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In forks.

It was an odd place, the forest, so peaceful that your thoughts were able to speak aloud, this Elise realised was not necessarily a good thing. It was fresh in the forest, no claustrophobic smells of car fumes or the sound of people, the endless moaning and arguing, if Elise wasn t already part way to being mad then if she had to spend pone more single moment in the city she would be start raving bonkers in no time.

Deer were near, the unfamiliar smell prickled the constant flame in her throat, her muscles tensed and coiled poised to strike, the souls of her feet itched to move to feel the thrill of the chase and the pleasure of the capture. Well one deer won t do any harm, a bit of Dutch courage and all that. Her legs moved like dragon flies wings, so fast that they dissolved into a blur. The herd didn't have chance to let their instincts kick in, Elise singled out one dear, a stag at the back.

A quick snap of the neck and the creature felt no pain, it's easier this way Elise reminded herself, they feel no pain if you snap their neck. Alec never snapped their neck before-

She let the warm honey liquid gush down her neck and seep into her muscles. The feeling of hot blood took away her senses, her plaguing thoughts evaporated into nothing. The drops of blood soon ran dry. Elise sat back on her heals and whipped her mouth on her sleeve.

The air changed, it wasn't silent anymore. Elise smelt them before she saw them and they had obviously seen her. Horror crept up her back and gripped her.

Four large creatures stalked towards her, they formed an arrow as they moved with a black wolf at the front. Must be the alpha, boy am I in some shit now.
Elise rose to her feet and crouched, a growl struck from her chest. The creatures growled too, all in sync with each other creating a deadly symphony.
Wolves? Fucking werewolves? But they-

There was no more time to think, the black one barked and charged the others followed suite. Elise turned on her heel and submerged herself in the forest. She zigzagged through the tree s trying to confuse the wolves. They were a breath away; she could feel the rhythm of their feet as they ran between the trees.

The vampire didn't know where she was going, forward was the only direction open to her at this moment in time. Of course she was faster than the wolves but not by much, Elise was the slowest vampire in voltura but that did not mean she was slow.

The greenery of the forest blurred as she went past them, she could smell a river in front of it. In no time she had reached it and crossed it in one heartbeat.
When her feet landed on the ground she turned and assed the wolves distance, they were slowing down. Stop please stop! She chanted but they didn't. It was then that she noticed her new surroundings

She reached a clearing of sorts; a large house was in the back ground not too far away. God help whoever lives there, they are in for one hell of a shock if the dogs can swim.

The word "doggy paddle" popped into her mind when she saw them cross the river, the inevitable giggle however did not. She took off running again in the direction of the house. They wouldn't risk anyone seeing them, I am safe around people. But the wolves persisted in their pursuit of her.

"Oh give me a break! I aint gonna eat anyone!" she shouted. Elise stopped running for a second, the air smelt strange, well aside from the stench from the wolves it smelt familiar. There are vampires here?

Suddenly she was knocked off of her feet; her face was slammed into the cold earth with the force of a jumbo jet. She screamed when a claw gashed her back. She was surrounded by growls; they pieced her ear drums the smell making her stomach turn sickeningly.

"Stop! Please stop!" she screamed, she felt more weight being put on her back, the growling didn't lessen.

They are going to kill me! Was all that she could think.

"I mean no harm, please stop this!" she protested, Elise tried to move but it was impossible, vampire strength was nothing compared to the force of three wolves pressing down on you.

"Sam!" a voice shouted, Elise said a prayer, somebody else is here!

"Please help me! I didn't do anything!" she begged the stranger. They were a vampire she was certain of that, they could help, they are strong enough.

"Sam, let her state her case." The stranger said calmly with authority, some of the pressure was lifted but not all.

Elsie raised her head to look at her maybe rescuer. Stood in front of her was a blonde haired man, his expression was stern but slightly afraid.
"Carlisle?" she gasped.

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