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Mordecai and Rigby sat on the couch, watching some crappy sitcom about cats versus aliens. "Ugh...Mordecai, do me a solid and give me the remote.", Rigby said, now lying upside-down. "Ok. But you owe me.", he replied and handed the raccon the TV remote. Rigby changed the channel to some cooking show, then to a zombie show. The two sat in silence as the people, in the film, exploded randomly. "God. This is me a solid and shut off the TV.", Mordecai sighed. Rigby turned off the TV and made his 'thinking face'.

"Dude. Do me a solid and get Skips.", Rigby said. "Er...why?", Mordecai asked, looking at the raccon. "Well, if TV or video games can't entertain us. We could create our own entertainment!", he explained, a sly grin creept up on his face. "Don't say it like that. But. Fine. Be right back.", Mordecai said and ran off to find Skips.

The yeti was working on the blue van as Mordecai ran towards him. "Skips!", the blue jay called. "What is it this time?", Skips asked, as he stood up. Mordecai stopped a couple feet in front of the yeti and answered, "Rigby wanted to see you. For some reason?". Skips rolled his eyes, 'Probably wants me to do something weird or something.'. "Fine.", he replied flatly and skipped after Mordecai.

"Rigby! Skips here!", the blue jay yelled as he walked through the kitchen door. "Awesome!", Rigby replied back in the living room. Skips, skipped, into the room and asked, "Why did you need me Rigby?". "I need you to do me a solid.", Rigby answered, a sly glint in his eyes. "You shouldn't abuse the power of solids. Remember last time?", Skips said. "Yeah yeah. Whatever. I'm not.", Rigby looked at the yeti, "Do you wanna know what the solid is?". "Sure. But you owe me a solid.", Skips said. The raccon climbed up onto Skips' shoulder and whispered the solid into his ear. Skips' eyes widend when Rigby finished telling him the solid. 'Does he know?', Skips thought nervously.

"I'm not doing that.", he said in a flat tone. "Awwww! Come on Skips! It's a solid!", Rigby complianed. "What's the solid Rigby?", Mordecai asked. The raccon jumped over to his 'bro' and whispered what he said to Skips, into Mordecai's ears. When he finished, and walked over to the couch, Mordecai was trying not to laugh. "You told him to do that!", he laughed, rolling on the floor. "Yeah I did!", Rigby said happily. "This isn't funny guys. That is abuse of the solids.", Skips said. "Well, you just don't wanna kiss Benson.", Mordecai said, trying to breath. A light blush appeared on Skips' cheeks. "Of course I don't. But, still Rigby is abusing the 'solids'.", he replied, serious faced, "And why do you want me too anyway?".

"We're bored.", Rigby shurgged. The yeti facepalmed, "You guys really need to start working and not making your friends do idiotic crap.". "He sounds like Benson.", Mordecai whispered to the raccon. "Pfft. Yeah he does. Come on Skips! It's a solid! You know that time when Mordecai didn't do my solid?", Rigby said. "Yes.", Skips replied dully. "Well, if you don't want that to happen again. You're gonna have to do it.", Rigby said with a smug smile. "Fine. But don't think I won't get pay-back.", Skips said and skipped off, but before he left he punched the raccon in the stomach. "I didn't see that coming...", he fell over. Fine. But still hurt.

"Are we following him?", Mordecai asked as he helped Rigby up to his feet. "Dude. We are totally following him.".

Benson was trimming the bushes, when he heard a twig break. "Hello?", Benson asked out loud, turning around to find Skips. "Oh, it's just you.". He continued turned back to his work. After a couple minutes of silence Benson could feel Skip' gaze. "Ok. What do you want Skips?", he asked, turning back around to face the yeti. Benson didn't know that Skips was only about half-a-foot from the other. "Er...Skips? What did you want?", he asked. "You can ask Mordecai or Rigby for that answer.", he replied. "Well, I don't have time to go find them. So why can't you tell me now?", Benson asked, crossing his arms. "Promise me you won't kill them?", Skips said. Benson thought for a second, "Promise. But, it what is it?". The yeti rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, "It's a solid.".

