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Chapter One: Worthless

You know the feeling you get when people hate you, but they have no reason to?

Yeah. That's how Logan feels right now.

Currently, our favorite little genius of Big Time Rush was standing in the recording booth while he listened to the land manitee they call a producer, shout at him.

"You're completely useless! Why can't you do anything right!" the man shouts, arms flailing wildly as he over-reacts. But no one, not even Kelly, dared to try and calm the man down. To them, it was better that Logan got his head chewed off instead of them. Mainly because they thought they were better than him.

Egotistical bastards.

But back to what I was saying, no one even took into consideration on how Logan might be feeling. Probably because no one cared. And if they did... then they just decided to not show it.

"These dogs know how to do everything right, except for you! Everyday, they get better at this job. But you seem to get worse. Quit being so useless Logan! I knew from the minute you began working that I should've replaced you." Gustavo said. There was a mumbled sentence at the end of his little rant, that was unheard by everyone.

That is, everyone but Logan.

"Such a useless dog." was what the genius heard. The singer was now on the verge of tears, but he held them in. Why was he so worthless?

I guess that's just the way I am. he thought sadly. Yet, a small smile had found a way to his lips. Finally, our genius had found his voice. Although, it cracked a little when he first used it.

I can't believe I'm about to do this.

"You're right Gustavo. I'm obviously the worthless one. Who was the one that was so desperate to find "The Fire"? Who's the one that hasn't had a hit in nine years? If I'm so worthless, why did you make a deal with a sixteen year old to take all four of us here? I know why. It's because you're a no talent, desperate music producer who would do anything to get a hit single."

By now, everyone in the room was shocked by what Logan had said. No one had ever talked to Gustavo like that. Not even Kendall.

"Oh, and in case you didn't get the message Mr. Rocque, I quit." and with that, Logan walked out of Rocque Records before he began running to his secret hideout, thanking the heavens that he's a track runner and not and obese land manitee.

After all, he would need time to himself seeing as it would be his last day in Los Angeles.

Kendall's P.o.V

He quit? No. No no no. Logan can't quit Big Time Rush. He's not allowed to! This is all my fault! I should've helped him. Why didn't I help him!

Normal P.o.V

"What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you let him quit? Logan tries harder than any of us put together, but apparently that doesn't mean anything to you." Kendall said, taking in a deep breath. "You think he useless? Well let me tell you something . That useless boy spends all day trying to please you. He doesn't stop until he's happy with his work, and even then it's never enough for him."

Gustavo just stared at Kendall with a blank expression, not wanting to show how surprised he was. Logan practiced all the time? How could he have not noticed? He was Gustavo Rocque, the amazing producer who can tell when Carlos has eaten a corndog, but, who apparently couldn't tell when Logan practiced for hours on end.

"He never stopped. I told multiple times that the routine was perfect. But he never believed me. Instead, he just kept singing and dancing, Singing till his voice gave out, and dancing till he was so sore that he couldn't even move. Sometimes, I found him passed out on the couch and even the slightest movement made him upset." Kendall whispered, hoping that their producer was trying to understand what they were telling him.

" He wanted to be like us." Carlos cut in. "Logan always said that you seperated everything. To you, there was me, Kendall, and James. Then... there was Logan, who always got the short end of the stick. He told us countless of times that you hated him, but he was hoping that you would be able to see him as an equal. And you don't." the raven said harshly.

"You know, Logan considered quitting. Fortunately for us, he never had the guts to do it...until now. You single-handedly got rid of our best friend. Thanks alot gustavo." James sneered, making sure that Gustavo felt bad.

But the producers guilt didn't matter. What did matter was Logan, and the fact that no one knew where he was.

*With Logan*

Flopping down onto the grass, Logan began to think through his tears, not caring that a spider was currently crawling on his arm even though the genius hated spiders.

''I could go back to Minnesota...but then I'd have to find a house and I don't have that kind of money right now. Ugh! Why am I such a useless person." the boy growled, thinking no one had heard him. I mean, he was alone wasn't he? He could've yelled "rape" and no one would've heard him. Right?

Wrong. A tall mysterious figure walked up to Logan and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"You're not useless Logan. Gustavo just doesn't know a good thing when he has it. Now c'mon, it's about to rain and I don't want you to get sick."

Feeling creeped out that some stranger was touching him, Logan looked up at the mysterious figure and was shoked at who he had seen.



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