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Thalia´s PoV

"How dare you attack me, you weakling!"

Well there goes my chance to finish this quicklyDamn it! I didn´t say anything as I slowly pulled my sword from the wall, never once leaving the insane Demi-Titan out of my sight. No matter how idiotic he seemed, he still was powerful enough to beat me once…

"What is it Daughter of Zeus! Do you see how futile this fight is?" He smirked.

Never again!

I rushed for him in a beeline, my sword to my side as it cackled with electricity. I had to be fast… But with a simple wave of his hand a wall of fire forced me to change directions.

"Give up, little girl. You can´t even touch me with your skills."

Well now I am officially mad!

A second later darkness began to consume my vision. When I looked to the side I saw that it began to separate me from the others. I managed to find Nico, as our gazes met just before the Darkness set us apart. One last smile and a confident nod and the I was alone with the firecracker.

"What is happening?" I shouted to where he should stand.

A flame appeared alighting only his face. The Light seemed strangled by the darkness as it didn´t even cast a shadow, until it disappeared fully again.

"Nyx has a plan."

I frowned a little, already guessing that much.

"I have decided to set new Rules for this little fight. "

The unmistakable eerily calm voice of Nyx echoed through the Blackness.

"They are really simple really. Defeat your opponent and you can leave."

Suddenly the darkness began to be replaced gradually from the top. The particles began to scatter away leaving behind a sky as if it was always there. Thunder rumbled in the sky.

"Of course you are not allowed to interfere in another fight. If you do your existence shall be erased by me personally."

Now I could see deep green tree tops. It seemed to be a jungle. Rain poured down from the sky, but as I was still immersed in darkness it didn´t touch me.

"If the other fight is over you will have the opportunity to take revenge, should your ally have fallen. Whoever stands last wins. Well let the Games begin!"

I felt the first raindrops as it reached the ground, and I saw the Demi-Titan alight with flames, water vapor rising from him, still not really interfering with his flames.

"Well at least I know that I will get out of here."

"Don´t make me laugh Daughter of Zeus. You will rot here for all eternity!"

"My name is Thalia Grace, you stupid firefly!"

I slashed through the air releasing a lightning bolt towards my opponent. This time he had to he ducked as the lightning crashed into the giant tree stump. This is all I needed as I rushed off. The ground was slippery and uneven making it hard to maneuver, again I was to slow as he retaliated with a wall of flame. I quickly changed directions taking cover behind a fallen tree. I felt the heat washing over me as small flames licked at some plants, again not deterred by the rain. New Plan…

"Is that all oh great Huntress?" He began releasing a steady stream of fire at my hiding place slowly burning through.

I used this opportunity to disappear to the side. This was my territory. I saw a good tree to scale and quickly jumped up using my daggers to steady me.

"Where are you, you coward!?"

Heh, finally noticed I am missing … I was a good distance away and quite a bit off the ground. Still I could see him perfectly as he began to throw flames aimlessly around him. A blackened field already around his feet. Well he can fight… let´s see him run.

With a smirk I took aim with my bow with practiced ease, taking the wind and rain into account and after releasing my breath released the arrow. In a second I was off, never taking my eyes off my prey. He noticed the arrow before it hit him, quickly releasing flames everywhere. In a second the arrow was burned into a crisp. A second later a fireball exploded where I sat before, taking the whole tree top down in flames. I was already far away. I readied my second arrow and still in midair I released it, aiming perfectly through a small opening in between the trees. This time it cackled with electricity.

It is time to Hunt.

Nico´s PoV

"I think we got of on the wrong… foot."

I think I saw a small smile gracing the lips of my attacker, while I rubbed my still hurting stomach carefully standing up.

"I don´t really want to fight you…"

I saw her raise an eyebrow in curiosity as she spun her sword around gracefully.

"I can´t have you interfering." Her voice was soft, but held an underlying edge of danger.

I looked from the two goddesses and the Primordial to Percy and the sociopath and lastly to Thalia. Well I should help ThaliaJust as that thought crossed my mind she stopped spinning her sword, suddenly glaring at me. Maybe notAnd again she reacted as if knowing, spinning her sword again.

She can read my mind! Like Thalia

My musings were cut short as I felt Darkness gathering around Nyx. A second later it was all I saw in front. My head spun fast to where Thalia was and she immediately met my gaze. I couldn´t help a small smile reacting to her nod with one of my own before she disappeared. I looked to the front for my Hopefully-Not-Opponent, and was met with quite the strange sight. Instead of swallowing her up like the rest of us the darkness just swirled around her friendly, the small particles floating around sometimes touching her skin but going back again… She waved her hand in a dismissive manner and suddenly she too was enveloped.


The voice of Nyx got me back from my mind trip and she began to explain her rules. If you could call it that. Kill or be killed, more or less.

