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"No more distractions, we should get back to the hotel for rehearsal," Nat said, as he led Rosalina towards the sidewalk.

She smiled. "But I like distractions."

"So do I, but that doesn't mean we can sit on the beach distracting each other. What if the press sees? What'll Cooper say then?" Nat said, trying to suppress a grin.

This time Rosalina laughed. "Okay, okay, I get it."

As they got closer to the hotel, they heard someone calling them.

"Nat! Nat! Rosalina!"

The couple turned around to see David and Thomas running towards them.

"What's wrong guys?" Nat asked, as his best friends stopped next to them.

"Yeah, what's going on?" Rosalina asked.

"There's...a bunch of...reporters...coming around the corner," Thomas said, trying to catch his breath.

Nat looked panicky. "What? Did they only see you? Where's Alex and Qaasim?"

"Qaasim never left the hotel. He's back with Cooper," David replied, as he finally caught his breath.

"Then where's Alex?" Nat was getting more and more alarmed and worried about his brother.

"He was down the street at this one skate park. I don't know if they saw him or not," Thomas said.

"I gotta go get him. Go back to the hotel and tell Cooper where I went. I'll go get Alex and we'll meet you guys back at the hotel for rehearsal." Nat started to run down the street where David and Thomas had just come from, but Rosalina pulled him back.

"Wait Nat, let me come with you."

David and Thomas stopped running towards the hotel and looked back.

"No, just go with David and Thomas. It'll be easier if I just go," Nat tried to reason with his girlfriend.

"But Nat..."

"Just go Rosalina, go back to the hotel. I promise I'll be right back."

"Rosalina! C'mon!" Thomas shouted back to them.

"Go, now! I promise I'll be right back. We don't have much time, just go!"

David ran back to them, grabbed Rosalina's wrist and pulled her up ahead where Thomas was waiting and they ran towards the hotel.

Rosalina kept glancing back at Nat, who stared after them for a few minutes before running the opposite way.

He saw the large crowd of reporters running towards him. He tried to run around them, knowing he had to get to his little brother. He was past them and almost five feet away when he heard, "There he is!"

Nat picked up speed as he saw Alex come out of a fenced in skate park. "Alex!"

Alex ran full speed toward Nat. "Did you see the..."

"Reporters, I know. Thomas and David told me. Let's go."

They started running back towards the hotel with the reporters right behind them.

"Where's Rosalina?" Alex asked.

"I made her go back with the guys. Was Qaasim with you?"

"No, I think he's still back at the hotel."

They reached the hotel and ran through the lobby to see Tuffy sitting on one of the chairs.

"Tuffy! There's a huge crowd of reporters right behind us!" Alex said, as he and Nat ran for the elevator.

Just as the elevator closed, the reporters ran up to the front doors of the lobby.

"I haven't seen them that bad since we were in New Orleans," Nat said, as they waited to get to their floor.


"I wonder who or what told them we were here."

"Well, one things for sure, we'll be on hotel lock down tomorrow," Alex said sadly.

"Yeah, probably," Nat said, as the doors opened to their floor.

"There they are!" The brothers heard David shout.

The band, Cooper, and Jesse ran over to the brothers.

"Are you guys okay?" Cooper asked.

"Yeah, we're fine, guys," Alex said.

"What happened to the reporters?" Qaasim asked.

"We just got into the elevator when they ran up to the front doors," Nat said.

"Tuffy got them, right?" Rosalina asked.

Nat put an arm around her. "Yeah, he did."

"I wonder how the press found us," David said.

"So do I, but it doesn't really matter now. What matters is that they've found us, and we need to get out," Cooper said.

"Please tell me that rehearsal is here at the hotel," Alex said.

"Well...actually..." Cooper looked a little guilty.

"Can you reschedule?" Thomas asked.

"I guess I'm going to have to, unless we want to be attacked or something," Cooper said.

The group walked back to their own rooms, but some of them mixed into other rooms to talk before rehearsal.

Rosalina walked into Nat and Alex's room.

Nat must've been sitting on the edge of his bed, but he was now lying on his back staring at the ceiling.

