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In Your Eyes


"Dammit, Jim, hold still!"


"You're such a child, seriously," Bones grumbled and closed the last buckle on Jim's robe. "There. Was that so bad?"

"Very," Jim breathed out heavily. "This thing's trying to suffocate me!"

Bones snorted. "It does look a little like a corset. But it matches your skin tone and it accentuates your curves very we-"

"Shut the fuck up, Bones. I'm gonna sic Spock on you!"

"Don't be like that," the older man laughed and grabbed Jim's hands, to look at the henna-like designs on them. "Huh, it kinda reminds me of an Indian wedding. Amanda painted them, right?"

Jim nodded. "It's tradition."

"Yeah. It also proves that you're the girl in yer relationship."

Jim huffed. "What- how... nobody is the girl in our relationship, that's kind of the point!"

Bones chuckled and sat down on the small bench beside of the floor-length mirror. Jim crossed his arms and gazed into the reflecting surface.

The crème tunic wrapped itself snugly around his slim torso, the various golden clasps and buckles glinting in the sunlight streaming into the room from the windows. The high collar was only shy of being uncomfortable and he resisted the urge to tug it away from his throat. His legs were clad in simple, black slacks and his feet were bare, apart from the intricate designs painted onto the arch.

"Does Spock need to get his hands and feet painted too?" Bones asked innocently.

Damn him.

"Yes, actually," Jim answered smugly. "Well... only his hands. Amanda just wanted to paint my feet too."

"Oh," Bones blinked, taken aback and sounding slightly disappointed. "Why?"

Jim sighed heavily and plopped down beside Bones. "It's a very old Vulcan tradition. You know how Vulcans kiss with their hands, right? Of course you do. Anyway, do you see those unfinished curls and loose ends at the side of my hand? Amanda has to paint both Spock's and my hands so that in the end, when we place them palm to palm, they complete each other. If she did it right, they should fit perfectly and create a never-ending ornament. It's symbolic for our bond."

"Oh. I see," Bones scratched his chin. "For being a bunch of emotionless elves they certainly know how to be romantic."

Jim chortled. "Tell me about it, I've been here for almost thirteen years."

"Yeah. I still don't get why you're so infatuated with that hobgoblin," Bones shook his head. "Damn, kiddo, you're gonna get married in half an hour."

Jim groaned and hid his face in his hands. "Don't remind me... I'll probably start giggling half-way through because, hell, I suck at keeping a serious face."

"Of course. Because it's so hard to keep a serious face when you're surrounded by goddamn Vulcans. They practically invented the word 'serious'."

Jim laughed and ran a hand through his tousled hair. "Alongside the words 'illogical' and 'indeed'."

"Do not forget 'fascinating', Jim."

Spock's voice was quiet, but it still made Jim jump slightly in his seat. "Spock!"

The Vulcan-hybrid stood in the door-way, one eyebrow raised in a subtle display of amusement. He wore a black, asymmetrical tunic, three silver clasps were placed off-centre at the front, holding it together and alongside the black slacks the outfit managed to make Spock's complexion to appear even paler.

Jim knew he was gaping, but he only snapped out of his stupor when Bones gave a disgusted snort at his behaviour.

"Dammit, Jimbo, be careful, you're gonna start droolin' soon, if you keep this up."

Instinctively, Jim reached up to wipe the back of his hand across his lips. He was not drooling. He never drooled. Damn you, Bones.

Spock took a step closer, his bare feet slapping onto the stone-floor and Jim found himself standing to meet him half-way across the large room. Jim smiled up at his bondmate, almost giddy with the amount of love churning his insides. Spock lifted a painted hand to stroke Jim's cheek with his knuckles. His chocolate-brown eyes were shining and his lips were twitching with the urge to smile.

Jim almost wished he would.

"I thought the groom wasn't supposed to see the bride before the wedding," Bones chirped from his place on the bench behind them.

Jim let his head drop forward against Spock's sternum. "Way to ruin a moment, Bones. Thanks."

"You're welcome, princess."

"Spock, kill him, please."

"I do not think that would be wise, Jim."

"Damn you and your logic."

"I believe it is appropriate to say 'you love me for it'."

"Yeah... I do. Oh! Bones, if I am the bride, then you're my bridesmaid!"

Bones scowled. "Shut yer trap."

Jim laughed and placed a tiny kiss to the fabric that hid Spock's collarbone. Three months ago he would have laughed at anyone who would have dared to try and tell him that he would marry his best friend one day.

He would have never believed that the reason why he had not been welcome on Earth was the simple fact that his destiny lay with Spock. That his soul, his entire being, had constantly been searching for that other half that had been missing, stretching itself thin to reach across the light-years parting Vulcan from Terra. That there was someone just as torn and unaccepted as him somewhere, waiting for him.

Now, he was staring at his soon-to-be husband and his chest was close to bursting with joy.

Bones cleared his throat noisily. "It's almost three. Ya should get yer asses out there."

Spock inclined his head. "Indeed."

Jim grasped Spock's hand, twining their fingers together as they turned to walk out of the door and into their future.


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