Evan hurried through Atlantis' halls urged on by the city's worried strings of 'hurry, hurry, hurry up.'Ronon, Teyla, and Rodney were the closest behind, but the marines were not too far behind. They arrived on the scene just in time to see Argrose wrap his arm around John's neck. Argrose jerked around upon hearing their footsteps, he wasted no time in relieving John of his gun and aiming it at his head.

Evan pulled his P-90 up to point towards Argrose. "Let him go," Evan ordered coldly yet still calm.

"Come any closer and I'll shoot him," Argrose promised, ignoring Evan's threat.

John was gripping Argrose arm in a vain attempt for air.

"Okay, okay. No need to shoot anyone we're keeping our distance," Rodney said, while holding both hands in a cautious gesture.

Argrose cocked the gun and started to slowly move towards the stairs of the Gate Room, dragging an unwilling colonel with him. "Dial the Stargate," Argrose commanded. "You let me through and I won't kill him."

Evan glanced behind him, Where'd Ronon go? Never mind. "McKay, dial one of the back-up alpha sites."

Teyla and Rodney moved slowly towards the DHD. Evan watched closely as John finally went limp in his captor's arm. Evan was pretty sure his CO wasn't faking it. Glancing around, he saw Ronon had sneaked up in one of the hallways connecting to the Gate Room.

"McKay, wait for my order," Evan whispered, continuing to track the criminal with his eyes. Perfect he's in the middle of the room. I think he's dumber than I thought.

Rodney slowly inputted the seven symbols, half of his brain was paying attention to the DHD and the other half watching his friend.

Evan made eye contact with Ronon and nodded. Ronon nodded back and took careful aim. Leaning against the wall, Ronon shot with deadly accuracy. Red light burned Argrose's shoulder and he cried out in pain.

"Now McKay!" Evan shouted.

Rodney's hand slammed down on the engage button without hesitation, causing the Stargate to explode into life. The vortex sprang into action and enveloped Argrose in bright, shimmering blue, effectively vaporizing him.

Ronon shot Argrose easily, he hadn't been expecting him. The action caused Argrose to drop Sheppard. Ronon heard Lorne shout at McKay and the 'Gate activated it swallowed most of Argrose but avoided the fallen Colonel. When the vortex collapsed Ronon leaped up the steps and knelt by Sheppard.

"Sheppard." Ronon shook the unconscious man's shoulders but to no avail.

"He must be exhausted, Ronon," Teyla stated kneeling down beside him and taking Sheppard's pulse.

Ronon mentally kicked himself for forgetting to do so in the first place.

The rest of the Lanteans took that moment to arrive. Ronon stepped back to make space for Beckett. He looked up and around, locking eyes with McKay, Lorne, Elizabeth, then Teyla. Their glances all communicating the same thing. They were glad he was safe and alive.

John blinked blearily and tried to make sense of the swirling whites and blues. Someone was typing really fast and he figured it was Rodney. (Seriously if he could run as fast as he could type they wouldn't get into a fifth the trouble they usually did.)



"Who else might you be talking to?" John mumbled sarcastically.

"Carson he's awake!" Rodney called.

"Am now," John groused, keeping his eyes closed.

"Hello Colonel, welcome back to the land of the living."

Beckett. John recognized. "That implies that I made it to the land of the dead," he quipped.

"At least we know one part of your brain wasn't damaged," Rodney joked.

"Charming," Beckett said.

John opened his eyes to see Beckett frowning ever so slightly but with his lips twitching at the corners. John wasn't sure if he was talking about himself or Rodney.

"I need to check up on the Colonel, Rodney. Why don't you get everyone else, I'm sure they'd like to see the Colonel." Beckett suggested while John finally blinked his eyes open.

"Why don't you just. . ." Rodney began, pointing to the radio hooked over his ear. He halted when Beckett gave him his 'I'm the doctor, leave me with my patient' look. "You know what? I'll just go get the others." Rodney hopped off the chair and made his way quickly towards a door.

"Alright, son, let's check your vitals and then you can have a wee chat with everyone before you back to resting." Beckett stated and began flashing a penlight into John's eyes.

"How long've I been out?" John asked, trying not to wince as the bright light shone in his eye.

"About two days. Not surprising since you were suffering from dehydration, exhaustion, a knife wound, and plenty of bruises." Beckett responded, quickly finishing up in time for Elizabeth, Ronon, Teyla, Rodney, and Evan to show up.

"Hey, John," Elizabeth greeted. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," John answered without a second thought. "Argrose?"

"Most of his body was incinerated when the wormhole engaged." Teyla responded.

Wormhole engaged? That's a story I'd like to hear... "Most?" John repeated, raising his eyebrows. He decided to leave that story for another time.

Evan cleared his throat. "There were a few, uh, left overs. We've gotten rid of them."

"Oh," John said, understanding. Disposing of a man's boots, still filled with his feet couldn't be fun.

"How fares our city?" John changed the subject.

"Everything is fine now," Elizabeth said. "The men Argrose brought through the Stargate have been put in the brig for now, and everyone has gotten over the initial panic of the lock down. Everything's back to normal."

"Except you in the infirmary," Evan added.

"Nope that's normal," Rodney countered.

"Alright, enough chatting, we'll let the Colonel rest now," Carson said, make shooing hand motions at everyone present.

"We will return," Teyla assured him as she turned to leave.

"Yeah, get better soon," Ronon told him.

"See ya." John gave a little wave as they all left. "And Lorne?"

"Yes, sir?" Evan paused a little ways from the door while everyone else but Beckett filed out of the room.

"Thanks for the rescue." Thank you both, John added mentally to Atlantis, who immediately created a connection to the two of them.

You are quite welcome, John.

Evan grinned, wondering if he'd ever get used to his new-found telepathic connection. "I had help."

John matched Evan's grin, and waggled his eyebrows. No, you won't

The End

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