I took notice to the darkness above slowly beginning to fade away. It gave way to a star filled sky with a full moon. It was a really serene scene. If I hadn´t known it was probably created by Nyx, I would have to call it beautiful. More and more of the darkness began to disappear and I found myself looking at some kind of ruins. Just some structure of stones here and there, reminding in some ways of houses. As it had finally disappeared completely I found myself on a pretty big platform just a meter or so above the muddy earth.

Well at least

"I can´t interfere now so how about a truce." Put on a charming smile

For a moment she just stared at me unblinkingly as though contemplating if I was serious. I was… After a felt minute she finally smiled as she nodded lightly. I was really glad, because from what I saw I wouldn´t stand a chance against this girl, and for the enemy she was quite nice. Of course I still searched for an escape. I send shadows, yeah I could do that, to search for some connection to the underworld. If I could find that, I could escape. Also I was looking for A sign of life… Well Thalia mostly. I couldn´t imagine her creating a whole world for each of us…

"Very well." With that she sat down, not once letting me out of sight.

Maybe she wasn´t so bad for an enemy

After about a minute of awkward silence, still no sign of anything from my helpers and taking in the sights, I couldn´t take it anymore.

"Soooo… I didn´t quite catch your name… I´m Nico by the way." Good start.

"I don´t really have one…" I take that back

"Why´s that?"

"I don´t need one."

"Everyone needs a name."

"Well I don´t." Is she pouting?

"Let´s think of one… How about Cassandra? Cassy for short? I think it is a good name." It was an awesome name, but really who´d brag? Me. Definately.

Her eyes seemed wide for a moment, lost in her own thoughts. For a moment I thought it was the name… but a moment later she smiled. Really smiled, her whole face lit up.

"I think I´d like that."

"Cassy it is then." I smiled at her too and for a moment it seemed that for once in my life I had luck. Best Enemy Ever.

Now Percy only had to save the day and I´d be good.

"But …"

I looked at her face and it morphed into one of fear, as if stricken by an invisible presence. Then I saw Dark Particles surrounding her.

"No! Please he won´t interere. I don´t…"

Oh That can´t be good. And as it happens so often in my life, it took a turn for the worst.

She slowly stood up and pulled her sword from the ground. Still surrounded by the Darkness. Yet it seemed eerily calm as if under her control.

"I´m sorry…"

With that she suddenly disappeared into nothingness. Out of pure reflex I sank into my own shadow, barely escaping losing my head. I emerged a few hundred meters against a wall on top of a rather big stone monument. That was close…

I slowly peered out from my hiding spot looking for my enemy. I could see her in the moonlight quite good, after all Darkness was also my element… She had her back turned towards me, but suddenly she turned around and her blue eyes pierced through me. Again she disappeared. I immediately began to move away jumping down. A second later the whole top of the structure was blown off.


Still falling I grabbed my sword and just in time too as I could block a sword. For a moment we were looking directly at each other. Her gaze seemed pained…

"Why?" She didn´t answer.

I was surprised by how strong she was, pushing me easily off course and at top speed into another stone wall. Still I managed to just fall into the shadow. I couldn´t escape forever. It´s time to attack…

Taking the momentum I jumped from another shadow to her side, as she too was still in mid jump, and to my surprise she took it full on meeting my blade. She seemed to have a limit with those jumps.

I pushed her forward, we both landing on the ground rather gracefully, before I released another slash forcing her back. This time shadows crushed the earth in the path, forcing her to jump back. A small cut appeared on her arm, so small that it wasn´t really noteworthy. However I hardened my gaze as I felt blood drip from my cheek. She went straight for my head…

"Why are you attacking me?" She looked at me directly as she spoke in a soft whisper.

"I don´t have a choice." I saw a tear escape her eye in the moonlight.


She said nothing, as Darkness began to gather arounbd her, before it condensed into three orbs that began to hover behind her. She wiped away her tears, and this time her gaze seemed cold and resigned.

She raised her hand releasing projectiles of darkness towards him in a split second. Again Nico escaped into his shadows, but this time as he reemerged, she was already there . He created a shadow shield in haste, before she kicked him hard. He barely managed a flip to right himself in the air and skid to a halt. His shield crumbled into dust…

"The Gods hate me…"

Artemis´ PoV

"Well now, it is no fun if you don´t attack."

I felt annoyed at the casualness she used to speak to us, however I was not arrogant enough to think I could take her down easily, if at all. I glanced at Diana, but to my surprise she appeared calm. She held herself like a Goddess would. She better be one or we were dead.

I had to try…

I took my first slash at Nyx without missing a beat, however Nyx simply stopped my sword with one hand and sent me back to where I was.

"You will have to try harder, youngling."

In that moment Diana appeared by her side going for her head and still she met only a shield of black, which shattered a second later. She too was sent back without a problem.

"There is no fun in that. You are Goddesses are you not?"

My eyes widened as I saw my Theory confirmed. I had another suspicion of who exactly she was, but now was not the time. I discarded the Demi-God Weapon and called upon my bow.

