Some Kind of Wonderful

"Every once in a while, two people meet, and there's that spark...That's when two people become one."

She was one of the only people at the bar that night. Hell, the only reason Zib brought her up was because she was the only "she" at the bar. His exact words about her being: "The only dame in the joint and she looks at Rocky of all fellas." Rocky hadn't even noticed her, but according to Zib, she'd been making eyes at him since she'd come in. Rocky scrambled over to Calvin, who'd been sitting by one of the many tables, absentmindedly fiddling with the playing card in his hat, and whispered harshly for him to check if the woman looked his way. Calvin, however, took one glance in her direction and squeezed his eyes shut, muttering that his mother would ring his neck if she found out he'd even thought about associating with a lady of her sort.

"True," Rocky agreed. "I certainly wouldn't bring her home to Aunt Nina on the first date." Zib gave a curt laugh and lifted the brim of his hat to get a better look at the woman in question. With a soft whistle and a smirk, he joked, "But you would bring her home, wouldn't ya, Rocky?" He threw Zib a glare and turned back to his lady fair, but she had moved. And was still his and Calvin's direction. She approached Calvin on the side Rocky did not occupy and leaned quite close to his ear. Rocky, who was hiding behind his hat, could just hear her ask, "Would you happen to have a pen I could borrow?" He couldn't hear his cousin's answer, a quarter because Calvin was so quite, and three quarters because he'd suddenly lost the ability to hear anything other than her after she spoke. Still looking silly in his hiding spot, Rocky blinked slowly, trying to register and classify her voice. The only word he could think of, that he knew Zib would never let him forget, was "vixenish". It was that kind of voice that had always made him fall hard and fast for a girl, but that had already happened in this case.

At that instant, Zib came behind Rocky and plucked his hat from him. As he tried to reclaim it, Rocky looked forward, and saw why Zib had taken his hat. Calvin may have been averting his eyes, but Rocky couldn't look away. She was leaning over the table, writing something, he didn't much care, all he saw...were her legs, hardly even covered by her short, red dress. The fur that covered them and the rest of her body, was a rich, golden yellow. As she stood again, Rocky noticed the fur of her chest, also hardly covered, was a creamy yellow like the color of an unbaked pastry. She glanced over and gave a small chuckle at the unabashed wonder on Rocky's face. Leaning near Calvin again, she thanked him with a smile that scrunched up her nose and cause her eyes to close almost completely.

What took place next, just about stopped Rocky's heart. His admirer leaned over him from behind, dropping the slip of paper she'd been writing on in his lap, and whispered in his ear. "Look me up sometime, Handsome." She gave him a peck on the head, turned and sauntered back to the bar to pay her bill. Written on the paper was a phone number and her name: Brennan Elliot. Penned under that, was the simple message "Why not call me when you get off?" As Brennan was walking out, Rocky jump up and practically yelled, "Girl," Brennan looked in his direction, curious. "You are some kind of wonderful!" Brennan simply smiled and wiggled her fingers to wave at him. The only actual indication of her taking his exclamation as a compliment, was that she carried her tail higher as she resumed her exit.

Miss Brennan Elliot quickly became a Friday night regular at the Lackadaisy Speakeasy.