth. The overall effect was something like a frog that had gone swimming in a river of fire and miraculously survived.

The little creature grinned wider and took another step towards the frightened Oikawa.

"I'sss isss Gollum..."


Legolas dropped to his knees in front of the five ancient tombstones. It was far underground, in what had once been the basement of the Minas Tirath palace. It was a rather large space, plenty of room for the five graves. There was also a table and large bookshelf, where he kept all the scrolls and parchments he had been able to salvage. Here and there on various shelves were little knicknacks. Each of his friends had one shelf.

A few of the small momentos included Sam's gardening trowl, Aragorn's crown, the arrow that had killed Boromir, Gimli's helmet, and many others.

Wearily Legolas dropped his head in an improvised bow. He always did that, even though Aragorn was nearly twelve millenia dead. After a moment he looked back up and scanned the names and inscriptions on the graves.

"King Aragorn, High King of Gondor... Peregrin Took, 'Fool of a Took'... Sir Merriadoc Brandybuck of the Rohirrim, 'Size Matters Not'... Lord Faramir of Minas Tirath... Gimli, son of Gloin, Elf-Friend..." he whispered each carving aloud while tracing his fingers over the crown carved at the zenith of Aragorn's marker, as if by that simple action he could obtain guidence.

With another sigh he dropped his hand and looked upward at the stone roof, as if beseeching his friends the stars to aid him. After a moment his eyes focused on Gandalf's staff, leaning placidly against the wall in the corner of the room. Legolas smiled a little, remembering the 'good old days'.


As Gandalf stepped towards the ramp to board the great ship, he suddenly turned towards the bushes. "Legolas." he said. It wasn't a question, as if asking whether he was there or not, but a gentle command. Legolas stood and stepped out of the bushes, ruffling Pippin's hair as he passed on his way to the Istari.

"Yes Gandalf?" he asked. The wizard smiled and held out his tall oaken staff.

"I have no use for this anymore. I pass it to you. There may come a day when you'll need it."

So Legolas had stood on the shore with Pippin, Merry and Sam as most of the Elves and some dear old friends left Middle-Earth forever...

~*End Flashback*~

"So Gandalf," Legolas asked the staff, rising to run a hand down its smooth surface, as he had so many times, "Did you know that this day was coming? Is this the time when your staff is needed? But by whom?"

The last question was more of an out-loud musing, and Legolas stepped back in shock when he was answered. The air around the staff began to waver, and Gandalf himself appeared. Strangly enough, he looked quite solid, it wasn't like you could see through him or anything, but you could sort of sence that he wasn't really there.

The old wizard smiled kindly at the look of surprise and shock on the Elven Prince's face. "Yes, it is I. The Valer has aloud me to send you a message when he heard your plea for answers. I did indeed know that my staff would be needed, but I cannot tell you whom it is to go to. That is for you to figure out.

"But you must listen closly. You are in grave danger Legolas. Sauron has reawakened, and somehow Gollum and the Ring survived the Cracks of Doom, and they have returned as well."

Legolas breathed in sharply, sending a small, crisp whistle spinning across the room. "The Ring! No, oh no, this cannot happen!"

"But it has." Gandalf said, his timeless face suddenly showing his immence age. "The Ring has returned and has been found by Oikawa Yukio, an enemy to the group of children you met two days ago. Those children are known as DigiDestined and are partnered to strong, intelligent creatures called Digimon to fight the evils in this world, as well as the Digimon's home-world. There is also an older group of DigiDestined, two of which are the older siblings of two of the ones you met."

"Tai and Kari Kamiya." Legolas said, a lightbulb going on over his head.

Gandalf nodded. "Yes, and Matt Ishida and TK Takaishi. As you have undoubtably found out, Tai and Kari are Aragorn's decendants. Sauron knows this and they are in danger. Moreso then ever. I am afraid that their valient little partners won't be strong enough."

"But what can I do?" asked Legolas, feeling sick as images of pretty little Kari being tortured by orcs rose to his mind.

"Protect them."

"How? A bow and arrow would hardly be good enough in this day of guns and computers."

Gandalf smiled and shook his head. "That is where you are wrong, my friend. Bows and arrows and swords are just what is needed, as well as the Digimon. Be brave my Prince, and you will emerge victorious. Good-bye for now..."

The image of Gandalf faded and Legolas was once again left alone in the basement room. He stood silently for a moment, going over in his mind what Gandalf had just told him. Tai and Kari were in danger because of their Elven blood. But why would Gandalf mention the other two, Matt and TK? Did they have some sort of connection with the original Wars of the Ring as well? And who was to get Gandalf's staff?

In the middle of his musings he suddenly became aware of a steady rumble that was getting louder. It seemed vaguly familiar and Legolas tried to place it as he headed towards the hidden staircase that led out of the crypt. He stopped suddenly as it's origin leaped to his mind and his eyes widened. Hoofbeats. Of many, many horses.

"No... Oh God, no..."

He raced back to the crypt and grabbed his bow and arrows, picking up his long white knives as well. As he turned to race back up the stairs he glanced at a particular shelf just to make sure he wasn't going crazy. Unfortunately, he wasn't.

He threw open the door at the top of the stairs and bounded out into all of hell, which had broken loose and was spilling all over the streets of Tokyo. He grit his teeth and pulled out an arrow, sending it flying into the neck of the nearest horse. He spied something further down the street and stopped to stare. It was Pegususmon, TK astride, with Stingmon and Halsemon behind him. That meant that the DigiDestined were getting involved, and Tai and Kari were in even more danger then normal.

Gritting his teeth again he plunged into the fray, seeking out the two teens he was bound to protect. And after this was all over, if they had survived, he would explain everything to them and their DigiDestined friends. They would have to be always on their guard.

'Right Legolas!' Legolas thought to himself. 'You never even senced this attack coming! That's really being on your guard!'

In the crypt below, on a high shelf, Sting glowed bright blue in responce to the masses rampaging overhead.


Squee! ^_^ Gollum!!! I'm sorry, but I really couldn't help it!!!! Any guesses to the answers to Legolas's questions? How are Matt and TK connected to the Fellowship? Who is destined *chuckles at her bad pun* to have Gandalf's staff? I have answers in mind for both questions, but if you can come up with something better (or think you can) then I'm all ears. Anyway, ja ne.

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