P: in this story I and my cousin's amber [blueskymagrent] and Trina [kowalskilover12] enter the penguins of Madagascar universe.

Kowalski: oh great.

P: yeah great, I will tell you I and my cousins are going to date the penguins. But who will it be?

Private: who?

P: I am not telling. Figure it out in the story.

Chapter one: entering the universe.

Petunia pov [me]

I was in my room. My room is red with white flooring. There is a pink princess bed in the corner. I'm sitting at my favorite red berry colored desk. I hear a knock on my door. I go to my blue colored door. "Hello" I answered. "I have a letter for you" the mailman said. I take the letter from him. Weird no one has ever talked to me since the party accident. I still remember that day.

I walked into my mom's house. She had decorated the house to look like a medieval castle. She had a black and white cake because it was the annual festival of ancient times. I had a pretty good time until someone scared me and I bumped into the knight that was beside me. The knight flew down onto my cousin Trina. She had to be taken to the hospital for a week.

Nobody has talked to me since. I go to my desk. I open the letter. It said hey cuz. I know I didn't talk to you since then but I and amber found a weird cave. Come check it out. It is located at the docks address, 18002. Please be there.

Your cousin,

Trina slavain

My cousin wants me to see a mysterious cave, let's see.

Go to spooky cave that could maybe kill me or stay home and write a novel. Go to cave it is.

I get my red dodge ready. I am like the only one besides amber who can drive. I wonder what they were doing down by the docks anyway.

I finally get to the docks. I see many big boats. There was a weird crisp breeze in the air. It blew my white fizzy dress. You know I never told you what I look like. I have bright red hair and crystal blue eyes. I am 17 years old. I am wearing a white frizzy dress with red roses lining the bottom. I have white skin as well. I finally see my cousins standing by the dark cave on the outer post. I walk over to them.

"Hey Trina, amber" I said with a shy tone. "Hey cuz" amber said. "What's up with you today" Trina said while bending down to the ground. Amber has light brown hair that almost looks like blonde. She has brown eyes and white skin like me. She's wearing a golden bead dress. Trina is the sort of sassy one. She has light red hair like mine. And light ocean blue eyes. She has white skin and is wearing a red dress with diamonds on the top lining. We have always been a rich family. We decide to check out the cave.

"Okay so we just have to be careful" I stated. We enter the cave and fall through an open hatch. While we were falling Trina shouts "I thought you were careful". We land rather hard on our butts. "Where are we" amber said.

I look around there are lots of trees and I see a squirrel who resembles Fred from the penguins of Madagascar show. "I don't know" I tell her. A penguin who looks a lot like private from penguins of Madagascar walks up to us. "Hello" he says. "Wait an animal can talk" amber shouts. "Well of course you're a animal too" he stats.

"What" amber shouts? She looks over to us. She screams. "What's she screaming for" I ask Trina but then notice she's a penguin. She has a prefect hour glass form and light ocean blue eyes. I scream as well. "What" she asks me. I point down to her. She looks down and gasps. But then looks over to me and points. I look down and see a penguin body as well. We both look over to amber. She is a lemur [weird right] but with brown eyes.

P: I hope to update soon.

Skipper: will you tell us now.

P: sure but get the others out of here first. [Amber pushes them out]

Amber: me first. I like Rico.

Trina: and mine is Kowalski

P: and finally Of course mine would be Private.