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In Your Eyes


From beneath the battered coffee table crawled a small boy, puffy-eyed and shivering. Wiping his snotty nose on the sleeve of his torn, and now bloody, pullover, he released a quiet, hiccupping sob. Frank had fallen asleep on the couch, the stench coming from the broken beer-bottle permeated the living-room. It penetrated the child's tiny button nose and prompted him to give a silent retch.

He needed to get out of here. His brother had already left after their mother decided to take up a job in the city and barely stayed home long enough to say 'hello' anymore.

Not that she ever said much anyway.

The boy wrapped his thin arms around his aching ribcage and stumbled towards the front door. It was unlocked, opening with ease when he pushed down the handle with both hands. He put on his shoes and grabbed the backpack he kept near-by, filled with chocolate-bars and juice from the last time he tried to run away.

Tiptoeing out of the sticky atmosphere that lingered within the house that had been his home for almost six years, he took a deep breath and pulled the wooden door shut behind himself. A few seconds, he waited, listening into the silence. Then he started running.

His tiny feet pounded the frozen ground underneath his boots, carrying him further down the winding dirt road and away from the farm. His breathing had grown heavy, each breath a puff of white mist in the cold night air. He tripped and fell, the worn clothes ripping where they came in contact with the stony earth. Whimpering, the boy pushed himself upright.

His palms were scraped and bleeding, just like his knees. The wounds burned in the icy wind. Water caused his vision to blur, and he closed his eyes to keep from crying again. After a few minutes of sitting on the frozen ground to calm down, he got up on shaky legs and limped down the street leading towards the brightly lit town in the distance.

Somewhere above him he could hear something resembling a plane, or maybe a helicopter, he was not sure. It had a buzzing sound to it, but it was coupled with a roaring that reminded him of Frank's old motorcycle.

Stopping in his tracks with a tiny sniffle, the boy lifted his gaze towards the night-sky. A dark, solid object came rushing down. His eyes widened.

It was huge. Much bigger than the farm-house he lived in, even bigger than Aunt Martha's house in San Francisco. The boy stood frozen in shock, staring at the thing closing in on him, until he could not see the sky any longer, and his vision was filled with something he identified as a spaceship.

A thrill of excitement shot through him and he clutched the hem of his sweater to stop the nervous twitching of his hands. He had seen a lot of movies and Sam used to tell him stories about the work their father had done at the NASA. Maybe, whoever was in that spaceship would take him with them.

Without warning, a bright light engulfed him. A second later, his body began to tingle and he let out a frightened squeak when his hands began to dissolve in front of him. It felt as if he was getting picked apart into tiny pieces.

He closed his eyes in fear, only to tear them open again when his feet landed on unfamiliar ground. It felt smoother. Unnatural.

A deep, scratchy voice penetrated his ears and he gasped upon noticing the bulky figure in the dark. He took a step backwards, instantly feeling a wall against his spine.

He was trapped.

This is the first part of the very confusing prologue. I am very self-conscious about my writing skills and it took me almost two weeks before I found the courage to get my ass moving and sign up here to post. I hope you like it. I will post more, if you want me to.

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