Split / Second – The Beginning of the Elite


Split/Second. A reality TV show that took the world by storm.

Fans of racing and action watch as drivers are pinned against each other in a chance to win money and gain glory. Viewers are drawn in by the death defying stunts and the breathtaking explosions that never fail to happen in each episode.

Even Split/Second's 'Elite' have gotten their own fan base.

These players are masters behind the wheel and mysteries off the track. No one can help but to get drawn into the skill and personality that these amazing drivers give off.

But just who are these people?

Sadly there is little that the public know about these icons. Not even their real names are given. This gives one the sense that they've got something to hide…

But what exactly?

The Elite Racers are made up of seven talented drivers, the first—and probably most talented—being the infamous 'Raptor'. He's a rather apathetic fellow, doesn't speak much unless spoken to, and is a bit on the lazy side but his terrific driving skills on the track make up for it. When interviewed he seems to show a calm and polite side to him, but if one were to really pay attention to his words there are many times he insults a reporter or a fellow racer—whether it is for kicks no one is sure, but it gives him the appearance of being a bit of an ass. The other Elite never seem to really have anything good to say about him when asked, but one can tell that they respect him in a way that only a fellow driver can. Surprisingly, despite his personality he does have a rather large number of fans—as any well-known attractive guy would.

The next person on the list is a woman known to the world as 'Vixen'. She's described as a beautiful young lady with a love for competition. Unlike Raptor, Vixen is a more sociable person—though she often exhibits rather crude language even in interviews and is a bit awkward in front of the camera. She gives off a 'take me or leave me' aura whenever asked about her faults, but there have been times when she's gotten pissed at someone, which—due to her hotheaded nature—never ends up pretty. Vixen is both fierce and down to earth and because of this many woman who watch the show look up to her as a bit of a role model. She is often see making fun of Raptor and is the only one that he holds a long conversation with. She once told an interviewer that it was her mission to "get that stick out of his ass and make him show a little emotion"—whether she has ever succeeded no one knows.

Then there's 'Live Wire'. A playboy with a knack for popping up when you least expect him. He is charismatic and has such a way with words that out of all the males on the show he is the favorite of the female fan basis. But despite his care free attitude, the guy knows his way around the track. He finds short cuts that most people overlook and uses them at just the right moment that one would think he knew they were there all along. His fellow drivers have all echoed each other in agreeing that the guy is pretty much a "cocky bastard and a womanizer". Which, is probably true. However, Live Wire has shown through his performance on the track that he has more than just a pretty face and can actually be rather cunning.

After him we have 'Torpedo'. A punk rocker with a love for sticking his nose into other people's business. He's the kind of guy that looks unapproachable at first glance, but actually isn't that bad. He's got a sort of High school delinquent vibe about him and he's pretty laid back. Torpedo is said to have a pretty good relationship with his fellow Elite and pretty much everyone else on the show. He's a bit of a party animal and is often spotted hanging out with Live Wire and Vixen around the local clubs. Because of his easy going nature he is the second favorite male in the eyes of female viewers. There have been many debates between female fans whether Live Wire or Torpedo should be named the most attractive, but they have never been settled.

Following him is 'The Hammer'. A country girl with a tomboy-ish attitude. She seems like the most innocent out of the seven of them and is seen as a kind of little sister figure. The public knows a bit more about The Hammer than the other members of the Elite as she has revealed small details about her past, such as the fact that she is the youngest of five and the only daughter of her parents and that she was born and raised in Texas. Though that was the only information that reporters could squeeze out of her, before she skillfully changed the subject. She is the youngest of the Elite, who all—in some shape or form—seem it be a bit protective over her.

Then there's 'Brawn'. Who is a bit on the naïve side and would almost seem like a child if not for his strength and tall figure. At first glance, Brawn gives off the appearance of the strong and silent type but after exchanging a few words a person's impression of his changes drastically. He's slow at catching things that are implied and wears a bit of a goofy grin when he's speaking with someone. His personality and image do not match each other at all, but he does have a small fan base that loves that about him.

Last but not least there's 'Rigg'. His skills are the lowest of the elite but still higher than the average driver and are still growing with each passing day. He does his best to prove that big cars can be just as fast as the popular small and sleek brands every time he hits the asphalt. Rigg is seen as a big tough guy, but shows a bit of a softer side when a person least expects him to. He and Brawn often hang around The Hammer and give the appearance of two protective big brothers whenever they're about her. As for the rest of the Elite, Rigg is on pretty neutral terms with them and the feeling seem to be mutual.

Split/Second was fortunate enough to find talents as good as these, but this of course raises another question. Just how did these people end up in such a position?

Well that my dear reader is what shall soon be revealed to you.

Hey there readers,

This fanfiction is a background story about how the Elite came to be the Elite. I figured a chapter like this would be the best way to set it up, in the next chapters I'm going to be diving into everyone's past so you'll know where their all coming from and why they are the way that they are.

Keep reading and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it~!

~ Glory