Percy Jackson-The Powers of Chaos

Percy´s PoV

Today was a sunny day and I walked along the beach. Who I am? I am Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon and Hero of Olympus. I just came back from a quest. Not a hard one, just your everyday quest for a demi-god, killing a few monsters, saving a few lives...Piece of cake.

I have been away from camp for about 3 days and of course I wanted to see my girlfriend as soon as possible. Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena the one I love more than anything. I already searched for her for a while, but could not find her anywhere. I kept wondering where she might be.

As I walked along the beach I saw a girl sitting there in the distance. I was sure it was Annabeth, with her beautiful blonde hair waving in the wind. I ran towards her, but soon slowed down and came to a halt. There she was, my girlfriend... sitting with my half-brother in the sands kissing. I couldn´t believe my eyes.

Well, my brother Mark was an arrogant self loving prick getting all the attention of well about everyone for killing one puny little hydra. I seemed forgotten, but it didn´t matter for me I still had my friends like Thalia, Grover and Nico and my girlfriend of course so I could bear with this, but now?

I was still in shock when the two lovebirds noted my presence.

„Oh gods... Percy." Annabeth stammered

Mark just stood up grinning „ Well if it isn´t my weakling brother. Got your ass kicked and crawled back to camp?"

„What is this...?" I choked out in barely a whisper.

„ Oh gods... Percy. It´s not what you think."

„It´s not what I think?" I shouted making the earth shake.

„Well, then tell me what is this?"I asked pure rage and hatred rising inside me.

The horizon began to darken storm clouds beginning to form and the sea became restless building huge waves.

Annabeth and Mark seemed scared. „Percy, please... come down!"

„Come down? You cheat on me and I should come down? Like hell I will!"

Now small tornadoes began to form destroying everything in their way.

Now Mark began to stand up with new found confidence.

„You know, I´m more powerful then you are!"

„Silence!" I shouted making the earth shake and Mark falling back down.

I took a deep breath and calmed down a bit, sadness filling me now „Why Annabeth ? Just tell me why you had to cheat on me?"

„Well..." Annabeth began, standing up from her crouching scaredy-cat position and then she said the words I would never forget

„I just don´t love you anymore. I love Mark now."

I just couldn´t stand this anymore I turned around trying to leave saying

„Don´t you dare showing your face before me ever again." then I began to walk away. The seas were calming a bit as was the storm, but the dark clouds remained.

„Percy, I..." „Don´t talk to me !" At this moment Mark began to charge me with his sword drawn. He tried to stab me in the back but I simply moved out of the way with swiftness and dodged the blade.

„Now who is the great Hero of Olympus? I´ve got everything your friends your camp your glory and even your love!" As he said that he began to laugh like crazy.

I wasn´t even listening. I stood there emotionless, not believing what just happened. I lost everything!

Then I heard a roar and saw Mark running at me. In the corner of my eye I saw Annabeth smiling at the actions Max took. Why would she smile? Did she love me at all?

Then I concentrated on Mark again. I didn´t even bother uncapping Raptide not for this weakling. I just waited for him to strike. He tried slashing down at me but I simply sidestepped, the next swing aimed at his head I evaded by leaning back. Mark stood warily in front of me . Then he tried to stab me I turned to evade the stab and then disarmed him by twisting his ankle. I almost broke it then I let go Mark stumbled back. I saw anger flash in his eyes.

„ I´ll show you real power!" He took his arms up, a gigantic wave building behind him. „See my power, you scum!" Annabeth was silence the whole time and kept glaring at me. Then the wave came crashing down upon me. I held my hands out and stopped the wave easily in midair. Now both Annabeth and Mark stood there gaping at the mass of water. With a wink of my hand I willed the wave upon them. A small smirk crept up my face. Both of them were blasted away. They were lying on the floor wet and angry but as I lokked in there Direction they winced.

There was a group of campers coming down the hill who finally found the cause of the disastrous weather. They stared at the scene before them.

Mark laying on the ground with Annabeth by his side and me standing there with my hand raised. I started to walk past them towards Camp-Halfblood without saying another word.

Nico´s PoV

I just Shadowtraveled from the underworld back to the camp. When I got there it rained. That´s odd. It should be snny in camp, shouldn´t it? Well I didn´t really mind the rain, it was kind of refreshing. I wanted to visit my friends and first of all Percy. He is like a brother to me and I heard about his problems. His brother this arrogant prick. Whatever, I went to the Poseidon cabin. There I saw a few campers staring at the sea. It was worth watching. Huge waves were seen coming towards the beach, the sea was restless. But that wasn´t the fearsome part. In the distance there were storms, huge storms: hurricanes and typhoons raging. Poseidon seemed in rage I thought, but I was corrected "There is a fight between Mark and Percy " If this was their doing one of them was pissed off to say the least.

I with a group of campers began running in the direction of the fight. As I arrived I just saw how Percy stopped the wave aimed at him and returned it throwing Annabeth and Max backwards. The other campers arrived then. Percy started coming towards me I started "Percy...what...?" but he stormed past me.

I looked over to Annabeth took care of Mark and I realized what was going on.

Annabeth cheated on Percy? Why would she do that? I gave her a short glare ,which she didn´t see of course and jumped into the next best shadow.

