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"C'mon, c'mon, guys. Let's go." Tuffy, their security guard, said, ushering the band into the bus.

"Great job guys! And Nat, you totally rocked out on Body I Occupy. It was-so-cool!" Jessie smiled.

"Yeah, uh, thanks, Jessie." Nat smiled back, a little nervously.

The band took their usual places: David and Qaasim were on E-bay looking up Nat-mobilia that crazed fans were selling, Thomas was on his laptop, Alex in his bed watching a movie Jessie had brought him, Rosalina was reading on the couch, and Nat was listening to his iPod starring out of the window.

Nat looked over at Rosalina. She had seemed okay on the ride here, but then during the concert, she seemed to pull back a bit. She usually would sing with him whenever he did Girl Of My Dreams but today, she had just looked down.

He got up and sat next to her.

She looked up from her book. "Oh, hey, Nat."

"Hey, can I, uh, talk to you alone?"

Thomas, David, and Qaasim looked at each other.

"Um, sure." Rosalina said, getting up and following Nat to the backroom.

"Nat's got a girlfriend." Thomas whispered.

Rosalina and Nat sat on the couch in the backroom.

"What is it?" Rosalina asked.

"Are you okay today?"

"Yeah...I think I'm just getting a little sick." She shrugged.

"Oh, do you think you'll be okay to play at the next concert?"

Rosalina hesitated but said, "I don't know."

Nat touched her hand, "You're sure your okay otherwise?"

She glanced and her hand. "Yeah,"

An hour later, once they were at their last concert for the day, Nat asked Rosalina if she could play tonight.

"I don't think it'd be a good idea. I think I'll have to go into the audience in disguise. It'll be fun seeing you from a different perspective for once," She added, smiling.

Nat smiled back at her and said, "As long as your sure. But you better get your disguise on, we're about to head inside."

Rosalina nodded and walked back to her stuff to change.

Nat sighed and fell onto the couch.

"What's wrong, Nat?" Cooper, their manager, asked, sitting next ot him.

"Rosalina can't play tonight. She's like my good luck charm, I'll be terrible without her!"

"Nat, I think your over-reacting. You've been onstage before without her."

"Yeah, but that was before she joined the band."

"Well, at least she'll be in the audience. That way you'll know she's there."

"I guess your right." Nat shrugged.

Cooper patted him on the shoulder. "Let's go."

Back stage, Nat informed the rest of the band that Rosalina wasn't playing.

"So then how are we supposed to play the songs?" David asked.

"We'll just play what we can and then Thomas will play the bass parts instead of Rosalina." Nat said.

"What about the cello parts?" Thomas asked.

"Let's just stay positive here, ok guys?" Nat said, starting to get nervous.

"Hey guys,"

The band looked up.

Rosalina was standing there in her disguise, when she really looked like a regular girl who finally got the chance to go to a Naked Brothers Band concert, but her bangs were a little more into her face so that no one would recognize her.

"Uh, hey." Nat stammered.

"I just wanted to wish you guys good luck."

"Thanks." They all said at the same time.

"I'll see you guys after the concert." She said, smilling at Nat, then walking away.

David, Thomas, Qaasim, and Alex looked at Nat.

"I want to play an extra song tonight, is that okay guys?"



"No problem."

"What is it?" Alex asked.

"Guys, we need you on stage, now." A stagehand said, walking in.

"I'll tell you when we get there." Nat said, leading the band out towards the stage.

After three songs, Nat finally said, "Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight!"

The audience cheered.

"We've got one last song for you guys tonight. That song is for a very special person out there in the crowd and I hope that person enjoys this song." He smiled, looking at the front row to see Rosalina smiling back at him. He whispered something to Thomas, Qaasim, David, and Alex, and they all nodded.

I don't want you, I need you

I don't care for you, I love you

I'll be there for you, because of you

I'll do anything for you, you, you

I'll do anything for you

I'll do anything for you, you, you

I'll do anything for you

I won't sing for you, I'll belt for you

I won't cry for you, I'll bawl for you

I won't die of you, I'll live for you

I'll do anything for you, you, you

I'll do anything for you

I'll do anything for you, you, you

I'll do anything for you

If you want me to stay, then I'll stay

Ooh, ooh, ooh

If you want me to go, I'll go

Ooh, ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh, ooh

I don't care for you, I love you

I don't want you, I need you

I wont kill for you, I'll live for you

I'll do anything for you, you, you

I'll do anything for you

I'll do anything for you, you, you

I'll do anything for you

The audience cheered the loudest they had all night. Nat looked for Rosalina, but couldn't find her. He frowned, suddenly wanting to rush off stage, but waited for the announcer to say, "And give it up one more time for The Naked Brothers Band!"

After the standing ovation, the band walked off stage back to the dressing room.

"You guys did great!" Jessie cheered.

"I need some milk." Alex said.

Jessie laughed. "C'mon, Alex let's get you back on the bus."

"Wait, Jessie! Where's Rosalina?"

"In the middle of I'll Do Anything she ran back to the bus."

"Thanks." Nat said, rushing out to the bus.

He ran to the bus, dodging screaming girls and reporters. Once he got on board, he shut the door and made sure to lock it, so that he and Rosalina could talk for a few minutes. "Rosalina?" He called out.

No answer.

"Rosalina?" He called out again, walking towards the back of the bus. He stopped, suddenly hearing someone crying.

He walked over to Rosalina's bed and saw her, sitting on the bed with tears falling freely down her face.

"Rosalina, what's wrong?" Nat asked, sitting next to her.

She tried to wipe away her tears. "Nothing's wrong, I just...I got something in my eye."

"So why are you really crying?" Nat asked, not buying her story, because he'd used it so many times before.

"Nat, who did you write that song for?"

"I-I...I wrote it...when we were in New Orleans. When I was upset because...I thought you didn't like me."

"Oh...well, we know where that ended up."

"Yeah, but then we broke up."

"Well, that's because you didn't trust me about Michelle." Rosalina said, referring back to the boy she'd kissed on her cruise.

"That's because you didn't tell me, because you lied to me."

"I didn't lie! I'd told you that, that's how they say hello in France."

"I don't think that's saying hello, Rosalina. And how do I even know you actually were in French waters?"

"Nat, we're fighting again." Rosalina said, softening her voice.

He sighed. "I know." He picked up a picture of them together. "You remember this?"

Rosalina looked at the picture and smiled. "How could I forget, it was when you technically told me you loved me."

"You still have this? After everything that's happened?"

She shrugged. "I keep it...as a good memory."

"Yeah, that was a good memory wasn't it?"

Before Rosalina could respond, pounding came from the door of the bus. "Nat! Open up! Hurry!" Tuffy screamed.

Nat ran to the front of the bus and unlocked the door.

The band, Jessie, and Tuffy scrambled inside. Tuffy pulled the door shut and started the bus. "Did you lose your mind?"

"No, I'm sorry. I just-I...I wanted some to talk to Rosalina." He stammered.

"Tuffy, be nice. At least he got to us when he did, or else that'd be the second shirt you'd have lost to the fans." Alex said, coming in.

"Just get back to your seats boys." Tuffy said.

Nat and Alex walked to the couches. "Thanks, Alex." Nat said.

"No problem, bro. As long as you return the favor." Alex said, smiling deviously.

Nat just shook his head and made his way back to Rosalina.

When he got to her bed, there was a pink curtain, modified by Jessie especially for Rosalina, pulled closed to cover her bed. Nat sighed assuming she was sleeping. He grabbed his guitar and started playing. "You went to live your life, but why'd you have to go? Your my only love, my only never ending love, Rosalina. Rosalina..."

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