In a split second I was on the move again firing arrows of light at Nyx from all directions. Still every time they were stopped. I fired a few decoys before trying directly from above. This time her shield didn´t hold and she herself intervened, pushing me back once again. Diana however, took that chance and attacked at the same point. Nyx however simply disappeared…

"Time won´t wait for you Huntress. If you want to save the Demi-Gods then you should not waste it." She spoke calmly, almost slightly amused, off to the side.

To my slight surprise Diana spoke up…

"I trust them. They can take care of your little helpers."

"Oh … well then how about we make this more interesting then? Let´s make a bet. If your Demi-Gods win I will let you have your hero and you can leave without a fight. If I win I shall end this world." My gaze hardened.

"Why would you want to end the world, Lady Nyx? I don´t understand…"

"My dear there are many things you do not understand."

Nyx waved her hand and released darkness in all directions. I looked towards the Demi-Gods as they began to disappear each in a sphere of Darkness. After a moment the spheres disappeared completely leaving us alone in the arena.

"This realm is flawed and I shall correct that. "

"The only one with the right to decide that is the Creator himself!" I shouted.

The Primordial stopped pacing as she heard my outcry. As she looked at me curiously, this time not hiding her smile.

"As I said, youngling, there are many things you don´t understand. "

With a wave she let a throne appear as she sat down casually. She waved with her hand and orbs appeared before us. Each depicted images of the Demi-Gods. I balled my fist, at her disregard of our fight and she noticed. With a wave of her hand Darkness washed over me and I suddenly found myself seated next to her in a smaller throne. Diana to the other side. I couldn´t move in my earthly vessel.

"But know one thing, youngling."

At this her amusement disappeared She looked serious and for the first time I felt her presence and understood just how much of a difference there was between us. I knew I didn´t stand a chance. These Demi-Gods really seemed to be our last Hope…

"I seek Chaos."

Percy´s PoV

"It´s time to finally end this, Perseus Jackson."

I looked up as Darkness washed over us. I felt it´s power pulsate around me. Still I could see Alec perfectly well, as he and I both were never touched by the darkness.

"Well it seems so. But let me ask one question."

Alec looked at me well emotionless, but the fact that he didn´t attack had to mean he was at least curious. I didn´t really plan to die today anyway.

"What is it?" His voice too betrayed none of his emotions.


It was a pretty obvious question. Why would anyone follow an insane primordial Goddess who, more or less, wants to end the world. What could he get out of it? Would the world really be better for him if it were Titans that ruled… As far as I saw it he was abandoned, by whoever his parent was. Still what could drive him to destroy the world?


"Yeah just why?"

"Do you know what it means to belong? I didn´t know it for most of my life. I didn´t have a purpose, I didn´t have a goal, nothing to hold onto in life. Only my own power.

It wouldn´t have mattered if I died, but I held on. I wanted to find it. And after meeting my Lady, I did. She not only gave me a place to belong, she showed me the truth, something you will never be able to grasp."

Well I couldn´t say I understood him, but he at least had his reasons… I could respect that. I had to stop him anyway. Finally the darkness receded completely leaving behind a scene of devastation. The moon was completely black among the stars. I found myself standing atop a skyscraper in the midst of a familiar but largely different landscape. New York. However everything was destroyed an void of life. The usually busy streets completely empty. No sign of anything remotely alive. The skyscraper he stood on was one of the last still mostly intact… What is this…?

"You won´t understand me anyway… you already see a glimpse of the coming reality. Chaos will reign in the world and it will finally be perfect once again."

Well it seems this is the future as it would be right now… but there was another thing I couldn´t really understand Chaos was the Creator, he already ruled this reality. He doesn´t wish to destroy it so of whom did he speak of? Another Chaos Nyx?

"Let´s end this Perseus."

In a second he was before me, but I could easily match his strike. This time it was different. I couldn´t access all my power… it was as if I was cut off from everything.

"Do you see now. Before Lady Nyx you are powerless."

I felt the bloodlust Alex now exuded, he still seemed calm and collected, but it was different.

"You underestimate us."

I simply waved my hand sending him crashing onto the next skyscraper. Of course he came to a perfect stop, not having taken any damage at all.

"I think you are overestimating yourself."

Suddenly a sphere of light shot at me missing me by a millimeter. However another one followed hitting me square in the chest burning away at my clothes. I managed to deflect the orb away but not before being flung off the building and straight into another. Because of the impact the top part of the building collapsed backwards. I stood again and flung the rest of the debris off with ease opening the ceiling completely.

The sky above me was lighted by hundreds of orbs, Alec floating in the middle right in front of the dark moon. He exuded light as his power rose.

"Do you like them? The Stars of the Universe."

"Well they are pretty nice to look at." At this all of them came to a stand still and began to shine bright than before.

Let´s try this again.

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