I found Percy in his cabin sitting there with is face in his palms.

"I lost everything Nico..." he said

"That´s not true you still got me, Thalia and Grover... and your dad, too."

" My dad got himself a new hero ,a new favorite son and I know that you three still are my friends but with you always being away this isn´t a home for me!"

he looked up to me I could see nothing but sadness in his eyes.

"What are you going to do?" I didn´t know what else to say.

"I am leaving camp." he said with finality in his voice.

Thalia´s PoV

The Hunters of Artemis,including Lady Artemis and I were on our way to Camp- Halfblood. I was excited to see all of my friends at camp. My fellow hunters weren´t looking forward to it. They seemed nervous.

As we got there, there was a crowd of people standing in a circle in the middle of camp. I heard Annabeth talking. She stood in the middle.

"... and then he attacked us out of nowhere!"

The crowd seemed shocked. I tried to get to Annabeth and asked

"Who attacked you?"

"Thalia it´s good to see you again. Percy. Percy attacked us."

I was stunned. Did she say Percy attacked her, his own girlfriend ?

"That´s crazy why would he...?" That´s not the Percy I know I thought

" He just attacked us and I got hit when I wasn´t looking!" Mark shouted.

From the crowd came a few insults toward Percy. He wouldn´t do something like this I thought. Then I saw Mark a bit scratched up holding hands with Annabeth. Realization struck me.

" How could you...? You cheated on him with Mark? "

The crowd went quiet a bit.

"I didn´t cheat on him I...I just broke up with him for Max"

I just snorted in return and ran through the mass past the Hunters. They gave me a few questioning looks but I waved them off. I had to get to Percy.

On my way to his cabin I saw Nico coming towards me. He seemed lost in thoughts about something. I called.

"Nico!" I hugged him took a few steps back and then looked him in the eyes. " Something terrible happened. Percy is..." He just nodded and said "I know"

I saw sadness in his eyes. "Where is he?" Nico looked down and almost whispered

"He is gone."

Artemis´ PoV

I stood a bit away with my Hunters as Thalia got into the crowd. I heard everything they said. Perseus Jackson has attacked those two Halfbloods? I couldn´t believe it.

The same Perseus Jackson who came to rescue me risking is life? He who took the burden of the sky from me? The hero of Olympus has attacked those two without reason no less attacked his girlfriend without reason.

I couldn´t believe. I wouldn´t believe it. I followed after Thalia without being seen by my Hunters. I saw her talking with Nico di Angelo the son of Hades.

What I heard next was shocking.

" Something terrible happened. Percy is..." Thalia began

Nico nodded "I know."

"Where is he?"

"He is gone."

I don´t know exactly why, but I felt sadness. Why would I feel like this he was a man after all... He certainly was different then other men. He was loyal, caring, kind and humble. I was a irritated. I walked into the forest I don´t know why I just did. I ´ve got a feeling it was important.

I walked for a while the forest was calming, then I saw a figure walking towards the barrier of camp. I was surprised to see who it was. Perseus Jackson walked there with a bag pack.

I walked a bit faster and I was …relieved to see him. I called out his name and he turned around . Then he did something unexpected as he saw me he smiled at me.

What a beautiful smile I thought.

Then he disappeared through the barrier. I ran after him but as I got out of the barrier he was nowhere to be seen. I felt an ache in my heart, I didn´t know what it was .

I made my way back to camp in silence. As I got to my Hunters they ran to me.

"Where did you go my Lady?" some of them asked. Then they became silent.

Then Phoebe took a step towards me. "Is something wrong, Lady Artemis?"

I looked up. "No... It´s nothing." Then I turned and we left for our cabin.

Percy´s PoV

When I got to the barrier I heard someone call out my name. When I turned I was surprised to see Artemis standing there. I was kind of happy to see her. She was in her 16 year old form and she was beautiful as always.

I myself don´t know why, but I smiled at her and whispered "Goodbye."

Then I turned around going out of the bounds of camp. I saw the street, a flash of light and then I passed out.

When I woke up I was in a white room. Well more than white wasn´t there to see.

I looked around for something like a door or an exit. Well there was nothing. I began to walk, but wherever I walked It was all white.

"Did you enjoy your exploring?"

I spun around and saw a man in a white suit. He was tall and black with gray hair

"You seem irritated."

"Well, yeah... If I may ask who are you?"

"You may and I am, how should I put it... well, everything"

"Well, that explains a lot." I said sarcastically

"You are a funny one aren´t you?" He cracked a smile.

"Very well let me explain. It´s quite easy. You know how everything came to exist?"

"Well, my father told me once that there was chaos at the beginning so ..."

"That´s right my boy and I am Chaos." He smiled friendly.

"Alright... " I made a short bow " no offense but what do you want with me?"

" You Perseus Jackson interest me. Let me put it simple I watched over your life and have taken a liking to you."

"Thanks, I guess..." He smiled at me again.

"Earth is in a crisis which the gods alone can not solve. I will grant you with my powers so you shall use them when the time is right."

"That´s all?" I asked a bit surprised

"Yes. So until the time comes to save the world of yours have fun with those powers of mine." He grinned than tapped me with his index finger which glowed black.

I passed out again. Is that really necessary I thought at last.

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