Alex was playing a video game, but stopped when he saw Rosalina. "Oh hey, Rosalina."

Nat sat up quickly. "Hey."

"Hey," Rosalina replied, smiling, sitting down next to him.

"Hey Rosalina, I have a question," Alex said, not taking his eyes off the video game.

"Yeah, Alex?"

"Why were you and Nat fighting over your phone the other day?"

Rosalina looked at Nat with nervousness in her eyes. "Uh..."

"We were just goofing off, Alex," Nat answered.

"It didn't seem like you were goofing off," The younger Wolff brother said, not sensing anything wrong.

"Yeah, we were. I just wanted to see...if Rosalina was talking about me with her friends."

Rosalina silently let out a breath of relief and smiled at Nat.

"I could have told you that," Alex said sarcastically.

The band met in the banquet hall of the hotel for rehearsal.

"What's the set, Coop? You never gave us the set list," Qaasim said.

"Yeah, and the concert's tomorrow," Thomas said.

"Well, we're doing the same set list as we were going to do for the concert that was canceled," Cooper said.

"So Just A Girl, Girl of My Dreams, I Could Be, and All I Needed?" Alex asked.

Cooper nodded.

"Okay guys, we could do...Girl of My Dreams?" Nat asked, looking at the band.

They agreed.


The rehearsal went smoothly, with no serious problems or mess ups. Cooper was pretty happy that the tour was going to end well.

They all got changed, and drove to the concert arena. After making sure the concert wasn't canceled, they were sitting in the wing of the stage, waiting for the announcer.

Rosalina peeked out to look over the crowd. Her eyes landed on a too familiar face that was the last person she wanted to see. She backed away from the curtain and right into Nat.

"What's wrong?" He asked, turning her around.


"Rosie," Nat said, calmly. "Calm down, and tell me what's wrong."

"It's...I just...I don't..."

Nat gained a worried expression. "You okay?"

"Nat, I need to talk to you before the show starts," Cooper said.

"Cooper, I can't right now," He said, looking at the band manager. He looked back at Rosalina. "What's wrong?"

"He's...he's out there."


She didn't answer.

"Is it...?" He didn't have to think very long. He already knew.

Rosalina nodded.

"I'm going to tell Tuffy," Nat said, turning to go find their body guard.

"Nat wait, don't go," She said, grabbing his wrist.

He turned back to her and hugged her. "It's okay, I won't leave."

Cooper walked over from behind Rosalina. "Is she okay?" He mouthed.

"Michel," Nat mouthed back.

Cooper nodded and walked off to find Tuffy.

Rosalina pulled back from the hug. "Thank you."

"You okay now?"

She nodded.

"Cooper went to find Tuffy. I don't know how he got in but he won't hurt you," He said softly.

Rosalina gave him a weak smile. "I know...it just...you know."

"Okay guys, we're about to go on, is everyone ready?" Cooper asked.

"Yeah!" Alex cheered.

"Woo!" Thomas said.

"This is our last concert of our tour, so make it one of the best," Cooper said.

"Dude, we're always good," David said.

"And now please welcome, the Naked Brothers Band!"

The band ran out on stage and Nat ran up to the microphone. "Hey guys!"

The audience cheered.

"Wow, this is our last concert of our tour. It seems like yesterday we just started. But we've got some great songs for you tonight so I hope you enjoy them!"

After the concert, the band was back on the bus, driving back to the hotel for their last night.

"I can't believe the tour is over," Qaasim said, from his spot on the couch.

"Yeah, I can still remember the first week of rehearsal," Rosalina said, from the couch across from him.

"It's kinda sad," David said, from his spot at the table.

"Yeah because two weeks after we get back home, we have to go back to school," Alex said, from where he was sitting on the little counter in the bus.

"And homework," Thomas groaned.

"Can't we schedule just one more show, Coop?" Nat asked, looking at the band manager.

"I wish," Cooper said.

"So Nat," Rosalina said, taking his hand.

"So Rosalina."

"Did you have fun on the tour?"

"I think it was the best tour ever," Nat said smiling.

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