Benson raised his eyebrow. "A solid? So did they ask you to do a solid, and ask me if I could give them a raise or that they're aloud to slack off?", he asked, his gumballs starting to change red. " It's something way stupid.", Skips said. "Is it like, I have to dress up like a chicken for the day? Or is it like, something I probably wouldn't think of?", Benson asked. "Something you probably wouldn't think of.", Skips replied. Benson was getting angered at where this conversation was, he had work to do. "Ok. Why can't you just tell me?", he asked. The yeti skipped up to Benson and whispered in his ear, "I have to make out with you fo-for 30 seconds.". He could feel the gumball machine stiffen. They both were deep in thought that they didn't hear two people laughing in the trees nearby.

Skips could hear Benson gulp nervously. "So those two ask something that would gain them ab-absolutly nothing?", the gumball machine croaked. "Yep.". "Ugh...those two are so dead.", he said. Benson was looking at his feet, silently picking which would be better to kick his two lazy co-workers, when he felt a hand gently grabbed Benson's chin. Forcing Benson to look at Skips. "Wh-what are you doing?", he asked stupidly. "Finishing Rigby's solid.", Skips answered flatly. "Shouldn't we go som-", Benson was cut off by a pair of lips. He was caught off guard and fell backwards, and grabbed the closest thing to him. Skips fell on top of Benson, still lip-locked.


Mordecai and Rigby sat in the bushes, not far away, jaws hanging wide open. "Holy.", Rigby started and Mordecai finished, "Shit.". "Best solid ever!", the raccon exclaimed, but was quiet enough to not be heard by Skips or Benson. "Aw yeah it is!", Mordecai said as well. The two both fell quiet again, and peered back at Skips and Benson.


Skips felt his crush squirm under him. He was trying to control himself. But Skips' resistance fell. He closed his eyes as his hands began roaming the gumball machine.


Benson's eyes were sacuers and gasped as he felt the yeti's hand grab his crank. And Skips took this moment to slip his tounge into the other's mouth.


Mordecai and Rigby couldn't believe their eyes. Skips was now frenching Benson! "Duuude. Are you video taping this?", the blue jay asked, still gapping. Rigby only nodded and adjusted the camera stand.


Skips knew the time was over, and he could stop. But he couldn't. Skips began turning the crank, causing Benson to moan and squirm, trying to free himself. Benson managed to pull away from Skips' lips. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOI-", he yelped when he felt a hand go inside his slot. " no-now...", was all he could manage as the yeti started twirling his fingers inside Benson. Benson shuddered, but continued his stuttery protests.

Rigby was just gapping at the sight, and his eyes were the size of a baseball. Mordecai was the first to react. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. And then stepped over the bushes quietly and snuck up behind Skips. Taking another deep breath and then yelled as loud as possible, "YO SKIPS!". The yeti jumped out of his skin and turned around to face the blue jay. "Hi Mordecai.", was all he could say, as he turned a deep red. Mordecai helped Benson up. The raccon from the bushes ran out to his friends. "What the 'h' dude! He probably would've started doing it!", Rigby complianed, holding the camera in his paws. Mordecai punched his 'bro' in the arm harshly, "Dude. Uncool.".

"Oh my god dude! Don't tell me you like him too!", Rigby said. "No! Never in a million years!", Mordecai slapped him again, "I just think that your solid went over-board.". Rigby shrugged, "Not my fault Skips 'fancys' Benson.". Skips started blushing more intenesly and looked away from everyone. Benson was still processing of what just happened.

After a couple minutes of awkwardness, they all headed back to the house. But Benson stood farthest from Skips. 'Well fuck. Now everyone knows I'm gay...', Skips thought to himself.

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