Best Damn Lightshow since Chinese New Year

Castiel, the angel who had fallen out of the sky and managed to save Gunn's life, cocked his head to the side as he stared at the demon army with a curious expression. "I have not seen these types of monsters before."

Gunn, feeling like tap dancing with joy, picked up his battle-axe and shot the angel a grin. "That's 'cause they're not monsters, angel boy. They're demons. No worries. Decapitation or sword to the heart usually does the trick."

Eyebrows furrowed, Castiel shook his head. "No, demons are the twisted souls ascended from hell to infect humans. These are monsters."

On some real talk, Gunn was not about to get into a philosophy of demons versus monsters. "Whatever Cas. Either way, them being dead is the game plan. You in?"

At the mention of 'Cas', the angel shot Gunn a strange look, one that appeared almost pained. "Destroying monsters is a more than adequate game plan," he nodded succinctly.

Gunn hesitated as he glanced over Castiel's form, noting his empty hands. "You sure you don't want a weapon? I think there's a sword back behind us in the alley."

The corner of Castiel's lips quirked momentarily. "I am not in need of such things."

Perhaps in demonstration, Castiel grabbed the first demon he saw and pressed his palm against the oily black creature's skull. White light flared where flesh met flesh, and the demon flickered light like a burnt out Christmas bulb, before crumpling to the ground.

"Wicked," Gunn breathed. Then, he set about using his battle axe, enjoying his first kill as a vampire turned to dust.

Yeah, he was just human. Gunn knew that. Had known that since he was a teen. Some people say humans have no right fighting the supernatural because they weren't strong enough, not skilled enough. Gunn said that those people were little bitches. When you have bloodthirsty beasts on your doorstep you learn and do what you need to in order to protect your people. So now, after more than a decade of hunting the big and bad, Gunn used his wits and muscle memory to evade and attack every demon that stepped in his path.

To his right, he saw Castiel fighting as well. Most of the time he did the cool forehead firework trick that snuffed out the big uglies, but after a while the demons got smarter and began ganging up on him. Gunn saw Castiel get stabbed twice in the process and Gunn swore under his breath. Call him a 'glass half full' kinda guy but he thought that an angel would be the equivalent of Superman on speed.

"Gunn! Who is that guy?" Angel asked as he jump kicked a furry Chewbacca like dude and slashed the throat of something with a snake head.

"An angel!" Gunn called back, coughing a little as he inhaled some more vamp dust.

"What? But that's myname!" Angel shouted back, his voice sounding just slightly petulant.

"He said that he is anangel, Overhanging Forehead!" Spike snorted. His remark cost him – that slight loss of concentration caused him to get kicked in the abdomen by a seven foot tall dude with dreadlocks and canines longer than Gunn's fingers.

"I am of the Host of Heaven's Garrison, foul beasts! You will not live to see this day!" Castiel seethed after receiving a particularly nasty cut to the arm. He raised his hand and the entire demon army – hundreds of them – flew back out of the arm hundred of yards away.

"Most impressive," Illyria stated matter-of-factly as she trained her cerulean eyes onto the angel.

"Yeah, well we need to regroup. Maybe even…retreat. I don't know," Angel sighed tiredly as he leaned onto his sword, using it as a crutch. "I knew Wolfram and Hart would be pissed but I didn't think they'd do something this bad."

Castiel strode up to them and Gunn waved him forward. "Hey, well that's why we got my new buddy Castiel here," he smiled.

"Charles, you are no longer oozing with fluid. What has changed?" Illyria asked. She assessed his healed form with wonder.

"Angel boy performed some miracle on me," Gunn grinned. He still couldn't believe it – but hey, he wasn't questioning it. Their lives sucked about eighty percent of the time so he wasn't about to turn down some good karma.

"Demons, you will die like your brethren," Castiel swore in a hard voice, glaring at Angel, Spike, and Illyria. "Step back, Charles Gunn."

When an angel talked, you listened. Gunn stepped back without thinking – not to mention he didn't even bat an eye when the angel knew his name. He figured that was part of the gig.

Castiel raised his hand towards Illyria's forehand but she grabbed his wrist and snapped it, then pushed him back. "I am notsome common beast, angel, for you to exterminate. I…" Illyria blinked, like she was struggling with the words. "I am helping humanity today."

Spike snorted at the absurdity of the situation. None of them would have predicted this a few months ago.

"I see the evil within you and these two vampires," Castiel stated, rubbing his wrist until the bones mended themselves. "Within minutes the hoarde will be back. I do not wish for enemies at my back."

"Whoa, just hold on here a second," Angel scoffed. "Are you serious? I've got a soul. And I'm a Champion!" Maybe it was just Gunn, but that last sentence sounded a lot like a whine.

"Whatever," Spike scoffed. "Ifought for my soul and died already once as a sacrifice to save the world from the First Evil. Plus, I'm a bloody champion, too!"

Confusion spread through Castiel's features. "I do not understand. You reek of evil…"

"And they're good," Gunn promised as he stepped in front of his friends. "Angel and Spike here have their human souls. They're good."

"Well yes," Castiel replied in his graveled voice, giving Gunn a look like he was a toothless idiot. "Vampires have souls. It is why they are sent to Purgatory upon death."

