Custom Made

Set in the SwitchVerse.

"You bought me a Vespa." The Doctor looked between Rose and the moped before settling his gaze back on her, a smile spreading across his face as she gazed back.

"I bought you a Vespa."

"You bought me a Vespa!" He brushed his hair back, grinning at her with wide eyes and his mouth half open.

She nodded, beaming at him. "Yes, I bought you a Vespa."

"Oh Rose, you are brilliant!" He swept her into his arms, leaving her legs dangling in the air. "Absolutely brilliant! And a genius, not to mention a…" The end of his sentence was muffled against Rose's lips as she leant closer and cut him off with a kiss. He gradually lowered her to the ground, nudging her nose with his as he pulled her closer. "Beauty." He kissed her in return. "That's what you are, completely and utterly beautiful in every possible way."

Rose smiled and held a finger up to his lips to silence him. "Before you start babbling, fancy taking her for a spin?"

"Can we?" He grabbed her hand, tugging her towards the moped. Letting go of her, he paced around the moped, running his hand along the bodywork. "She's an absolute masterpiece! Thank you, Rose." Returning to her side, he slipped an arm around her waist and kissed her. "I love the colour."

"Custom made." She smiled and leant into him. "Thought it'd be fun to have her match the TARDIS, well, the colour she'll be when she's fully grown."

"Perfect choice." He grinned. "Got the keys?"

Stepping away, Rose tossed him the keys. "Don't forget these." She picked up their helmets and the card lying beside them. "Helmet and I got Torchwood to set you up with a licence."

He pocketed the licence and pulled his helmet on, hurriedly fastening the strap as he climbed onto the moped. "Hop on." As she sat behind him and slipped her arms around his middle he smiled. "What've I done to deserve this anyway?"

She stifled a laugh. "Everything." Lightly squeezing him, she pressed her cheek to his back. "You make me so happy, I'm completely in love with you, and as if that wasn't reason enough you love me back."

He grinned, leaning his head back and covering her hands with his own. "As long as you know how happy you make me too; I love you and just being with you makes me happy. I don't need anything more than you loving me."

He felt the slight nod of her head and curled his fingers into place between hers. "I just thought I'd do something nice with all the money I keep winning from you."

He laughed. "I've lost our bets that many times have I?"

She sighed with contentment. "Yeah, just a few, maybe it's time you gave up."

He smiled. "Never; I love seeing you smile when you win."