Look At The Pretty Fire

E/O Challenge: Bonfire - 100 words on the dot!

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"You alright?"

"Yeah, it's… I mean, never noticed before… the flames…"

"Okay, definitely out of it man."

"What? It's nice…"


"Hell, all that's missin' is some ratty lawnchairs, a couple of wieners on a stick and a cold brew."

"Uh-huh. You do remember what started this beautiful bonfire right?"

"Sure. Uh.."


"Got it! Pile of dead, evil asswipes in a ditch along with a carefully placed match."


"But still…"

"Well... I guess it would be kinda nice to be out here camping under the stars."

"Please dude, I'm concussed, not gay."

"Fine. Get in the damn car."

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