"Purgatory! Bloody hell, I want some paradise!" Spike burst out obstinately, a scowl set upon his face.

"Uh, wait, you said we're from different worlds, right?" Gunn said quickly. After all, he had paid the price for his legal knowledge – he sure as hell would use his argumentative skills for good.

Castiel nodded.

"Right then. Well in our world when a human is turned into a vampire, they lose their soul and a demon takes over. But Angel and Spike – although the demon lives within them – they have their human souls and live good lives. No drinking human blood at all."

"Not a lick!" Spike added. Then, under his breath, he mumbled, "Unless someone's offering…then maybe just one lick…"

"And the blue demon?" Castiel asked.

"I am Illyria, God King of the Primordium, Shaper of Things." Illyria stared the angel down, willing him to bow to her power. Castiel flinched and then his expression hardened.

"I have heard of the Old Ones…long ago." Face blank, he stared at Illyria. "You should not be walking on this earth."

"Neither should you. Your kind lost this world before I even reined this land," Illyria answered in a suspicious tone.

Gunn glanced behind them and saw they had a minute left, tops, before the demons surged. "Whatever. Just know we're all in this together. Okay? No killing each other. Got it?"

Castiel glanced at him. "I trust you for now, Charles Gunn."

Spike snickered and everyone looked at him. "What?" he asked with a smirk. "Am I not the only one who sees the broody resemblance between Angel and the angel?"

Rolling his eyes, Gunn focused on the battle. "Uh, Cas, can you do a big light thing? Like how you did when you fell out of the sky?"

"Yes," Castiel answered cautiously. "That is possible. But it would destroy your friends, the demons, if they witness it."

Gunn grinned and shouted, "Hey guys! Duck into that dumpster ASAP!"

Scowling, Illyria barely refrained from growling. "I am Illyria. I do not enter into containers of human waste products."

"Just do it," Angel said gruffly as he grabbed the god king's shoulder.

Once they were hidden, and Gunn had killed the three nasty looking dudes trying to jack him up, he shouted, "You're in the clear, Cas!"

The angel, who stood amidst a sea of forty new demon carcasses, nodded. "Close your eyes, Charles." He held out his hands and spoke something in a language that set Gunn's teeth on edge; it sounded like white noise, and then pure white light flared across the alley.

Seconds turned into minutes as Gunn shut his eyes and crouched onto the alley pavement. The scent of burning flesh wafted into his nostrils and death cries pierced his ears. Vibrations through the air sent his teeth chattering. Although he knew it wouldn't be hugs and puppies if he opened his eyes, there was a part of him that wanted to see sobadly.

Finally, the flaring white light behind the thin skin of his eyelids receded. Carefully, he peeked out. Seeing that the best damn lightshow since Chinese New Year was over, Gunn looked to where he saw Castiel last – and gasped.

A sea of thousands of demons, both inside the alley and outside, provided for a burnt and crispy carpet for this side of L.A. Nothing was left standing…literally nothing.

Shocked and worried, Gunn scanned the area for Castiel. His tan trench coat stood out over the black demon blood, and he rushed to the angel's side. Castiel was asleep – or worse. His eyes were closed and Gunn wasn't even sure if the guy was breathing or if his pulse was working. Then again, did angels need to breath and have a pulse? And was it possible that Gunn just couldn't feel it over the thunderous rush of his own blood pounding in his ears?

"Gunn? Is it clear?" Angel called out.

Gunn nodded, but realized a second later they couldn't see him. "Yeah," he croaked out.

Strangely, Gunn was awash in emotion at the sight of the angel lying, perhaps dead, at his feet. Castiel had just entered his life less than thirty minutes ago, but he had already saved Gunn's life and perhaps saved everyone's life. It didn't help that Gunn's mama had been a fervent believer when he was a kid, and he didn't think it was a good thing to have a dead angel on your hands.

Numbed, he barely noticed the excited remarks of his friends as they surveyed the damage.

"Nice job, Charlie," Spike grinned as he slapped Gunn on the back. "I sure do like it when you make new friends."

"I think he's dead," Gunn said in a hollowed voice.

Illyria gazed unconcerned at the angel. "Doubtful," she replied after a moment. "Angels are almost impossible to kill without the right tool."

"Great, so we take angel boy and then…" Spike looked at Angel helplessly. "Did you by any chance have any plans after 'suicide mission'?"

"Ah," Angel smiled bashfully. "The thing about suicide missions is that there's really no plans for afterwards."

"Yeah, but do you really think Wolfram and Hart will be letting up this easy?" Gunn asked with a glance at the reddening sky. "Until I'm seeing sunshine I'm thinking we still have a problem."

"You're right," Angel nodded. "This just might be a lapse in the war. Who knows what's next."

Gunn sighed. "Then we better find a safe place to squat and take angel boy with us."

It seemed the battle was over, but not the war.


Coming up, there is a fated reason why Cas got thrown where he is right now…and that maybe the person he's searching for in S5 has been hiding in this universe all along… ;)

Note: Some readers may feel Cas killed those demons pretty easily. But he is a professional bad ass when it comes to demon killing, so they were really no match. Plus, he's done stuff like that in canon, too - and we all know how weak BTVS demons are in comparison. However, Cas won't always be a bad ass…especially when there's something much bigger and badder hiding out there in L.A...